Tuesday, July 25, 2006

The People Under The Stairs

The People Under The Stairs....

Well maybe not people but just my father. He lives in this nifty apartment that is half below and half above ground. Very roomy two bedroom apartment and the bills arent that high there. Hes been there for the past 20 years or so and I dont see him moving out any time soon. Although I would appreciate him moving to the first floor at least.

The reason I say this is because that apartment is as close to hell as Im willing to get. I will go back a few years to 1999. Yeah its more than a few years but you know what I mean. Ok its seven years.

It was a stormy night in the beginning of August. Friday the 13th to be exact. It was storming and raining really bad and the water flooded into his apartment. Not a hell of alot I could do about it because I had just gotten home from the hospital after having my daughter. My ass was not about to be going anywhere anytime soon.

Needless to say that his floors were toast and anything on them was too. Over the next few weeks alot of repairs and cleaning was done and all was made fine again.

Now a couple of years ago, yes two this time, the same thing happened again. You would think that the landlord would have learned from before. Nope. Im guessing not. The floors had about 8 inches of water on them and this time even the furnaces were flooded. The damage was very extensive. Im sure its going to cost an even bigger chunk to fix this one.

Well alot of books in some boxes were destroyed and some furniture. Even the apartment across the hall was flooded. She wasnt too thrilled about it either. By she I mean the new building manager. You can bet your butt that something is going to be done this time.

Well we had to move everything out of her apartment and into my fathers. They in turn ripped out the front walls and replaced them and painted. Then brand new carpet went in. Now we have to move all of my fathers stuff into her apartment and do the same.

Both of them were compensated for rent and utilities because while this was all going on, neither could live there for a couple of months. Yeah how inconvienient. But all in all it looked much better. And they also were compensated for some new furniture as well. Finally my father gets a new bed that is easier for me to work with when I go there to clean his place.

Anywho, we now return to the present. All these problems were fixed. Even out on the main roads, flood walls were put up to prevent flooding into this place. Good job Mr. Landlord. Its about damn time.

But now we have yet another problem. When they ripped out the old walls in the front, behind it was 2 x 4s and insulation that was replaced. But behind that is a concrete building block wall. Remember that its mostly below ground. That alone will tell you that there will be moisture and insects in this place.

Yes the insects are fun. Not. Spiders and centipedes gallore. But dont forget one other fun little friend. The termite. Yeah termites. When that front wall was was removed, you wouldnt believe the fun to be had with termites. Im sure that the building crews had a field day. Count me out. I wasnt sticking around. There is a big difference with one bug with a million legs compared to a million bugs in one place.

So that was all taken care of. Or so we thought. Now mind you that the front windows are right at ground level. He never opens them up. Hell I dont blame him. For all I know, the neighbors cat or a friendly squirrel would hop on in for a visit. Yep, I can see him now with those visitors. I will be at the door selling tickets. Thank you for coming. Hope you enjoy the show.

Well up under the top part of these windows is all wood. Recently in the last couple of years, this has become the new home for carpenter bees. If you are not familure with these fun and furry friends, they look like big black bumble bees but they arent. The males of these bees dont have stingers. I dont know how to tell the males from the females and Im not about to go and find out.

Now these bees burrow tunnels into the wood and lay their eggs that way. They dont make hives. They make the side of your house as one big hive with a really cool tunnel transit system. Mind you they are also good for something else. Eating termites. Yes this is their diet. Good thing that this building has a never ending supply of them or they would have to go hungry.

So now with the carpenter bees completely knawing away at the front walls of the house, the termites pretty much said holy shit and took off running for their little lives. Im guessing that the route that the took was up over the ceiling though. The floor is solid concrete under that carpet. Hell if they went that route then I would be moving really quick. I dont want any super termites that can knaw on rocks. Gee dad, what the hell are you feeding them? Plutonium?

Anywho, this brings me to this post. I get a call today that he wants me to come over to patch up a few holes. A few holes? I know what hes talking about. The termites have moved to the inside walls to avoid the carpenter bees. A few holes? How about a few tunnels that have caved in the sheet rock. His walls look like a road map for cripes sake.

The only hole that I know of that can be classified as a hole is the one in the kitchen that he made. There was a time not long ago that he decided not to use the step stool that I got for him and was standing on a chair. Yep, you guessed it. The chair snapped and he went flying sideways and put his shoulder right through the wall. Hit his head and broke his collar bone and cracked the shoulder blade. What a mess he was after that one. He now uses that step stool alot more often.

So pretty much tomorrow is going to be an entertaining day for me. I get to go over and sit on the floor and attempt the miracle of spraying the hell out of these tunnels and then filling them with putty. All this while he is leaning over my shoulder telling me how to do this. Hed do it himself but he cant sit on the floor. Well he can but it would be a hell of a show for him to get back up again.

I'll be outside selling tickets.


Sunday, July 23, 2006


Current mood: bored

Everyone seems to be bored. I didnt want to design a new skin though. Im being lazy today. I have the stuff together for making one for my brother but waiting for him to tell me what he wants.

Im just to the point that Im playing the weird ring tone games and winning at every one of them. There are just so many times that I can shoot 10 monkeys and make Paris Hilton wash a car or what ever it is that shes supposed to be doing.

My fave is the one where Ahhhnald gets to lift weights against Bush and that one always cracks me up.

But Im seriously considering messing with my computer and getting all my junk in My Pictures files off to my storage. Its getting quite full in there. I have to load up a ton of images for DJ that he wanted me to snurch for his slide shows.

I picked up a 1GB Flash drive today at a very nice low price. Walmart does have rollbacks but I didnt actually see that little smiley guy running around with that whip. Yeah yeah yeah... its all about the whip.

Speaking of smilies. I want the ones that Kelley has. I want them bad. I love the sounds that they make but she just couldnt get them to save with it. There HAS to be a way to make that work. I know I will blow a brain fuse trying to do that though.

I met a new friend yesterday and hes really cool. But he forgot to bring me my iced coffee with whipped cream. Gotta have the whipped cream. And chocolate syrup.

Whosie is out getting some dinner. She mentions mexican and also Subway. Now thats a tough choice. I told her to get both and she said she cant eat all that. Well she can share with me because now thats what I want to eat. Eenie meenie miney moe.... catch a Jose by the toe... If he hollars dont let him go.... He he he.....

Waiting for Jose to get back on because of something about hollaring. I was thinking of just stepping on his toes til Whosie comes in but she said she would handle it. Im sure she will. ;o)
LB popped back on the boards again last night after having no computer for a week. The new look is going to kick ass. I cant wait til we can launch it for everyone to see. Hopefully everyone will like it. I was going to call DB and tell him to go look at it but I noticed that the header isnt up. Cant very well show that to him if its not all there.

Debating on dunking the kid in the tub for a while so she will leave the cats alone while they are sleeping. For once there is a sort of peace in the midst. Not much because it never lasts too long.

I need a vacation. Anyone up for Bermuda? Im thinking that the triangle could be fun to explore.

He he he.... Wha?

Im Hot!!!

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Im hot !!!

And this really has nothing to do with what you are thinking. Its just so frelling hot outside. Im very thankful for the AC in the house. Being on a second floor doesnt help in the summer. This is a bright airy apartment but when that sun beats in, its blistering. The winter isnt so bad because heat rises. Plus I dont pay for the heat here.

For the last few days, Ive been trying to stay cool. Thats not an easy task to do if you have to leave the confinements of the freezer. Yeah Im one of those. If its so hot I will either take a cold shower or just stick my head in the freezer. Worse part is, my head doesnt come off so its not like I can leave it in there and close the door. I just cant seem to find the screws.

Tuesday I went to the mall with my father. Leaving the house and going outside was like hitting a brick wall at 90mph. The air was so dead and muggy. Im glad I dont have asthma because I would have collapsed right there on the spot.

My car has ac but when you get in, you have to do this dance with the hot seatbelt buckles before you can do anything. Im sure my neighbors found it quite entertaining. Now you turn the key and hit the ac. A blast of hot air hits you in the face and yours eyebrows are now melted to your upper lip.

I pick him up and head to the mall. So now to go from the car to the mall is like cutting your way through bread dough. Only the dough is melting. Yeah sticky is a good word for it. Once inside the mall, its oh so nice and cool. Ahhhhhhh.....

On the way into the parking lot we noticed a small fire. To me it looked like the BK across the street was on fire. Wow talk about flame broiled. I bet the Big Kids meals are on a discount now. As we hit the mall doors, you can now hear the fire house sending out the alert. What an annoying sound but it sure gets the attention. Well as we cut across the mall inside to go to the 99, we notice that its not the BK that is on fire. Its a car in the mall parking lot.

With the amount of black smoke, you woul have thought there would have been an explosion. The entire car was completely on fire. Hmmm.... Do we duck and cover? Nope. My father is hungry and nothing is going to stop him from getting his plate filled. So into the 99 we go. We can still see the fire from the window. Yeah he had to have a window seat because he has to know whats going on around him at all times. Yeah hes nosey.

So now that the fire company is there putting out this fire, the smoke turns to white. Soon its out and there is a tow truck there. Guess what buddy, that car no longer has tires so Im thinking you wont be towing anything today. Better get a flatbed. Wow and wouldnt you know it, one shows up.

They load it up on the flatbed and it doesnt even look like its a car. Just a smouldering shell. Well that sucks. Wonder what the insurance company will do with this one? My question is, what caused this fire? Im actually concerned because thats a very scary thing to have happen. In this heat, I wouldnt be surprised by anything.

Along comes Wednesday. Yet another blistering day. I have to go look at an apartment in the afternoon so Im trying to hold out as long as I can. Well that apartment was just too damn tiny. And the worse part of it was, the heat was from small radiators in each room. Not too bad but when you have a 6 year old and two cats, that adjustment knob becomes an item for future breakage.

When I mean tiny, I mean 4 people in the place and its crowded. Im thinking they would be better to knock the walls down and make three apartments into one. But at least the bathroom was big enough to actually walk around in. For those of you that dont get that joke, my bathroom that I have now is a closet. Yeah an actual water closet. I can sit on the pot, wash my hands and wash my feet all at the same time. It was once a closet when this house was first built over 100 years ago. Hey, I shouldnt complain too much. At least I dont have to go outside in the heat and sweat my ass off in an outhouse.

So now we decide to go to the fair. Ok, Im game. I like to walk the fairs. Nothing more exciting than smelling 50 different food items all crammed into a one block strip. Nope, Im not hungry anymore. But I was able to get Cami some really cool things for her hair. Dont ask me what they are called because I really dont know. But they are cool. Now if I can only figure out how to make them.

But one thing was a bad note on the way up and on the way back. I had to pass the place where I spent the night one cold Febuary night. It was in a small trailer on RT 50 that in a back bedroom, my precious Holly was born. Seeing that place again brought a huge lump up in my throught and I do admit that I cried. Its only been since April that she has gone away from me but it still hurts like it was yesterday. I know the pain will ease but she will be a part of me forever.

Enough of the sad stuff. I dont want to start crying again. Anywho, today being Thursday, I had a hair apointment this morning. My hair was waaayyy too long again. So yeah I got some cut off. Looks pretty darn good if you ask me.

So after I get that done, I get my butt home because once again, its too darn hot to be outside. I got to relax a little and chat on the phone. Then I decided to take a shower. Well while I was debating on doing that I turned on the computer to write this post and what do you think happened? A frelling spider comes crawling down my desk and was about to land on my keyboard. Well Im sorry buddy but you are a little too close to me.

Im sorry to say this and I know you would understand my fear, but he somehow went squish. Sorry Red. I know you will forgive me. Well, being that it was after I hung up the phone. If I was still talking to you, you would have heard me scream. LOLOL.

So now I can go take my shower to cool off and get the itchy feeling off me. Maybe its just me, but I hate the feeling after I get a hair cut. Lets hope that there arent any friends in the bathroom waiting for me. Im sure that Mr. Spider has a few hanging around. Never fails.


Thursday, July 13, 2006


Current mood: tired

Buddy has this thing of wanting to be friends with Sara and shes just having no part of it. As the sun goes down, the demon kittys awaken. Its now to the point of her standing in the doorway and he zooms past at lightning speed. Too fast even for her to hiss and swipe at him. He then hides under a part of my blanket that has fallen and hangs over the bed. Little kitty stalker. He hides in there waiting for her to walk by. But she doesnt.

So he instead comes out and catches her from behind. She spins around and smacks him. He runs into the kitchen with her following. The open space allows her more of an angle. He slides in and she tosses him down. Funny thing is, he sits up and looks around asking what the hell just happened. A little stunned, he goes out into the other room to regroup himself for round two.

A few minutes later, he comes flying into the kitchen but he forgets that the floor is slippery. His paws hit the floor about halfway in and he slides right into the back door. She in turn, is sitting there wayching and crouches down for what is to come next.

Under the table is a cooler and a small storage box. He thinks by hiding up on top of these that she wont see him. Bad news for you Bud because shes waiting for you. He pounces, she swats. He tumbles. Round two victory goes to Sara.

I watch them from the safety of my room and shes just sitting there watcing him. He lifts his head and surveys his escape. Nah, he just puts his head back down. She takes this as a chance to come running back into the bedroom but he catches her foot. She swats again. He ducks this one and then he chatters at her. Oh now hes trying to smooth talk her. This wont work either. She hisses at him and walks away. But she makes the mistake of heading into the other room and he chases her.

In and out they go. Back and forth. Tag you're it. Nope now you're it. She hits the kitchen and stops. He comes barreling in from behind and cant stop in time. They both tumble into the door. She gets her bearings and smacks him hard this time. He takes it. Hes breathing hard. Shes breathing hard. He puts his head down on the floor and proceeds to take a rest.

She gets up and walks past him. Claiming victory again she takes a drink from her dish and starts to clean herself. He gets up and runs into the other room. Of course she ignores this. I can hear him fumbling around out there with something but Im not quite sure what. A few minutes later he returns to the kitchen with his feather wand toy and drops it at her feet. Does he think shes going to pick it up in the air and let him chace it? Im thinking not. She has no use for this thing.

He sits and stares at it. Willing it to move. Its not going to move on its own so he runs back into the other room and returns with one of his tinkle balls. He drops this at her feet. She swats the ball across the floor and he chases it. Shes not following. I think this is frustrating him even more.

I now come into the kitchen and pick up the wand. His face lights up like a christmas tree and he proceeds to dance around the room trying to get the feathers. This attention draws her out of the bedroom and she sits prettily on the floor and watches the display. He flips and spins and dances around and around. I wave it in front of her and she reaches for it with both paws in the air. Suddenly she stops. Oh gawd forbid should she get caught enjoying herself. She starts licking her paws while trying to ignore him. Not working little kitty. Not working.

He sees what she is trying to do. He then slithers his way over to where she sits. She takes a swat and he once again ducks out of it. Hes getting smarter. Not by much because he turned and the next one connects and he tumbles. Hes such a chatterbox and proceeds to tell her off. She huffs and starts to walk back into the bedroom. On the way in, she swats at his tinkle ball and sends him scurrying across the room. With this she takes a dash to the bed and he follows.
He reaches it about the same time she does and she spins and arches her back. Whoops. He darts off the bed and goes back to playing with the feather wand. She ignores him and curls up on a pillow. I take this as a sign to prepare for bed. I send him out to the livingroom with his wand and the ball. I in turn close my door and crawl under the blanket. Once again, just like the night before, I hear the sounds of tinkle, tinkle. bang on my door.

Yep, yet another sleepless night.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Tingle Balls

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Tingle Balls

Current mood: curious

I dont even know how to go about addressing any of this. I have spent many hours today trying to adjust my attention to a little girl that cant undestand why there are two cats in this house but all they want to do is sleep.

Well, the last time I checked, thats the key factor in a cats life. Sleep. These two have spent the greater part of the last week trying to adjust themselves to each other. Finally as I sit typing this, I have one on my bed and the other on my feet. Yes both in the same room and no hissing or spitting.

But then that leaves the other one that wants to play. Shes standing in the kitchen with a feather wand waiting for one of them to wake up. Mommy, why wont they play right now? I can understand this plea but how to you explain it to a child?

Sorry honey, cats sleep. They sleep all the time. They eat, drink, pee, poop and sleep. Well except for the fact that the kitten doesnt know that at 2am, we people are trying to sleep. Note that I said trying. Doesnt seem to work though.

All night long I hear this sound against my bedroom door. Mind you that my cat is in here with me staring at the door waiting to attack. At first its all quiet and then I hear this gutteral high pitched growl coming from the cat. That tells me that the kitten is near by. Clever huh?

Then its quiet again for a few minutes. I then hear him outside the door. I know its him because of the sounds he makes. Well the sound isnt from him directly. I hear tingle, bang, tingle, tingle, tingle, bang, tingle. Hmmmm.... let me take a wild guess at what he is doing outside the door.

Wouldnt you know it about 10 minutes of that gets the cat going and I start to hear the tingle sounds from inside the room. Geez, is this a conspiracy of who can collect the most tingle balls and roll them around at 2am to make the most noise? Im guessing that is exactly what it is.

Im thinking to open the damn door and let them both chase each others balls. Ok that didnt sound right. But then again it did considering that neither have....oh never mind. You know what I mean.

But why in the world does he have to tingle them against the door? Doesnt he realize that he can have just as much fun rolling them around the kitchen floor and then letting them get stuck under the fridge and crying to me to get them out? Well thats what the cat does. Take lessons from her. Dont teach her bad things at 2am.

So now Cami comes in to hug her kitten who is sound asleep on my bed. She bolts back up and asks the next question.

Mommy, why do cats fart?

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Kitty Crack

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Kitty Crack

Current mood: amused

Recently I purchased a scratching rug for my cat. Its a piece of rug attached to a plastic tray that has a small one inch square catnip compartment in the bottom. Im sure this is used to lure kitty to the proper place to scratch rather than ripping up your beautiful livingroom carpet.

Well mine decided that the little corner of carpet just outside the bathroom door was as good as any place to completely rip up and shred. At least 5 inches of the corner is now missing. Well its not exactly missing but its shredded all over the place. Im even finding pieces of carpet in the kitchen and in my bedroom. I think she may be trying to hide her crime. Well burgundy carpet doesnt match while tile so guess what kitty? Busted you are.

So I go out and get this stuff called No-Scratch. It says to spray it on the area that you dont want your cat to scratch at. Well lets see.... um... does everywhere count?

So now I spray this particular spot that she loves so much and walk away. She checks it out. Sniffs and she too walks away. Good call. It must really work. Yeah it does. Until it dries. You have to spray the area at least four to five times a day. Its supposed to just be a deterant for them to be trained not to rip up that area. So do you think the other corner is next? Im thinking they need to make this in the 5 gallon jug size to achieve total positive results.

Anywho, back to the scratch pad. She has no desire for a scratch post. Thats pretty much a pole with carpet on it. This takes too much effort for her to have to pick her front paws up off the floor to do the damage she craves. The flat one works best for her lazy butt.

The fun part of it is the catnip compartment. I put a little of the kitty buds in it and put the lid on. Within seconds she was checking it out. I put it up on my bed and she actually slithered on her belly to get to it.

First she sniffed at it. Then she rolled on her back and stretched over it. She pushed her paws under it and tried to flip it over. She didnt achieve that but ended up with it on her back and she was loving every bit of it.

For the next hour or so she was laying on top of the pad and rolling around it. Very entertaining. The next thing I knew, she was sound asleep. On her back and purring so loud that she was vibrating. Im now thinking that I really need to try this stuff myself.

I put the pad on the floor next to my bed and I didnt think anything of it. She in turn moved to the floor with it. What a novel idea to get a cat off the bed. That was soon short lived. At 2am I hear this sound of bats flying. I get up and go out into the kitchen. After turning on the lights, I realize that its not bats flying. Nope. How high can my kitty fly? Zoom into the livingroom. Zoom back into the kitchen. Zoom back out. Zoom....zoom.... Holy cow can this cat run. When does it stop?

It stopped about 4am and she came into my room, jumped up on my bed and passed out. Does this mean I finally get some sleep too? Nope. I layed there wondering if this was perhaps a side effect of the catnip pad from earlier. Nah it cant be. She was all lovey dovey from that. What would suddenly cause her to fly like a race car at 2am?

I got my answer when I got up to start my day. On the kitchen floor lay the little baggie of catnip. Ripped open on one side and some of it was obviously ingested. Well I guess that teaches me to leave it on the table huh? Being that there is alot left, I decided to put it in another little baggie and pop it in the freezer for later use. Oh I have plans. No I dont plan on smoking it. Im sure kitty does though.

Every once in a while since then, I have put a small amount in her pad and she seems to love it. She has left the regular carpet alone for the most part. I have continued to spray there because now I have another kitty in the midst of this nut house.

New kitty has no desire to chew and claw the carpet. He prefers the scratching post. Ahhhh what a smart kitty. Not. He has this insane desire to torment my kitty. He really doesnt want to harm her. He just wants to snuggle her. Yeah he is quite the loverboy.

She in turn wants no part of him. What? She doesnt like younger men? He he he... she will soon find out. Anyways, she hisses and growls whenever he comes in the bedroom. He isnt affected by this and continues to walk right past her and checks everything out. Shes not liking this one bit.

Today I had both of them in the room and up on my bed. He was just sitting there not moving and she was giving him the nasty talk. I comforted her by petting her and she was ok with that for a little while. Then it hit me.... Catnip. Lets see what would happen if she turned all lovey dovey.

I get some out and I put it in my hands. Yep. She went for it and ate some. Not much mind you but just enough that she was all purring and cuddly. Now its his turn. He jumps up on the bed and starts immediately rubbing the spot where some had fallen. Shes not even bothering to hiss at him. Right now I dont think she even cares. Shes seeing colors man. Oooo pretty colors.

So now here I sit typing this out. I have one kitty on the bed passed out on her back. The other one is on the floor laying in my cat's little round bed all zoning out in kitty crack land.

But now the thought hits me. What happens when they wake up and decide to fly through the house together? Polysporin? Check. Bandaids? Check.

And those are for me.

Friday, July 07, 2006

New Addition

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

New Addition

Current mood: cheerful

Meet Cami's new early birthday present.



Hes 5 months old and hes playful and cuddly. Also hes quite the chtter box and loves to hold hands.

Id like to find a new name for him so any suggestions would be cool.

Later update: His new name is Buddy and hes a pain in the ass at 2am.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

My Deck Is Bigger Than Yours

My Deck Is Bigger Than Yours

Current mood: amused

A friend sent this to me and I thought it was hysterical.


Yeah I get all the good stuff lately huh?

Mentos and Diet Coke

Mentos and Diet Coke

Current mood: amused

Ok this entertained me a little. Ok maybe alot. Im not sure whats funnier, the concept or the video that comes with it.


Guess what Im trying next weekend.

Learn to be Naughty in Six Easy Lessons

Learn to be Naughty in Six Easy Lessons

Current mood: amused

Thats not what this is about. I asked Jose what to name my weekend blog and thats what he said to me. LOLOL

I lost the original post for here so Im trying to rewrite it the best I can. Bear with me. Thats bear not bare. Although it could be fun.

It was the holiday weekend at the camp. Even though the actual holiday isnt til Tuesday, campers and everyone else celebrates it on the weekend. Many parties to be had.

Every year we have a parade and everyone works really hard on this. Of course this year we took first place. Once the pictures were taken with the trophy, we took apart the float and saved what we wanted and the rest went into the fire pit for later. We filled it up quite nicely.

We decide on going to see some fireworks at Friar Tucks and headed out before sundown so that we can get a decent parking spot. We found one right next to an identical truck. Gee, what are the odds of that. Not like everyone has a Dodge Ram 1500 Quad Cab 4x4. Oh wait, this one is black. Nice truck though, if I may say so myself. Yeah Im a truck whore.

So we are all sitting out on the grass and on the tail gate of the truck listening to some good tunes and watching the lots get filled up. We are close to a pond so we are watching some kids chase the ducks. I was waiting for one of the ducks to start chasing the kids but no such luck. That would have been entertaining.

Speaking of entertaining.... On the side of the pond is a road that leads to another parking lot. Well this white Blazer decides to park there and go for a closer view. Yep, you guessed it. He slid down right into the mud at the edge of the pond. You would think that he would be smart enough to call for help. Nope he tried to get himself out an only pushed his truck even deeper.
Now everyone around us has trucks. You should hear the boners start talking about pulling the guy out. Wasnt happening with the two Dodges. We were too entertained by this show to risk losing a prime parking spot. Along came a huge diesel truck to soak the guy out of some cash. No pun intended. Ok I did mean to say that because it was funny.

Mouse in turn gets upset because he wasnt finished being entertained yet. He yells over to the guy and says something about he can still see the tail lights. Hes not ready to be pulled out yet. Everyone enjoyed that one. So the guy pulls the Blazer out anyways.

Now if that was me, I would have left the area to hide in my shame. Nope, this guy just parks it up on the bank where he originally intended to and got out his chairs. Me, I would be in another lot. My luck though, word would get around. Now there are more trucks coming in and parking. Now we are waiting for someone else to go for a drink. Hell even some of those that are weighted down with 20 people on the tailgates. The suspense is killing me.

I was just about to start to chew off all my nails, when the fireworks began. It was a great show. Well worth waitng for. The preshow wasnt too bad either. It was an entertaining night. After we all fed the local bug population, we headed for the major traffic jam that would lead us back to the camp.

Now back, we decide that its time for a bon fire. Its about 84 degrees out but thats ok. What a little more heat? Mouse takes the torch and lights the fire. Ok so it wasnt quite a torch. Just some kindling and alot of lighter fluid. Holyhelljustburneddown!!!! Im thinking that I dont have to shave my legs for at least a month. Nor my arms for that matter. We even had to move the chairs back about 15 feet so they didnt melt.

I got up to get a drink and I heard the distinct sound of windchimes. Hey Mom, you really didnt want the one you hung up next to the fire pit did you? I hope not because well, thats where it is right now. Yep, down went the little metal rods. The main part was saved though. We risked alot by going up behind the wall to remove any statues and such so that we didnt lose the whole farm. By farm I really mean farm. We have statues of all kinds of birds and animals everywhere.

After the fire died down and we were able to return to the nearby area, I took some pictures of what was the remains of all the hard work we put into making the float. Mom whispered to Mouse that she stashed a small coil of wire behind the wood pile and he jumped up like a child getting free candy. He tossed in the coil and we relaxed by the fire watching the flames turn shades of blue, green and purple.

Im heading for home the next morning. Nothing like sleeping in a soft bed and a long hot shower. We have plenty of beds in the trailer and we have a bathroom bigger than the one I have here, but I prefer my own.

On the way home I followed this and got my entertainment.....