Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Stop the ride....

Stop the ride....

I want to get off. I know I havent posted in a while. Its been really upside down here. Im exhausted. Any which way you want to put it. Im beat and worn out. I thought I was supposed to grab life by the horns. I think it grabbed mine instead. It could have at least kissed me first.

Anywho, this is the latest. My daughter is still on a roller coaster ride. She has her good days and her bad days. I will settle for a happy medium. Last Wednesday, she went on one of her "binges" and threw a chair. Not one of those little plastic things. A regular chair. Apparently the girls at school started picking on her again. Its really frustrating to watch this and nothing can be done. There is one girl that I know who has some serious issues herself. One day she will cling to Cami and then the next day she will flat out tell her that she doesnt want to be her friend. How cruel can that be? This can be so devastating to a little girl.

Well I guess this set her off and she got pissed. I dont blame her for it though. But we are working on dealing with this issue. She has been sleeping at night. Thats a good thing. The past couple of days were awesome. She did great. She even got her homework done while she waited for me to finish up my work. Which has also taken a strange twist, but I will explain that in a bit. Today however was an emotional hell for her. Nothing really bad happened except she has a cold. You wouldnt think of it as a bad thing but when you are someone that struggles to maintain focusing on a task, this is aweful. Shes on a cold medicine that does make her a little loopy.

She was a pain to wake up because the medicine helped her sleep. She did ok through the morning but she just couldnt get anything done in class. Because of this, she spent her recess in the Time Out room. That set her on a crying spree. But her eyes are running as it is. Poor girl. But thats not all. She took about 4 hours to do her homework. She really struggled through it. She had her dinner and then passed out cold.

Now getting to my job. Since I have started back to work, there have been some really weird changes. I have no idea what the motives are but there are rumors. Nothing bad. Just confusing the hell out of all of us. I was put with the 5th and 6th grades. Im Special Ed though. There are some kids in these classes that do need me to work with them but they arent a serious one on one basis. We have two new kindergarten teachers. And in the one, they put an instructional para. I think this is very odd because thats usually where I work.

In the kindergarten classes, this is usually where they work on any diagnosing of those in need. They will select a couple of kids and go through the process of having the papers signed and all the approvals. Once this process is done, thats when I come in. Wouldnt it be smart just to put me in there to begin with? But from what I am told, Im with the other classes so that when this comes up, I will be first on the list to take it. Weird. I know for a fact that there is one in there thats going to be needing it. But I will just do my job and thats that.

But my job is really messed up. In my school, we have 4 wings. A,B,C,and D. I have three classes. The one 5th grade that have is in D. And one of the 6th grades is in A. I divide up my morning back and forth for an hour here and there between these two. Then I do a lunch shift with the 5th grade. After that I spend about 20 minutes with the 6th grade again. After that I return to the D wing for the other 6th grade for the rest of the afternoon. Do you have any idea how much walking this is? This doesnt count for teacher errands. My poor footsies are killing me. But it is toning up my legs though.

Anywho, this past week was tragic. One of the ladies that I work with lost her son. He was 30. But what happened was something horrific. He was reported missing in August. They found him on the bank of the river this past Friday. The news is not good. But they havent determined how he died. Tonight was the services but I was unable to attend due to the mess here at home.

So in the mean time, while she is taking some time off, Im covering her class in PreK. I love working with the little ones and these guys are no exception. They are a wonderful bunch. But there is alot of extra duties in here. They dont go to the cafeteria to eat. I get their food and serve them in the classroom. This is twice a day. Bathroom breaks are fun because I have to watch each one to make sure they are doing what the need to do. These kiddies are only 4. But they really are a great bunch and are learning really fast.

The jewelry business is picking up now that Im working. The people that I work with like my stuff and are buying it. I have a few orders that I need to work on but I havent had the time this week. I will this weekend though.

I know I havent been posting here or anywhere else though and I do appologize for that. I know you are waiting for my humorous goofs. I will have them. Dont worry about that. Im sure something will come up.

Oh and LL, if you are reading this, what the hell was that this past weekend? Its one thing when I suck, but its another when we all do. Im not sure what to do for this weeks picks. LOLOL

Oh and I too have a cold. Remember that kids love to share everything.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Here we go again..........

Tomorrow is the first day of school for me. Cami doesnt go until Thursday. So tomorrow morning I have to be up at 5am. Yeah. Can you imagine how hard that will be when Ive been used to staying up til 2? This is going to suck. Im actually very nervous. Not in the fact that I will be getting my assignments tomorrow but for the meeting at 7am. We have to all meet at Proctors Theater. All staff has to report. This will be interesting as hell to find extra parking for about 4000 people downtown. I cant wait.

After the meeting we all report to our schools after a brief lunch break. Then we have another meeting there. Oh the joy. But I am excited to find out where I will be and who I will be working with. I just may move up to first grade. Whoohoo.

I was looking over the papers and I noticed the lunch menu for Thursday. French toast sticks and syrup is one of the main choices. Are you out of your mind? Do these people have any idea what that is like for the teachers? The kids love this but for us its a mess. Nothing like having your kids covered in sticky syrup with their new school clothes. Look mom, this is what I ate today. But then there are some parents that will prolly save that shirt. You know, the ones from the pre-k and the kindergarten. Wierd.

But for the staff, its a nightmare. When they are serving anything that comes with any form of a sauce, you always wear dark clothing. I know that the sticky hugs are coming. If they serve speghetti, then you can guarentee that there will me handprints on the back of my shirt or on my sleeves when they tug on me for a napkin. You can tell them a million times to not to touch you but thats like a magnet. That and puddles.

I miss the kids though. I miss the glue and the glitter and the whining and the .... wait. Not the whining. But I miss the hugs. And I miss the smiles. So tonight I sit here wondering if I will be able to sleep. Prolly not. But then tomorrow I find out everything.

I will keep you posted on what happens. And dont forget that after school on Thursday, I have to take Cami to the doctors too. This should be alot of fun.

Why am I still so nervous?