Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Godzilla Loves Me....

Godzilla Loves Me....

Not sure if you remember my friend that once took a shower with me. I cant find the original post but its somewhere back near the beginning of my blogging days. Mr. Peepshow destroyed by a plunger. Well I do believe his friends have followed me to my new place. I honestly thought I was done with all that and that I could shower in peace. Boy, was I wrong.

When we first moved into the new place, I made sure we set off some serious heavy bug bombs. There are a few things that I cant stand when moving into a new place. Bugs and left overs from former tenants. Seems I ended up with both here. The woman that once lived here was hairy. Not sure about body hair but I know she must have had something. All over the bathroom walls I found long dark hairs. And she liked to use red nail polish and hairspray. I found this out while cleaning before I moved my stuff in. Red nail polish drops on the bathroom floor. Long hairs on the walls. Hairspray residue everywhere.

Another thing that really got to me was the kitchen sink. Im not sure if you are familiar with a garbage disposal left unattended to for a while. Its not pretty. Believe me, its stomach churning. A garbage disposal left uncleaned will generate a life form all its own. Maggots. Yeah, sounds nasty because it is. I had them replace mine because of that. I wasnt about to do that sort of battle.

But the main issue is with spiders and those ugly hairy things called a house centipede. I can deal with one or two house spiders but I cant deal with those other creepy things. Ive only seen one of them here and thats one too many. But getting back to the spiders. Ive seen quite a few. I think they may have hitched a ride. They didnt want to see me leave so they came along. They love me so. Too bad the feeling isnt mutual.

Ive killed a few and Im sure my kitty has had a field day with them too. I hear her at night chasing something and then when I turn the lights on, I see her batting around an eight legged freak. So far they are not Godzilla though. Just common little ones. A midnight snack for her. But one night about two weeks ago, I woke up to something painful on my leg. Sure enough, I batted off a spider but not fast enough because it already bit me. I had a welt on my leg already starting to form. He didnt live long though.

The other night, though, was the final draw. I was woken up in the middle of the night with the feeling that something was on my neck. Mind you that I do have a cat and a dog and sometimes I can feel whiskers on me. But this was moving and moving fast. I grabbed for it and flung it. I scrambled out of bed and turned on the light. I found it on the floor writhing in pain. When I grabbed it, I also smooshed it. It was looking back up at me with what was left of its 16 eyes and a couple of legs twitching. Im sure that if it could speak, I would be cursed to hell for what I did to it. Well too bad buddy. This was my bed and my flesh you were stalking. I dont take kindly to that.

While it cursed me with its evil 10 eyes, Im sure it was missing some, I grabbed a tissue and finished off the job and sent him down the swirly river. I have waged war. I sleep with the lights on.