Sunday, December 30, 2007


Its that time of the year again. Out with the old and in with the new. 2007 is pretty much over. Seems to be going out with a bang too. Its snowing fairly hard out there. One of the perks of upstate New York. Snow. Bah. I dont mind it. Just dont like driving in it. I remember as a kid we used to build snow forts or snow tunnels. We had alot more snow then too. Or so it seemed. Maybe because Im taller now? Eh. Oh well. But the thing is, its good enough for a snow day off from school. Too bad we are still on the holiday vacation.

So what is there really to reflect on for the past year? Not a whole hell of alot. One thing that is good though is that the business is building nicely. Im very excited and nervous at the same time. So much that I want yet I will only ask for so little. Just the way I am. That way I never get my expectations up too high.

Today is my fathers birthday. Happy Birthday. He would shoot me in the foot if I said his age though. Hes home with the flu this year. Hes not too thrilled at all. I think I will deliver him a nice dinner though. Not sure what to make for him. Maybe something with garlic to clear him out.

Usually he drives to his brothers place for a huge party. One of my cousins also shares the same birthday. Its usually a fun time. Oddly enough, I dont ever remember being there for it. And oddly enough, I dont remember ever having a party for my father here. I think for next year, I should throw something. But I honestly wouldnt know where to have it or how to contact half of the relatives for it. I should just have my aunts help me with that. But thats for the future. He isnt up for a party this year anyway. The only other time I that he stayed home for his birthday was when he broke his collarbone. He really wasnt up for a party then either.

In rememberance of former New Years parties, I would like to say that I havent had any in the last few years. With my mom in FL, there hasnt been any at her house. I miss those the most. We always had fun then. I threw one at my apartment once that was a real trip. Somehow I can thank my friend Dave for ripping my shirt. Something about grabbing on to me so he could stand up and it didnt quite work out that way.

Had one with a couple of friends that turned out to be a kidnapping of myself but it was alot of fun. I wont get into that one because there was some issues that happened afterwards that I chose not to remember. But lets just say that it started a better chapter in my life. The hard way.

I will mention one New Years party that I had at my old house. It was a hell of a time that required alot of clean up afterwards. Somehow I woke up face down on the floor on top of a turned over chair and a phone in my hand. I have no idea who I was talking to though. You know its a great party when no one remembers anything.

Alot of good things have happened for some of my friends. I would like to tell them that I am very extremely happy for them. And I would like to thank someone very close to me for being there and being one of my bestest friends. He has given me the world. All of my bestest friends mean so much to me and I love you all. You have pulled me through some really tough times. You know who you are. You are reading this. You make me laugh and make me cry. You have made this past year great. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

We have always had a tradition of eating fish for a prosperous new year to come. Ive eaten alot of fish and Im still not a millionaire. But I will still go out and get my crab legs and enjoy them.

This year will be just like any other though. I will be here on line with my friends to make sure I tell them that I love them and to wish them a great coming year. Anyone up for a party?

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Merry Kiss-my-........

Merry Kiss-my-.......

Fill in the blank. I just cant seem to get into the holiday spirit yet. My uncle is in the hospital and not doing so well. But thats another story. I dont want to get upset again.

So get this.... I needed to get something from the mall last Saturday. Yeah, you heard me correctly. The mall. The mall before Christmas. No I was not out of my mind. I really actually absolutely needed this.

I have an old convection oven on my kitchen counter that we use for everything. I love this thing. But its crapping out. Its one of those really old ones. But it served its years and served them well. Time for a new one. About two months ago I went to Kmart with my daughter and my father. Just doing things as usual. Nothing out of the ordinary. When suddenly, in the housewares section, Im struck by lightning. I wasnt burnt badly so dont worry too much. But this is what I saw.

Wow was all I could say. I wanted this baby. Why do I suddenly feel so old that Im turned on by kitchen appliances? Oh, never mind. It will serve its purpose nicely. But there was a slight problem. I also needed a new camera and they had a really nice on on sale. I had to choose between the two. I chose the camera. What? Its serving a purpose to my business. I needed it for better photos. So I head to the electronics area instead.

They didnt have my camera in stock. Yeah it was that great of a deal. So I had to go to the Service Desk for a raincheck. Why do they call it a raincheck? Its certainly not raining and it isnt a check for me to spend. Stupid people. But who cares. I was going to get this camera. I think at that moment, I should have put the convection oven on layaway. But I was dumb and didnt think about it at the time. I figured that there was enough of them on the shelf. Boy was I wrong.

Well now we come to the present. I got the camera off layaway on the last day possible. But I still didnt have the cash for the oven. I walked over to the housewares and there was only one left. Oh well. I guess I will have to wait til next year. It was such a great deal though.

Now I bring you to the present. Yeah, I flashbacked a bit. Its always fun to do that. Anywho, things have been going fairly well for the business. Ive been filling orders really fast and gaining some hard earned holiday cash. Im pretty strapped and I needed this. Thank you to all those that ordered from me. It was my pleasure to make something for you and it really did help me to fund my gifts to my family and friends.

So I had enough cash now to go get that oven. But there was a problem. There is always one huh. But this was something that I wasnt thrilled about. Snow. Lots of it too. Coming this way and fast. I needed to do what I needed to do. And it had to be this day. So I grabbed my kid and my father and off to the mall we went. It was packed. I mean beyond packed. I had to drop him off at the door and fight my way to East Bumf@^&* to find a parking spot. I found one though. And I didnt fight anyone for it. I was there first and thats the story Im sticking too.

So I make it to the mall to catch up with my father. I need to get to Kmart fast. But where do I find him? Sitting on a bench in front of the usual place we go to eat. Hes hungry. Ok. I thought about it for a few minutes and I decided that I didnt want to haul that oven all over the mall. So we ate lunch. Then Cami wanted to see Santa. Now mind you that this mall is about a half a mile long. Its known for having walkers. Not shopping ones. Ones that want excersize. Probably because they think its too cold to walk outside. But who cares. I need to do this.

So we went half way down the mall to the area where Santa was set up to do his thing. Not that we havent seen Santa at least 6 times already. Oh and hes still a perv. But this time, Santa was out feeding his reindeer. Try explaining to 20 screaming kids where Santa keeps his reindeer at that mall.

So anywho, my father decides that its time to sit and rest. Santa isnt there so Cami and I head back to Kmart at the end of the mall where we came in. We went to the housewares and hunted high and low. No oven. Damnit. Murphys Law that I have the money and no damn oven. I was not thrilled. So we went back to where I left my father. Good thing that he was still sitting there. I was not about to hunt him down. Did I mention that he carries a cell phone now? I can call and locate him now. But thats besides the point because he cant hear the phone ring in the mall anyways.

So we check out that Santa is now there. But the line is way too long for my patience. So we all decide to head to Sears at the other end of the mall. They are linked with Kmart now. That should provide some reassurance that they would have my oven there. Nope. They only carry Kenmore and they wanted way over the price I was willing to spend. So I left with my head hung low. But not before we had to once again pass the pet store. And with a kid thats begging to pet the animals, thats not an option to pass.

So while in there I fell in love with a cute little bunny and about 10 puppies. This is now going well. This is why I avoid pet stores that have animals. But I was able to let Cami drag me out of there. Ok it was the other way around. Ok ok... It was me. But I still had to drag her out too.

I checked out TJMax and there was nothing there either. So we headed back to Kmart because I needed a star to put on top of the tree. Yeah Im crazy enough to go through that again. Cami and I picked out a star and headed back to housewares for one more look. Nope. Nothing there. But I needed to pee. So we headed to the far corner. Along the way, they have these set ups in the middle of the aisles for over stock stuff. Stuff that is on sale for the holidays.

Down in the mens section, there was one set up of microwaves. Yeah. In the mens clothing section. Who would have thought? No I dont think she would. Ok so that was an inside joke. Anyways, I decided to take the chance and look there. Well would you look at that? Right before my eyes, in all its shiny glory, was my oven. One left. That one that was spared for me. Yes for me damnit. Its mine. Mine, I say. I dare someone to try to take it from me now.

But there is one problem. I dont have a cart. And Im not leaving my oven to go find one. But wouldnt you know it that there was a young stock boy walking past. My luck is turning to the bright side. I grabbed him to carry it for me. And he even offers to carry it to my car. I told him where I was parked and he laughed. I dont think he knows where such a place is. But who cares. I got my damn oven. So he grabs it and we start heading to the front. There was a lady with an empty cart that offered it to us. Things are really looking up. So we head to the front with that. The lines are way too long.

So I decided to go to the Electronics register and wouldnt you know it, there was no line. So I cashed out with my oven and my star. I headed back out to the mall to where my father was waiting. Oh wait. I didnt tell you how much I paid for it. $80 Yep. $80 Can you believe it? Now you know why I was dead set on getting this thing. And thats with all the extra stuff that Sears cant match.

So I got it out to the car and we start to head home. Oh. I forgot. I still had to pee.