Monday, May 02, 2011

Game Over...

Game Over...

I spent the great part of last night with a pair of head phones on listening to every broadcast about bin Laden. I watched the Presidents speech on line. I was still in a bit of shock about the news and really wasnt sure it was real. I was waiting for someone to come on and announce that the DNA didnt match or something. It was too easy. The battle wasnt easy though and was almost foiled. But the mission was complete and all forms of DNA were settled as 100% accurate and that it was him.

My fears now are more attacks for revenge or attacks done in his honor. How weird is it when a world just cant find some sort of peace? There is always a whack-job waiting around the corner that just isnt happy enough with what he has. If its not bin Laden, then it will be someone else. My thoughts, prayers and deepest sympathies go out to all those families that were affected by what has happened. Some are accepting this justice and some are not. Some already accepted what happened and have tried to move on. Now they relive the horrors. This wont go away any time soon, if at all.

It just seems that history keeps repeating itself over and over. I wont get into the religion of it all. I wont get into the politics of it all. I just think that its mindless and childish. There are more people out there that will suffer for this. Some that remain hidden because of who that man was. One of his sons was trying to turn the tables on what was going on and to get the people to listen that he wasnt one of his fathers minions. His life will be forever in a hell that no one wants to live in.

I watched the news last night seeing all the people at the Whitehouse and in NYC cheering in the streets. What were they really cheering for? I was thinking about it last night and all day today. A lot of those people out there were very young. Some were just children when 9/11 happened. These people have never known a life without a war going on. I looked at my daughter today and saw that same thing. Then I thought to myself, have I ever lived without a war going on somewhere? This is what I mean about history repeating itself. There is always someone out there that doesnt like someone else. But these people cant seem to get past it and move on. You live your life and I will live mine. Im not breathing down your back trying to make you believe in what I believe in. Why are you doing that to me?

Once again, Im not going to get deeper into that topic because its just not worth any arguments. Im just glad that this particular nightmare is over.

But the worst could be coming.


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