Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Little Glass Balls....

Monday, January 29, 2007

Little Glass Balls...

I know my marbles are around here somewhere.

Im losing it. I mean totally losing it. About two weeks ago I passed out on my bed at 8:30pm and woke up with the alarm the next morning having no clue I was even sleeping. That is not like me.

Ive driven to work and have no clue how I got there. I dont drink coffee but Ive had one in my hand during those times. I just dont get it.

Yesterday I was freaking out because I couldnt find my watch. I mean I was digging for it everywhere. I usually take it off and put it on my desk just above my keyboard. Thats, usually. There have been times that I have left it on the bathroom cabinet shelf. The kitchen table is a good spot to look. The top of the tv in my room. But usually it is on my desk. Right with my chapstick. Trust me, I never leave without my chapstick.

Well here I am turning the house upside down because I have to leave to go to work and I need my watch. Cami is looking for it too. Then she said "Mom, we are going to be late." I looked at my wrist and told her that we still had ten minutes. Well hell. *shakes head*

Today, I put Cami to bed and no one was on line yet, so I laid down on my bed and put the headphones on to chill out. I was on the 4th song of a CD and then next thing I know, I snorted. Yeah go ahead and laugh because it woke me up. A different CD was playing and I had no idea that I fell asleep. What an aweful sound it was.

Picture this. Im laying on my stomach facing the foot of my bed with my head right to the edge. Im resting it on one arm. I must have snorted when my head slipped off my arm and went face first into the pillow I was using. Not a pretty sight. This is not normal.

Oh and here is something funny that happened when I was on the phone with Whosie. On my kitchen cabinets there are hook and eye latches. I use them to keep the overly painted doors closed. On the chemical cabinet doors there is a spring one to keep little hands out.

Well anywho, my cat must have been bored. She walked right over to the end set of doors and reached up on her hind legs. She flipped the hook and opened the door. She pulled it open about 4 inches or so and slipped inside. From where I was laying on my bed, I could see that she decided that a cake pan was a really comfy spot for a nap.

Im tired. Im over tired. I really must be. I went into the bathroom to clean off my dry contacts. In the mean time I decided to wash my face. I turned the water on and got a cloth from the shelf. Somehow when I looked down, I had blue toothpaste in my hands ready to rub on my face. And no, my face cream was not in the vicinity.

Im going to bed.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Rock Me Amadeus.....

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Rock Me Amadeus .........
Current mood: amused

A case of reptile erectile dysfunction

Amputation may be solution for nights and days of the iguana erection

Updated: 3:48 p.m. ET Jan 23, 2007

BRUSSELS, Belgium -
Mozart, an iguana stuck with a permanent erection six days after a mating session at a Belgian zoo, may have to have his penis amputated if the condition does not improve.

"He will see the vet on Thursday," said Enid Balemans, spokeswoman for the Aquatopia Zoo in Antwerp, stressing that veterinarians were still considering alternative treatments.

Handy backup penis.

Even if an amputation is deemed necessary, Mozart will still be able to reproduce, because male iguanas have two penises, Balemans added.

She said he was not showing obvious signs of distress, but added: "I imagine that if you are a man and you look at Mozart it hurts."


Saturday, January 20, 2007


Im confused. I talk to alot of my friends and seems that lately the weather is the topic of norm. Truthfully, I think its that way all around the world lately. Mother Nature is being really cruel. I mean, with all the cold and hot spells, one's sinuses have taken a nose dive. No pun intended. Ok, so there was one but you get the point.

Winter in New York is supposed to be cold and snowy and gloomy. I can deal with that. I prefer the cold temps anyway. But when its 70 degrees one day and 20 the next, how can you possibly enjoy this? Ive been sick since just before Christmas and I cant seem to kick it. I will feel better and something else nails me. I have gotten over the bronchitis but now I have a cold. The bronchitis started out as the flu. If its not one illness, its another.

So here is the topic today. The weather. Mother Nature hates us. Plain and simple. Remember that commercial from the 70s and 80s where you arent supposed to fool Mother Nature? I think she finally fingured out a way to piss us all off all at once.

So far, besides the temperature fluctuations, she has caused severe damage in just about every corner of the globe. She slammed Buffalo with snow that melted the next day and caused flooding. We all know that the Buffalo Bills had nothing to do with Hell freezing over. They played like shit again this year. And with the flooding, trust me, they cant swim either.

England, London to be exact, received a twisted messaged from her in the form of a tornado. A tornado in London. Huh? Thats not exactly normal. Well, I know they have had one or two before, but not one to cause that much damage. And to think, they keep begging for snow.

Florida got ripped apart with tornadoes as well. And about the same time period as well. An F2 hit Daytona and ripped parts of it up. There is an aeronautical university there that had planes literally tossed around and one was put through a building. Out of 60 planes, 55 were damaged. A trailer park near by was leveled. Yes, we all know that hurricanes are God's way of telling us that he hates trailerparks but God had nothing to do with it this time. If he did, then he has alot of explaining to do.

The west coast of Florida didnt fair too well either. Tallahassee was pretty much leveled and it pinballed its way through Lake City and Tampa area too. Lets say that the damage was bad enough to keep landscapers in business very well.

Thunder storms and high winds ripped through Louisana and the rain didnt help much with the flooding of previous hurricanes there. Is this a new replacement for them? No major hurricanes are available so they send this shit instead?

The west coast in California was bitter cold and dry. Cant very well wear a bikini in the freezing cold. That can cause severe damage to ones anatomy. If you are female, you get well noticed and if you are a male, then you receive the opposite effect and that can be painful either way. Dont try this at home.

Also with the dry heat on the west coast, there have been fires again. Yeah, again. Like they needed more. There arent enough marshmallows in the world to make up for that. The northwest got blasted with severe negative temps as well. Thats just a little too cold for me to even think of having to go outside. Can you imagine what the heating bills are going to be?

Just recently, Norway and Sweden got blasted with snow. They normally have alot of it at this time of the year, but they were suffering the warm and cold shots just like we were. Well, their wish came true. But I was told that it melted soon after. Ski resorts all over there and here in NY and VT are hurting with the cost of making their own snow. Not good for the economy.

Germany was just ripped in shreds from a recent hurricane. A hurricane in Germany? What the hell is that? Thats not normal. And with the tsumanis all over the orient areas again, yes again, are causing severe damage.

Mother Nature needs to lay off the midstates. Oklahoma and Missouri have got more than their fair share of Hell. And to think, they are getting hit again. They cant get out of what she already shit on them with. Enough is enough already.

So the talk is if all this is ElNino or global warming. Truthfully, Im not believing any of this. Global warming takes millions of years to achieve its goal. How can it be considered that if Oklahoma is frozen over? Thats the Ice Age if I remember right. I didnt see a mastadon walk past my house recently. Have you? I do know some cavemen though. But thats besides the point. Cromagnum man had nothing to do with this. Well except for the pissed off dude in the Geico commercials.

My friend got a puppy recently and I just want to go see her. Well I want to see him and his other dog too. I cant seem to get out of my house to be able to do so. Its either raining, snowing, freezing my pants off or its all iced over. My little car cant make it through that shit to get there. My luck, my mirrors will fall off again.

And you know that nothing warms my heart more than a little furry puppy. Since I lost Holly, my world has been just that. Lost.

So, Miss Mother Nature, if you are listening, please let me get the hell out of my house for just one damn day. Id like more than just a day, but Im not being the greedy one here.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

TCP Part Two....

Ok, so now where were we? Oh yeah. Sitting patiently waiting for the ceremony to begin. Its actually about 10am by now. We still have an hour to go.

He proceeds to tell me that if I ever need to use the toilet, that its down the hall into a dungeon. Yeah, ok. I will remember that I dont need to use the men's room. I will go to the ladies room instead but thanks for the details of the room.

More people are gathering inside. The seats are filling up. I know hes uncomfortable. But he says he likes the chairs once you have sat in them for a while. I look back and I see my sister and Tiff. I try to get their attention but they just ignore me. I thought I yelled loud enough but apparently I didnt. Just kidding. I did get up and chase after them though.

They left their stuff with us. Not that I mind. Pile it all up in the chair next to us and then no one will sit there. I can deal with that just fine. So Tiff comes back wearing her gown. She put these cute little diamonds all around her hat. I like it. But she hates the color of the gown and says that it should have been green like what they wear while in school. Yes, the gown is dark purple. Grape purple to be exact. I thought it was a nice color but she hated it. My sister, Judy, is also in this class and she has to wear it too. Shes "graduating" today as well. You go girls!! I hate that saying but its funny to say it to them.

So now they leave to go back out to the hall. Its about 10:30am now. Everyone comes walking down the aisle and sits in their area of seating in the front. The first thing out of my father's mouth is that they didnt do the march and we didnt all stand up for them to enter. I told him that it wasnt time yet for the actual ceremony and to just be patient. Yeah right. I heard this for the next 15 minutes.

I took some pictures and even ran down front to grab one. Im using her camera because, dummy me, forgot mine on my kitchen table. But I did grab the batteries. Usually its the other way around. I have the camera but cant use it because the batteries went dead.

There was a professional photographer taking pictures and thats why they were all gathered in the first place. He just couldnt understand it. Then they all left to go back out in the hall to get organized. Now hes understanding it all. Whew. There were a few late comers. Good thing this wasnt the real deal.

But there was one girl that stood out of all the others. I dont mean this in any way to be a bad thing. She just caught my attention. She was big. She scared me. She was very popular though.

Well soon they announced that everyone should stand. Ha!! I knew this was coming. He said, its about damn time. I knew that was coming too. Then they started to play the march. I knew what was going to be said next. He elbowed me and said, I told you so. Yep, you sure did.

The staff and all the big named people came down first and took their places on the stage. Then the candidates for graduation came next. I think its funny to say that. They couldnt wait two more months to do this? Shrug.

They all came down and stopped to wait for some to take their seats. That one girl stood by me. I suddenly felt very small. Soon everyone was seated and they started out with some speeches that were very good and emotional. Some were amusing. Then they annouced the high achievers. The big chick got that award and I heard my father say something that nearly knocked me out of my chair. He said that of course she got that award, because if she didnt she would do a power drive on someone. Oh my gawd. I should have expected that one but I didnt.

Soon they were announcing the degrees and certificates. One by one they were called up and received their little wanna be diplomas. Thanks for that quote, Tiff. LOL I ran up to try to get a picture but the camera didnt do what I wanted it to do. Maybe because my finger covered the flash by accident but I wont truely admit to that. Shhh... I did that more than once. But I did get a good shot when they were both together.

After everything was done, we waited til they came back to get their stuff and then I took some more pictures. We went outside and I was talking to them for a little while but noticed that my father was walking away. I guess that was my cue to leave. He said he wasnt about to spend any more time out in the cold.

Okay, so I run to catch up to him and nearly stepped on a dead bird when I jumped the curb. I also nearly got hit by a car. But thats besides the point. That bird was just gross.

So we get to the car and low and behold, there is no ticket on the window. By the way, I forgot to mention that he was still complaining about that during the ceremony.

We get in and start up the car. Now he asks me how to get out of here. Yeah ok, like I know. Hey, just follow all the cars that are all leaving at the same time and one of them will get you to the main road. Yeah, thats a good plan. So he does. And it worked.

Now we are back on the right road. But it divides off again and we turn onto Washington Avenue. We are still on the right track. But he gets in the left hand lane and to stay on Washington Avenue, you need to be in the right hand lane. I told him this and he didnt believe me but oh well, we ended up on Western Avenue. They all go to the same place but he wanted to be on Washington Avenue. So I made him take a right turn up the next block and put him back on the right road again.

Oh yeah and he did mention again at how they didnt use the parking meters on weekends. He went on to tell me that he lived in an apartment in Albany about 40 years ago. Times have changed since then. Alot. And he went on to tell me how much he hates that city. I can agree with him on that one.

All that said and done, we agree to pick up Cami and head to the mall. I needed to get something there and he wanted food. Nothing unusual there. We grabbed her and we were on our way.

Congrads to Tiff and Judy!!! Love you both!!!

The Color Purple....

Saturday, January 13, 2007

The Color Purple.....

Tiff, this one is for you. I know you will be the only one to get the title too. Thats because I lovvvies you.

It was a dark and stormy night.... Oh wait, thats how Snoopy always starts his stories.

A few days ago, my neice, Tiffany, told me that she was going to be graduating from Barber School. Yay!!! Im so proud of her. But I was confused because shes still in the class til March. Oh, the wierd way they do things. Ok, so they are considered to be candidates for graduation because the next ceremony wont be held until August. Yeah, I wouldnt want to wait for that either.

So I asked her where this place will be. She tells me its at the Chancellors Hall in Albany. Well that tells me alot because I have no clue where or what that is. She told me that its right next door to the Capitol Building. Ok, I can find that. But there are a dozen buildings near it. Ok, so she tells me that its the one with all the big white pillars. I cant miss it. Ok, that just described about 4 more buildings there. I'll find it.

But here is the clincher. I dont have my car. It had a flat tire the other day and its getting fixed on the day of the ceremony. So this means I have to ride with my father. Tiff, you know this is going to be fun.

He tells me last night that he will pick me up in the morning. I told him that I wanted to get there early to get a good parking spot and a good seat. In reality, I wanted a little extra time to get lost. Im really good at doing this. I was born in this city and I still have no clue where anything is. Id get lost in my own back yard.

So I tell him that he can pick me up about 9-9:30am because the ceremony isnt til 11am. Plenty of time. He called me at 8am and asked if I was ready. Ummm...nope, Im still in bed. In fact I set my alarm for my usual wake up so that I would be ready early but that wasnt happening. It went off at 6:30 and I hit the snooze every 8 minutes til I got the call. Please dont ask why I did this because I cannot answer you.

So Im just getting finished and drying my hair when the doorbell rang. Its exactly 9am. Damnit, Im not even dressed yet. So anywho, I rushed to get ready. Cami didnt want to get out of bed so she stayed home this time. I wished that she would have gone but she hasnt been feeling too well lately.

So now we hit the road and no sooner did we pull out on to the main street from mine he questions me what road to take. I told him to go down Central Avenue til we come to the Capitol Building. Nope, he wants to go down Washington Avenue because there are no lights. Now mind you that the two roads do meet downtown so its not a major deal. Im not driving so he can go where he wants.

So we are going down the road we need to be on and its relativly quiet til we get downtown and then all hell lets loose. I see the building that shes refering to and I tell him which one it is. He throws a fit that its not the building. We stop at a stop light right next to the main sign of the building and it says in plain english that its the right place. He looks right at the sign but apparently cant read it right because hes swearing that its a different building. He doesnt understand that more than one thing can be in the building.

You will also take note that I am amused by this because he will not admit that Im right even though he does know that its the right building. Its funny and I can tell by the look on his face that hes trying really hard to prove me wrong and its not happening. I caught the sly look.

Now comes the fun part. Finding a place to park. Albany is full of one way streets and wouldnt you know it, the one right where we need to be is one of them and its not in the right direction that we need it to be. So he goes down to the front of the Capitol Building and there is a statue in the middle of the road with a rotary there. Yeah I hate these friggin things. He whips his car around it and almost gets hit by an oncoming car. This is normal and Im used to it but that still doesnt mean that I dont almost pee my pants.

We then head up the next street that comes up the other side of the big white pillared building. This by the way is the State Education Building. You honestly cant miss this one. I think they can even see it from space.


Wouldnt you know it, he finds a parking spot right on the damn corner right near the door we need to go into. Well s.o.b that aggrivates me when he gets that lucky. And wouldnt you know it, its a handicap place and he just so happens to have a little blue tag.

Now comes the fun part. Well at least one of them. There are parking meters. I told him that the meters arent in use on weekends but hes not going to believe me. He makes me actually get out and see how much it is going to cost him. I told him nothing. He still wont believe me and then proceeds to tell me that Im going to pay his ticket when he gets one. Whatever.

So we cross the street and head to the building. Now mind you that the street we are walking along is a one way street and as it is normal in NY, there is road construction on it. So he complains that if they werent doing construstion, he could have parked there. I told him that I doubt it because they would have been the first spots taken. As he says, not if he can help it. Yeah, go ahead and roll your eyes, Tiff. You know its true.

Next step is to get inside. I told him that he needs to go through a certain door. He asked how I knew and I told him that the dorrman standing there was a big clue. So he grins at me. One more time that I was right. Im secretly laughing at all this. You will have to know how this all is. It really is amusing how he can be because he does this to get a rise and then laughs later.

So now we get inside and I head into the doors to find a seat. I look back and I see him going off to the left. Ummm... The doors are straight ahead. He looks at the handicap mens room and that gives me the clue that hes looking for the toilet. He wont go in there though and sees the arrow for the main mens room through another door into another hall. Off he disappears. I stood there for a few minutes waiting for him before I went in because if I didnt, he would have yelled at me for making him get lost looking for me.

A few minutes later he taps me on the shoulder and asks me why I havent found a seat yet. *rolleyes* Yep its coming. Well geez you could have at least got us a good seat ahead of time. Yep, the place is pretty much still empty. I dont think that will be a problem.

So he goes on in and asks where I want to sit. I told him to go pick something out and he gets frustrated and walks in anyways. He goes about half way down on the left side. He takes the second seat in and sits. Now these are very old movie style seats that are all attached together. You have to flip the seats down. He really hates these and I heard about that too. I took the aisle seat. At least I get one of the arm rests.

I took a look around and the place is absolutely stunning. All the old plaster work is amazing and the chandeliers are beyond stunning. Tiff, I hope you saved that picture because I took it for that reason. I wanted to keep that one.

He notices the balcony. Oh no. Im not sitting up there. I explain to him that the seating is really tight up there. He said ok and we stayed put. I dont like balconies because of the height and I hate people to stare at me being way up there panicing.

Im going to leave off here because this will definately have to be a two part post. Maybe even a three part.

Stay tuned.....

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Stranger things can happen....

But why do they always happen to me?

Ive been sick. Yes Im sure everyone knows but I cant seem to kick this. Im still coughing my lungs out. Only thing is, I cant get anythign out and I know its there. The doc gave me something with codine in it but the other part of the medicine is a muscus thickener. Or so the medical book says. Yeah I have one of those books just so I know what Im getting myself into. There is some really freaky stuff in there. Not for the timid, thats for sure.

I think I have taken stock in Halls cough drops. Ive been sucking on them all day just so I dont go into a coughing fit and chocke to death. Seems that what ever is in my lungs gets only so far and thats it. I know its there but it just wont come out. I inhale and I hear the crackling. I exhale and I whistle. Yeah, I whistle out of my lungs. Pretty impressive huh?

Ive been feeling a little better because that stuff the doc gave me knocks me out cold. But it wasnt helping me when I woke up. I would end up coughing and coughing til I turned blue in the face. A nice shade of blue but Im not impressed with it. So I went to the store and bought Robitussin DM and that seems to help alot.

I also had a nice conversation with my friend DB about how I cant throw up. It was interesting to say the least. Hes very knowledgeable on this subject. But for some reason, I cant throw up unless I use extreme force. So you can imagine all the things I can do with my abdominal muscles to make my lungs clear out.

Now we will go back to Friday. We have this little girl in the class that will remain unnamed. Shes an attention mooch and will turn violent if she doesnt get her way. Well Friday toppe the cake and I will no longer have anything to do with her when she decides to lash out. I had to hold her wrist tight and take her to the office. I couldnt let go because she will lash out at anyone walking past. When I mean lash out, i mean strike them with any means possible. Kick, slap, bite, whatever it takes. So while i have a good grip on her, shes using her nails to rip apart the flesh on the back of my hand. All the while she is doing this, the F-bomb is getting dropped at every point.

In the Time Out Room, she proceeded to pick up desks and flip them in the air and call the other kids some nice new names. Im wondering where this child learned this language. Im a very tolerable and extremely patient person. But this chick stole every last nerve I had and I still had to remain cool about the situation.

What gets me the most is that she was laughing and took a thrill in how my hand was bleeding. The back of my hand looks like I was having fun petting a very unaffectionate cat. Oh yeah, my resolution was to stop sweating the petty things and to stop petting the sweating things. Guess I broke that one already.

So she gets suspended for one day. That was yesterday. Good thing too because there was a substitute in the room. Im sure that if she were there, the poor lady would have pissed her pants and ran away screaming.

So now we are at Tuesday. Shes back and she made it as far as the classroom door before she decided to have a hissy fit. I heard the growl and proceeded to make my way to the other kids to help them off with their coats. I will be damned to start my morning collecting ashes in hell. I went inside and thats when we discovered that she took off. For all we knew, she ran out the doors and is now walking down the street. One can dream cant they?

Well Im not chasing her because thats what she wants. But if someone doesnt go after her then the school can face a lawsuit. The shared para in the room went out to look for her because I was not about to deal with it. Yeah thats my way of thinking on her now. I was hired to help three kids in the class and she aint one of them.

Well she came back with some pushing. Literally. I took care of my morning work. But something really strange happened. A song popped into my head and for the life of me, I couldnt get rid of it. Im serious. This was beyond weird that Im in the middle of a screach fest with the demon from hell and the song that is pulsing in my head is Boogie Wonderland. I shit you none. Where did that come from? Is this some subliminal message to cause my brain to escape to a much better place?

All day long, I listened to my brain tell me to disco. I swear that this actually made me laugh a few times. My teacher asked me waht was so funny and I told her. She nearly died laughing. But the song got stuck in her head too. So it seemed that when something bad happened, we both started to hum this tune. How much more crazier can this get?

To make matters worse, my own kid decides to throw a shit fit today. She had one yesterday but I was able to smoothe it all out. Today was another matter. i wont baby her in school because she thinks that I will do it every day and I cant. Not that I wont, but simply I cant. I have a job to do. What set me off was that Im used to hearing the sounds of a few of the kids in her class go off the handle next door but this time it was my own. Well she wasnt getting a pity party from me this time. I called her father in to handle it and she didnt like that too much.

Then came dismissal. Whoohoo. Its about damn time if you ask me. Well on the way down the hall, I come across a few kids having some difficulty. I mean, come on. You are leaving. Go home and give your parents a hard time. Is it something in the lunch they ate today? Seems that this is coming from all directions at once. I gathered the kids that are on my bus and took them outside.

In the mean time, Im singing away.....

Boogie Wonderland....

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Cold meds make fun dreams...

wa11z has been posting about a strange dream so I thought I would post up one I had recently. Thank you Christy for the title of this post because its so damn true.

For the past 3 week, almost 4 now, I have been sick as hell. Seriously. It started as the flu and went into a nasty case of bronchitis. I went to the doctor twice for medicine. This second time I was given some codine. Liquid party favors.

He asked for help trying to figure out what his dream meant. I think I summed it up very well for him. Now I need to figure out what mine meant.

It started out as walking down a street. Im not sure what street it was but around here all the houses look the same. I was coming up towards a corner and could see the back and the left side of a 3 story house. Let me describe the houses here. They are long a very tall. We refer to the apartments as flats in this style house. All the main rooms are on one side and the kitchen is in the back. Bedrooms are along the other side. Most of the houses are a 2 story with an attic but you will find some 3 story ones.

Anywho, I can see the back of the house clearly. Its also a light blue siding. There is a tree growing up out of the ground close up to the building but then goes into the first floor window. Then comes out the second floor window that is above it and then goes back into the third floor and then comes out of the attic window above that. There are no leaves on the tree though. I thought this was very odd. Why would a tree be growing in and out of a house?

The next thing I know, I am inside the house with about 8 or so other women but I didnt know any of them. The ages ranged from about 20 to 50. Everyone was sitting around in one room on pillows or various furniture. And they were all eating catfood. The kind you get in a can. It was like some kind of weird party and this was the main course.

We were all clothed so get your minds out of the gutter. This wasnt a fetish party. To tell the truth, I dont know what kind of party it was. But I wasnt eatting any of the cat food. Are you kidding me? I remembered that I had abotu $30 in my pocket so I got up and went into the other room and called in a pizza to be delivered. When I told everyone what I did, they all thought I was some kind of goddess or something.

Thats when I woke up.

I know that I have been dreaming the last few nights but I think Ive been too tired in the morning to remember them. Im blaming the really cool drugs the doctor gave me.

Monday, January 01, 2007

Amusing information....

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Amusing information.....

Ok so I live in a really old house. Its a really good idea to have a smoke alarm as well as a CO alarm.

Well I have a CO alarm plugged into a center outlet and it also has a battery backup in case the power goes out. I have two areas for smoke alarms. One in the kitchen and one in the dining room. I know that its sad to say that the one in the dining room never really worked all that well.

One day the fuel man came and over filled the oil tank. We heat by oil forced air. Well the smell alone from that over fill was enough to gag ya. For about 3 days, the windows were kept open just in case. You would have thought that the CO alarm would have gone off. Alas it didnt. This actually upset me.

So about a week or so ago, my father bought me a fancy schmancy new fire and CO alarm. With a battery back up. Thi replaced the one in the dining room and was attached to the ceiling in the hall area between the kitchen and the dining room. Now mind you that I live on the second floor. Im thinking the CO part wont work so well up on the ceiling so I still have the original one plugged in with a new battery in it.

Well anywho, this alarm is also a talking one. I think its also a chemical sensitive one. I have burned candles right under it and it didnt go off. Everyone come in my house and smokes while walking under it and it doesnt go off.

But damned if I put some sausage on to cook, the sucker went off. And it couldnt just beep. Oh no. It will sure a hell wake the entire block. But the thing is, I couldnt stop laughing because it was going Beep-Beep-Beep Fire! Fire! Get Out!! Get Out!! Beep-Beep-Beep Fire! Fire! and so forth.

I nearly busted my gut laughing at this thing because the sound of the computer voice they had on there was exactly like Beavis saying Fire Fire. Heh heh. Fire Fire. How the hell can you take this thing seriously?

Its that time of the year again....

Monday, January 01, 2007

Its that time of the year again.....

You know that time where we say 'out with the old and in with the new'. We had a little snow here. Just a little. But at least this time it stuck on the ground for 24 hours.

I start back to work tomorrow. Oh joy. I think I would be more looking forward to it if I wasnt so damn sick. Ive had bronchitis for over a week now. Its not a bad thing except for the coughing up of my lungs. I feel like I cracked a few ribs while doing so. Nothing in my sinuses. Which is a good thing.

What scares me the most is the fact that I have such a severe fear of suffication. So when I get to coughing, the stuff in my lungs tends to block my airways and I panic a little. Thanks to an inhaler, it helps a little. Needless to say, I have been up most of the night all week.

The Christmas holiday came and went and then New Years Eve snuck up on me. This day is also my father's birthday. I can honestly say that I have not spent this day with him at all in my entire life. He is usually at hs brothers house for it. Its a day that he also shares as a birthday with one of my cousins. I guess they usually have a pretty big party there.

This year was a little different. He left on Thursday morning to spend the weekend there. Its two hours away from here. I usually call him shortly before midnight on New Years Eve to wish him a Happy Birthday. This year I didnt have to. He called me on Sunday morning to let me know that he had been to the hospital there and that he was now back home waiting for my couisn to pick him up and take him to the VA Hospital here.

Apparently he can eat but it wont go through his intestines. He has had a few surgeries for blockages in his stomach and intestines before. One surgery was the removal of an intestinal tumor. I asked if he needed me to bring him down there and he told me that he was ok but wanted to get it all checked out.

In the meantime I went out and finished up some shopping that I needed to get done. I completely forgot to get cat food. She had enough to get her through the night though.

I came back home and got the call that he was back home with some medications to take. They will run some tests on him this week to see whats up. But they couldnt find a blockage. I hope its nothing serious. I know, pretty sad happy birthday huh?

So anywho, Christy calls me to chat a little. Her and Maz arent going to stay up to watch the ball drop. I was on line with my friend from Norway and shortly after his New Year began, he passed out. He said he would be back on but I knew he was exhausted.

While on the phone with Christy, Cami wanted me to do something with her hair. I dont know, something about what Miley (Hannah Montana) had done with her hair. I told her that I would 'in a minute'. Sure enough, 60 seconds late, she appeared. This time I told her in about 10 minutes. And sure enough, 10 minutes later she appeared. Sheesh. Ok so I fixed her hair like she wanted it.

I stayed on line with a couple of friends to ring in the new year. One of them being KC. I love this girl dearly. We had a few laughs and a few cries but we were celebrating it together. My mom called earlier but I called her at the stroke of midnight. Mouse said she was out doing laundry. LOLOL Typical of my mom. But I was able to talk to her a few minutes later.

In my family, for as long as I can remember, we always ate fish on New Years Eve at the stroke of midnight. Fish is the symbol of prosperity. So eating it at the begining of the year pretty much means you are holding out for a prosperous new year to come. I eat alot of fish and Im still not a millionaire.

So here comes the fun part. I totally forgot to bake the fish ahead of time. Yeah how stupid of me, but I was too involved in the conversations I was having. At about 11:54, I remembered it. I ran to the kitchen and found the package in the freezer. It said that I needed to bake it for at least 30 to 40 minutes. Well, uuummmm, Im thinking that I dont have that much time to do so.

Only one option left. Microwave it. Its already prebreaded. Mrs. Pauls to be exact. So anywho, I plop a piece on a plate and shove it in the nuker and pop the buttons for 3 minutes. Come on, come on, cook damnit. Three minutes later the dinger goes off and I open the door.

Ther eon the plate was this little shriveled up piece of something that I cant really find the words to describe. Its cooked. And there are about 2 minutes left til the ball drops. Ahh the hell with it. I grabbed the bottle of ketchup and run back to my room. Ketchup always solves most food problems.

So I squirted some on the plate and proceeded to hack through this piece of shoe leather. Wasnt happening. So I ended up stabbing the entire thing and put it to my mouth while the count down started. Upon the stroke of midnight, I was knawing on this hard piece of rock that Im sure was once a nice tasty filet of cod. As my friend Madre Farbot put it... "Well, err, nothing like a bit of sole i guess." LOLOL The cat ended up with the rest of it. Im sure I will find it around the house somewhere tomorrow.

The fireworks were lighting up the sky near by. Im really hoping that this year will be a good one.

Happy New Year to all my friends. Love you all bunches.