Monday, May 17, 2010

In the fish bowl.....

The weather is warming up. Im starting to like it now. I was able to go to work this morning without a jacket. The sky is blue and clear. I know Im going to jinx it though.

Not a whole lot has been happening lately. Just the same routine day in and day out. We didnt go to the camp this weekend. Cami was having one of her drama trips. Shes on the kick now of just answering everything with 'I dont care'. Its so frustrating. I want to wring her neck but you know I wouldnt. If this is the beginnings of PMS, get it over with fast.

We did go to a carnival on Sunday. It was at the local mall. Nothing spectactular. Just a small little area of the parking lot with some rides and some games. Some of the usual foods. We pulled in and got a great parking spot and grandpa hands Cami some money for some ride tickets. She really doesnt do much for rides so she got the smaller pack. My sister and father went to go get some food while Cami and I went to the rides. She did a few of them and we walked around a little.

We came back to the table and she said she was hungry so we got her a cheeseburger and my sister got a couple of plates of fried dough. We munched on that and then grandpa gave Cami some money to play some games. Cami is pretty good at them. She played the dart game wher eyou have to pop the balloons and she won something there. Then she moved to another booth where she had to pop something and she won something there too. Then we played the little duckie thing and she won something there too.

Then came the fun part. She wanted to play the gold fish one. This one you had to put the ping pong ball in the little gold fish bowl. Like this was going to happen. When I was a kid you put a dime in the bowl. You had a better chance at it. The balls are just small enough to fit in the top of the bowl. And the more you throw, the more they bounce all over the place. For $5 you get a whole bucket of balls. There must have been at least 20 of them.

There is no easy way to play this game so she was just randomly throwing them in. Of course she gets one in. And then another. I was hoping that she would have won a stuffed animal or something. But noooo, she got to take home two gold fish. Yes, real live gold fish. What the hell am I supposed to do with these? I know I have done this to my mom in the past but at least we had other fish in the house. We dont have any here anymore. So that means I will have to dig out a tank from somewhere. I know I have a few.

We went home and of course she remembered that there was one of the small hexagon tanks on the back porch. So I got that out and cleaned it all up and put some marbles in the bottom. I dont have a filter for it though. It will have to do. We set it up and got the fishies swimming in it. Then she fed them a little and that was that.

I asked her what we should name them and she said Pip and Pop. I thought of lunch and dinner for the kitty cat. LOL Im sure she wasnt too thrilled about that. So no kitty cat has her own entertainment.

Lets see how long they last.

Saturday, May 08, 2010

This Totally Sucked....

I had a nice title picked out for this but since it contained a four letter word, I dont think the server would have liked it. So I will just leave it as &#@^#&!! crap. Does that work? What a crappy past few days. Litterally. I cant even begin to tell you how bad it sucked.

You would think that after what we have been through with the eye stuff, that life would hand us some lemonade but you and I both guessed wrong on that. Actually I think the lemons would have burned like hell. Just like everything else did. Please dont mind my typos on this post or any other post. Im typing fast to get all my thoughts out because I have a ton of posts to catch up on and Im in the mood to actually write them. Just go with it and be entertained. Im in the mood for that too.

It all started Wednesday night. Cami's dad was sick for a few days with a sort of stomach ailment that we summed up as dehydration from working and not eating or drinking. Well Im stating it as wrong now. We found out the hard way what it really was. His started on Saturday last week. It hit him really hard on Sunday but he still went to work and then went to the doctor. The doctor told him it was dehydration. Wrong. You cant spread dehydration.

On Wednesday, Cami said she wasnt feeling all that well but she managed to pull through the day. She was suffering from minor diarrhea. Which was also what her dad was too. But he also had a day of vomiting. So pretty much, Wednesday night, guess what started. Yup, vomiting. She was letting loose about every 20 minutes. It was both ends at the same time. The thing is, it was uncontrolable. She was hanging out in the bathroom just waiting for it to hit. She was scared to leave the room. She threw up her pills so she wasnt going to sleep any time soon.

At about 2:00am, her dad took her to the ER. It was that bad. Constant by then. She was puking in the sink and crapping on the toilet at the same time. Or she was puking in a bowl and crapping in her pants. This was some serious stuff and I was feeling bad for her. I stayed home to get some sleep because I knew that when she returned, I would be up with her.

At about 5am, the returned and she was given a pill to soothe the nausea and she was able to sleep. At about a half hour later, I was in the bathroom puking my guts out. I was on the toilet with one end and puking in the bathtub. It was so horrible. I was crying and not knowing what to do. There was no way I could take the day off either. We had a field trip with the kids in a few hours and I couldnt do a damn thing about it. I HAD to be there. So at about 7am, I woke Cami up to get her ready for school and I tooke my shower to get ready as well. Before we left, I hit the toilet and the tub one more time.

I got to school and told them what happened. I said that I was there but not feeling well at all. They understood and told me that I looked like hell froze over. I agreed. We went on about the day as usual though. I knew I had to just get through it. Im strong. If Cami had problems, her school was to call her dad so he could come get her. As long as he made the effort to go to work, they would be ok with him leaving early to get her.

We loaded up the kids in the car and off to the theater for the show. I was a litle queasy but I pushed through it. I held it in the best I could. We got to the parking garage and I was tightly walking down the three flights to the ground floor. How I made it that far, I dont know. Then we walked to the theater to wait for the bus that brought the rest of the kids. We waited for a while and I was hoping to get inside soon because I didnt know how much longer I could take it. I needed to stay with the kids and the rest of the group though. They were more important.

We finally got inside and we were directed to the balcony. Geez, more stairs. Im not sure I cant make it. But I did. We got to our seats and I requested the end seat because I wasnt sitting there for long. One of the other teachers sat behind me so that she could be at that end to waych the kids from there so I could run to the can. Once the lights went down, I was gone. I went back down the little ramp to the ladies lounge and, of course, there was a line of kids waiting to use the toilets. Damnit, Im not making it. So I went off to a corner of the lounge and got up close and personal with a little trash can.

Mind you that this is one of those opulant opera houses so you know that the lounges are all fancy and stuff with nice furniture. Im sure that whome ever was coming in after me wouldnt be too thrilled. Neither would the cleaning crew. But I couldnt hold it in. After that, I needed to get to a toilet and fast. I butted in line but I didnt care. There was a teacher from my school there and she knew what was going on with me so she let me go on ahead. I chose a stall and went to work. I got personal with the little trash can in there too while the toilet became my best friend. This was not an enjoyable day so far.

After a few more minutes, I was able to contain myself long enough to go back to my seat and finish the show. It was a great show and Im sad that I missed the first few minutes of it. When it was time to leave, I made one more pittstop though. Just to make sure I would make it to the park. This is why we didnt take the kids ont he bus. We had other things going on after the show. A nice picnic in the park and the playground.

I graced the bathroom at the playground a couple of times. For lunch I was able to get an iced tea to hopefully settle my stomach and it did for a while. I was thankful for that. Then after lunch, we went to get the kids some icecream. I was able to contain myself through that because there wasnt a bathroom there. I had no choice but to suffer that one out. I didnt eat anything or drink anything. I didnt dare. My boss told me that when we got back, I could go home. I was looking forward to that. They once again told me that I was looking pretty green. Well green is a nice color, but not for me.

Once back at the school, I made a mad dash to the toilet once again and finished out that part of the day. This was not fun. I left there and went to go get Cami. She wasnt well at all. So we went straight home. I passed out as soon as we got home and slept the rest of the night. I had such a headache and was so sick. She was as well.

The next day, I attempted to make it to work and Cami wasnt going to. She was crapping in her pants by then and there was no way I was letting her go through that. I was so sore and my butt wasnt going to make it either. I called in for both of us. There was no way that we could do it. If I lose my job over this, so be it. I have a valid excuse. I couldnt even breathe. I was in such pain. We spent the day in bed with all sorts of medications from the hospital.

Today I am feeling a little better and I was able to have some soup last night. Tonight I ate something a little more solid but Im still very sore. I can move more though and my headache is pretty much gone. I dont know what it was but I wouldnt wish it on anyone.

The Eyes Have It....

The Eyes Have It....

What a hell of a time we had with this. I will start by going back in time a little. Back to vacation week with Cami's eye issue. She developed a hemmorage in her eye. We still have no clue how or when it happened. But little by little over the next week, it went away. All but a small spot like how it started. Of course when vacation was over, it was also spring picture day at school. There is no retake day so this was it. Red spot or no.

So she got dressed up and did her hair pretty and all that jazz. I sent her to school and then I went to mine. I was in a small panic all day. I knew she would do well with her pictures but I didnt know if the photographer would take note of the message I left on the payment envelope about fixing the eye thing when they delevloped the pitcure. That was all I was worried about. Then again, I really didnt over care too much because it was one of those childhood things that will always mess up a picture. Sometimes its bad hair, or a stain on the shirt from lunch or even dirt from the playground. Something always screws up a school picture. But nothing like having an evil eye looking back at you. I got through it and Cami said she thought she did great with the poses that they made her do. Ok, I good with that.

On Wed though, we had another issue to deal with. She woke up upset that he eye was hurting. I thought that it might have broken again and I looked at it. The red spot was almost gone but the whole eye was all puffy and looked sore. I thought maybe it looked like a allergy or something. I gave her a cold wet cloth to put on it to soothe it. I told her that if it wasnt better byt the end of the day that I would make an appointment with the doctor. Well that came too soon because at about 11:00, I got a call from her school nurse that she might have pink eye and to take her out of school and to a doctor. Oh great. I told my boss about it and they told me to go get her and not bring the illness back with me. As you know, it is contagious.

So I went to get her. I walked into the nurses office and there she was with an icepack on it. I looked at it and it was all swollen, red and bloodshot. It was pussing and everything. Damnit, it was pink eye. I called the doctor right then and there and they got me in for a 1:00 appointment. We went home first to wash out the eye a little and I told her not to touch anything. Of course she did though. But shes a kid. Thats what kids do.

We went to the doctor and they took a swab of the puss and sent it to the lab. Came back as bacterial conjunctivitis. Not pink eye. Pink eye is viral. This was bacterial. Not much of a difference but still contagious. I was given a Rx for it and told to keep her home for the next few days. Well that would mean two days home from school and then the weekend. She would be able to go to school on Monday. Ok. I can deal with that. I would have to call in because I dont have a sitter. Oh well. Nothing much I could do about that.

So for the next few days, I was spraying everything with Lysol and following her around with the can. My house smelled like bleach and it was so clean that I didnt even recognize it myself. I was doing laundry every day. I washed her bedding constantly and cleaned all surfaces. I thought that the skin left my hands because of it all. But at least i would go away.

Oh, did I mention that the next day after the doctor visit, that it went to both eyes? Oh the joy. You could sit there and watch the puss form in her eyes. I would constantly tell her not to rub or itch her eyes. But of course she did. And she hated the drops. And she hated the antibiotics. And then there was more itching. But by Saturday she figured out to run the area under her eye without actually touching it. By Monday, she looked like a panda bear with huge red marks under her eyes from all the rubbing. But at least you could see her eyes were white and bright. But we still have her the drops for another week just to make sure.

Whats next for this poor child? Stay tuned because the best is yet to come. * grumble *

Suffering Final....

So here I was sitting here waiting for the hammer to fall. I went to work after dropping Cami off at her school. I knew this was going to be a bad day. I did what I had to do. I didnt tell anyone the real reason for me to leave early. But they knew it was something inportant. I was visibly shaking and several asked what was wrong. I told them that I would tell them when I got done with the day. I couldnt tell them before I knew the outcome.

I left work at 11:45. My appointment wasnt until 1:30. I had some time to myself to figure out my escape plan. Yeah, I try to cover the bases. So I decided to relax a little. I went to McDs to get something for my daughter for lunch. I fingured that spending a little time with her would calm me. I got her a happy meal and went to her school. We sat in the staff lounge there and talked a little about what was happening. I can talk to them there because they are close friends of mine and they help everyone. So it was comforting to know they were on my side.

The happy meal came with a prize that was a dinosaur from the dragon movie. It had wings that moved and a button to push that caused a lighted flame to come out its mouth. Encouraging huh? I didnt let her take it back to class with her so I put it in my purse. I left there and went on to downtown. I stopped at the library first to check out a book to read. The line was long so I told them I would be back in a little while to pick it up. I went on to the courthouse from there. I walked across the street. I ate a chocolate bar on the way. Im not supposed to eat the whole thing but I didnt care at that moment. I was hungry and shaky from not eating. I needed this or I knew I would pass out upon arrival. Not a good thing.

I got inside and found where the court room was. Second floor. So I went up the stairs and saw a police man sitting at a desk with all the scanner stuff for the court room. I put my stuff in the tray and handed the man my purse. He put it in the scanner and I walked through the metal dector. As I was gathering my things, the man was giggling and I was a little suprised. He asked if I brought my monster to do my dirty work. I said huh? He pointed to my purse. I had completely forgotten about the happy meal prize in there. Now I giggled and said yes. He he he. That made me feel a little better. But only a little.

I went into the court room and signed in. I was the first on the list. Sometimes that can be a good thing and sometimes it can be a bad thing. The good part was that I would be called up first and can leave first. The bad thing is that I would be called up first and look like a total jackass. So I sat there all alone for what seemed like forever. I found a partial news paper so I was reading that when someone else finally came in and signed in. It was almost 1:00. Soon a few more came in. And then a few more. The room was filling up. More and more people there to see what an ass I am. I was getting more and more nervous and more and more heated. This was not going well.

A lady sat next to me. She was in a car accident and was there to face her fate as well. You could see she was in pain though. Sitting on that hard bench wasnt helping either. So we chatted about small talk and we were both concerned for the same thing. Everything was going to be public knowledge and everyone in that room was going to know why we were here. I dont think that was fair though and I didnt want to speak into that mic either.

We were there for a while longer before the lawyers started coming in. One in particular struck up funny though. He was a really large man with a cheap suit, a lot of gold on his neck and hands and dark shades. Sort liek Mr T went legal. It was silly. That kept us entertained for a little while. Then there was a little red headed one with glasses. Looked smart and well dressed. I hoped he was mine. A few minutes later, I heard my name and sure enough, he called me in to a meeting. Yay, I get the smart looking one.

I went up with him for my meeting. He said he had to be quick because time was running down. I said ok. I had no idea what was about to happen though. He started rambling about the charge I was there for and that he would try to get it reduced to some other numbered code that I had no idea what it was. He said this was the best he could do and for me to just plead guilty to it and that everything would be ok and I would be free to leave. I nodded and went back to sit down. I was all confused but he assured me that it was a good thing. Its now at 1:30 and the laywers are calling up the people one by one for their meetings. By the time they got done, it was about 2:30. I had to pee so freaking bad. The lady next to me told me to go but I was afraid to miss my name being called so I decided to wait it out a little longer.

At about 2:45, the judge finally came into the room and everything was about to start. I knew I would be the first to be called up. But that was shortlived when someone else was called. I was a little stunned but then relieved that I wasnt the first to look like an ass. The man went up to the bench to see the judge. Good because we couldnt hear anything. That means that no one would hear my case either.

A few minutes later, he left and I was called in. Im shaking more now and Im about to piss my pants. I hope this will be quick because I will be sure to let everyone know that Im scared in a few minutes. My bladder wasnt going to be kind. I walked up the the judge and my lawyer was there at my side. Good thing this man is getting paid huh? Im not paying him though because Im classified as poor. Whoohoo. Hope this works.

The judge rambles off the same codes and jibberish that the lawyer did and then asked me what I pleaded. I looked at the lawyer and he smiled and nodded. I said that I plead guilty. The judge then asked if I was paying today and I said yes. The secretary handed me a slip of paper and said to go out to the hall and to what room I needed to go to. So I took the paper, thanked the lawyer and walked out the door.

I stood outside the door and broke down in tears. I was sobbing quite loudly. The officer from earlier came over to me and asked if I was ok. I told him I needed a bathroom. He asked me if my little monster helped me out in there. I started to laugh and that made me feel a little better. He asked if all went well in there and I handed him the slip. He asked what I was originally there for and I told him. He then laughed and said I was damn lucky. I asked why and he said that what I was charged with was no where near what I was there for. I asked him what I pleade guilty to and what he told me next almost caused me to faint.

I was there to face a fine of $400 and 5 points on my license and possibly have it taken away. I walked out of there with a $70 fine, no points and a charge of ..... ready for this? Parking on pavement!!!! Are you freaking kidding? I nearly hit the floor. Then I asked him what that was. I had never heard of that before. He told me it was basically that I was parked on a sidewalk. Ha ha ha... Im nearly dieing now. Are you serious? I totally forgot that I had to pee.

He directed me to the door to where I had to pay and gave me a hug and said good luck to me. I went over to the door and waited behind the man that was called in front of me. I was there for a few minutes and my body started to do the potty dance. I really had to go and it wasnt going to be long before my bladder exploded. I was called up next and handed my slip to the lady there. She asked for the payment and I handed it to her. She handed me my reciept and sent me on my way. As I was walking back towards the stairs, the officer told me that the bathroom was down on the first floor to the right. I thanked him and told him that next time I would bring a monster just for him. We both had a good laugh.

I went to the bathroom and sat there for a few minutes longer to take in all that just happened. I couldnt believe it. I wanted to go back upstairs to hug that lawyer. Maybe someday I will get to thank him but I wasnt going back up there for any reason. I left the building and went outside into the sunlight. I felt such relief. I walked back to the library and picked up my book. I went to my car and called Cami's dad to tell him that I would go to pick her up as it was only 3:15. I called the school to tell them that I would be there to get her and to not let her go outside.

When I got there, my friends were waiting for the outcome. I told them what happened and they hugged me and we all laughed about the monster. It was a much better day.

Trust me, I will never put myself through that again.