Wednesday, July 21, 2010

It gets better and better....


It just gets better and better. The past few weeks have been hell. Some days were good and some were just horrible. Back in June I was in a car accident. Nothing major but it was enough to rattle me. Not in a scared sort of way but in a more angered sort of way. Just the sheer stupidity of it all.

I was on my way home during a break to pick something up and as I made a left turn, someone came out from the curb and we hit. I was about 3/4 into the turn and we hit the corners of the passenger side bumpers. It was a tap. A tiny scrape barely noticable until you actually walked up to the car to look for it.

The lady gets out of her car screaming at me. Uh.... Huh? I was already making my turn when you entered the roadway. Then she proceeds to tell me that she just recently moved here from Queens. That explained a lot. Really it did. We dont drive like that here. Sorry. They do in MA though.

So we proceeded to pull the cars off the road into a parkinglot that was right there on the same corner. There was a man outside on a smoke break and he called the cops. Im not sure if he witnessed the whole thing but he was very sympathetic to the situation. I was leaning against my car while she was ranting and raving that her precious was hurt. All in all, about an hour later, two cops showed up and took seperate statements. Then we were on our way.

I called it all in when I got home that night. I gave my statements to my broker and my company. Then her company called and I gave my statement to them. Her company called me the next day to set up someone to come look at the car and appraise my damage. Then mine did the same. Apparently they were both there together because when I went out at lunch time, there were two statements on my windshield. And oddly, both came out the same. Well, I shouldnt say oddly, because Im sure they were going to use the same garage to fix it.

Now mind you that I drive a little sports car and she was driving an SUV. I couldnt even see the damage on hers as well as mine. So technically the damage on my car was worse and the appraisal people agreed. So when I was reading off the statement to my broker, he was actually chuckling. It wasnt even worth claiming. The parts, paint and materials totaled $138. The labor, of course was $300 and change. My deductible was $500. What was the point? So I told him to do what he needed to do because I wasnt going to bother claiming it. I can get a little touch up paint and buff it out myself. All those years playing with cars taught me something.

Well the SUV lady was a different story. She was still flipping out. So my company and hers butted heads. So they called me up and started their mumbo jumbo. I guess that her insurance company didnt realize that I once worked for the claims unit of their mother company. I guess that they also wouldnt think that I was smart enough to get a copy of her policy and read it. So I went back at them with their own mumbo jumbo that she couldnt claim on a no fault accident unless the damages were over $1000. Of course, hers wasnt. Hers was less than mine. So case closed. And to think that I wasnt even in the fault.

Lately though things have been just irritating the hell out of me. We have had a skunk hanging around and its spraying something outside. I can smell the bugger when it walks past my window but the past few nights its been lingering. I get nervous when I have to take my dog out at night. Ive been putting her on a leash just in case I have to reel her in fast. I think the skunk lives under the shed in the yard next door. No one lives there so Im left holding the bag til someone gets rid of it. I wont harm it. But something needs to be done soon.

My child has now been officially referred to her old doctor. She had her appointment yesterday and one of her medications was removed and a new one added. He said that this one should have no side effects. She is to take it for one week and I have to call him to report whats happening. It will be taken at night so it should even her out in the morning. Im hoping it works because she is driving me nuts. Once shes on her day meds, she is fine. Its the time that she wakes up til its time to take the morning med that is the hardest. Sometimes this is a two hour deal. She can be so bitchy. Its not her fault though. I just ignore what I can and deal with it later.

Also yesterday morning, I went down to get in the car to take her to her appointment only to find that my car was broken into. Everything from every cubby was emptied out all over the seats. I usualy keep change in my drink cups and that was taken. Good thing I took all the quarters out a few days before. Also I had a couple of scratch offs that I was going to use for gas money. They took those too. I know these were older crack heads because they didnt take my CDs. Guess punk rock wasnt what they wanted. If it was a couple of kids that did it, they would have taken those. So all in all, they got away with about $10 total. Thats enough for a fix, right? Asshats. They even rummaged through my trunk. And they didnt steal the arm that I keep in there. Losers.

Today Im sitting here trying to relax because Im still burned about this. Im also looking to move soon. I need to get the hell up out of here because Im getting so tired of the neighborhood getting worse and worse.

Friday, July 16, 2010


Yes I have been slacking. Big time. Im sorry for this. I did start a birthday post in the beginning of June and its in storage. I promise to finish it because I know you will enjoy that one.

Finished up school and we are on vacation. We havent been able to do to much because the heat has been so friggin high. All in the mid to high 90s. Its insane. We beg for rain and we get a little here and a little there. Nothing to write home about.

I did get my notice to return in September to work. But as we well know in the past, that could change. Fingers crossed that I still have a job. Im not sure who would want my job though. Its not like I get rich from it and not too many people want to spend most of their time sitting on a floor tied up like a pretzel.

We had the 4th Of July parade as usual at the camp. We did take first place with the float. There was one chick that took 3rd place with her golf cart but personally, she shouldnt have gotten anything. There were at least 8 other carts that should have had that trophy before she did. Im sure there are some pissed off people out there. How do you get Best Dressed when you dont have anything decorated?

We are getting ready for Christmas In July at the camp tomorrow. Its supposed to be hot yet again so Im sure Santa will show up in his Bermuda shorts. I would be completely surprised if he doesnt.

Everyone has been doing fairly well though. Nothing upsetting to report. Oh and Cami is now officially referred to her old specialist to be treated. We gave up on the chick she had this past year. She was a nut case. Ha! Thats pretty amusing to say that about a shrink huh? She had Cami on a medication that was causing an opposite effect and it was a disaster. So we took her off the med and the doctor had the nerve to yell at me and tell me I didnt know what I was doing. Ummmm, last I knew, that was my job and Im also the one that lives with my kid. She sees the kid for about 15 minutes once a month. How the hell would she know what goes on in her life. Also she couldnt even pronounce one of the other meds she was on. I had to correct her a few times and the doctor yelled at me telling me she knows how its pronounced. Trust me, she wasnt even close.

So thats the news for now. I promise to have some more posts up that I started.