Sunday, June 26, 2011

Its Finally Here....

Its Finally Here....

School is out for the summer. It was a crazy year. I was getting a little impatient for my papers for the upcoming year. Nothing like waiting til the last day to hand them out. The good news is that I will be back for next year. I really hate these year by year contracts. You would think that being in the union would make it so there is a definite deal. Its really nerve racking.

Cami survived another year as well. Shes now moving up to the middle school level. Although the school she attends is a PreK to 8th grade. Sixth grade is technically middle school but in her school its still elementary. Now she will be in 7th grade. The 7th and 8th grades have their own section of the building. They change classes and have lockers. I do have the chance to send her to a different school district. Im not sure Im ready for that yet. Well more like shes not ready. The school district that we live in doesnt like kids with ADHD. They feel that they belong in a special ed setting. There is no way I am going to subject my kid to that when she clearly doesnt need it. She aces all her test scores and is one of the smartest kids in the school. Why would I put her in special ed?

I finished off the last week of school with a nasty head cold. Why is it that I always get a cold at this time of the year? How stupid is this? Im guessing that I must have picked it up when I was doing my recertification. Nothing like being in a hot, sweaty, wrestling gym while doing testing for restraints. It was so hot in there and just crazy. We were all complaining. I think next year, I will do the recert in January.

The fourth of July parade is coming up at camp. We went shopping today for all the stuff to decorate. I think we did fairly well. Im not sure how it will all tie into the theme but we will do our best. The theme is Happy Birthday America. The float will be a giant cake. Im hoping my mom doesnt decide to jump out of the cake in a bikini but you never know. Just kidding. She wouldnt be that crazy. But she has done some crazy stuff in the past for these floats. We shall see on Sunday.

My father has completed his radiation treatments. Im not sure when he has to go in for a scan to see if the cancer tumor shrunk. We are hoping that it did. He refuses chemo. They may have him do another round of radiation though. What ever works. Hoping for the best. I think he is a little scared though. He has been going through his coin collection to get it ready to sell. Then Im buying a house. He yelled at me that his granddaughter needs a house. Ok. Im not going to argue with him. And he wants to make sure its a good one for her.

So heres to the beginning of summer vacation. Im hoping its going to be a good one.


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