Friday, January 30, 2009

Three posts in one week....

You put your left foot in...

You put your left foot out... Something about the Hokey Pokey but I cant do the dance. Im sure that if I tried, it would hurt really bad.

I woke up this moring in a sort of sour mood. Not that I was upset about anything. Oh wait, yeah I am. Im getting really tired of all the bullshit of parking at work. I know it doesnt do any good to complain about it though. Its not anyone at the schools fault. Its the friggin workers fault. They are getting to be a pain in the ass. I know I have been posting about it little by little but this is getting way out of hand.

So what ended up as our "new" parking lot, is now reduced to a few cars for actual employees to use. I mean, come on. What the hell are we supposed to do? They have allowed us to park in the back of the building for a while but now thats blocked off. They put the new classroom trailers in. That took up half of the "new" parkinglot. That reduced our parking drastically. Then to make matters worse, they now park in there themselves. Thus reducing the amount of cars for staff. So most of us have been fighting for spots on the streets around the building. The real kick in the pants came yesterday when the city put signs up all over telling people not to park on the streets because they want to do snow removal to the curbs.

Thats well and dandy except they didnt do it that night when they were supposed to. There is no room on the streets to get parking and buses loaded and unloaded and also have a lane of traffic. Its a madhouse. After school yesterday, we watched the cops block off each end of the street in front of the school so that the buses could get in and out without traffic blocking them. Parents need to understand that their kids are safe and dry inside the building until after the buses leave. But they were so damn impatient about getting down the street.

After the buses all left, the cops moved and there was a fight to get to the building. Cars coming in from the left and the right all at the same time. They all blocked each other in. It was a circus. Entertainment at its best. I watched for a little while but then thought best to not be out there in case something happened. You know the neighborhood this is in and Im not prepared to run for cover.

So this morning I decided to get a really early start to get there for a parking spot in the back. I got there 45 minutes early and the lot was already full. What the frell? I had to go around the block and park down on the other side on the road. This is not a good thing. For one, I cant walk that well. Two, they havent plowed too well. So even if I could walk, it was a mess. Three, its just not safe. Four, there was no sidewalk so we had to walk in the street. Five, there is traffic all over and sliding in the rutts from the snow that wasnt plowed. Six, there were construction vehicles everywhere and they were also parked in the staff lot. I could go on and on but that would just be a pain to type it all out. Im just so pissed about this. Im not the only one though.

So now we finally make in into the building and everyone is in a bad mood. Just a wonderful day, huh? My foot is throbbing from the pain. The walk was bad enough but the fact that I was sliding in the snow and twisting my feet just made it worse. Plus Im wearing Crocs and there is no back to them so the snow is now all inside my shoes. Good thing I bring extra socks and I have another pair of Crocs at school to change into. But really, this shouldnt have to happen.

The only good part was that its payday. Still not quite a full paycheck but good enough. After a few hours, things lightened up and I was also able to keep my foot off the floor for most of the morning. So it really was helpful on that part. I got all my work done early too. I spent alot of time with the kids. During lunch though, I was a bit miffed at some of the kids in Cami's class. They really have issues with her. I dont want to say it but it tends to lean towards a race thing. She doesnt understand it though and it really aggrivates me. But she has friends in my class that help her out and they watch out for her.

I gathered her up at 2:15 and we left for the day. I had my appointment with the specialist to get to. I found the place and got inside. Filled out the paperwork and waited to be called in. Since I had to walk all the way out to my car again, my feet were quite sore. Good thing that this is what my appointment was for.

The doctor checked my xrays and then looked at my feet. She determined that the right foot was the one that was causing the main problem. They both have spurs but the left one doesnt bother me as much. It hurts but the damage to the ankle and the tendons isnt nearly as bad as the right foot.

So she determined that taping was the way to start the healing process. Ive been wrapping my ankles with bandages for a while now. The strain on them was getting too much. So she decided that taping would help that also. She sprayed my foot down with what she called Cold Spray. And sure enough, thats what it said on the can. It was to help the taping stay better. She taped my foot up and had me practice some excersizes that will help with the straining. I explained to her that this doesnt help me in the morning because my bladder tends to overrun this. So I have to do them once Im out of the bathroom and before I shower. Standing in the shower hurts enough as it is.

I am not to walk barefoot. I havent walked barefoot in months. I have to have my shoes on or it hurts too much. Soft snuggly slippers dont even work anymore. She finished everything up and I put my socks back on. Also I have to sleep with one sock on so that the taping doesnt come off in my sleep. I hate things on my feet when Im sleeping. I prefer my feet to be cool. This wont be fun. I have to keep the taping on until Monday night. I cant get it wet so this means that I have to shower with a bag taped to my leg. Oh the fun of that. Ive done it before when I broke my ankle years ago. This wont be anything new but it will definately be a pain in the ass. I go back to see her on Tuesday afternoon.

So here I am, sitting at my desk with my foot still throbbing from the days activities. I will take something for it before I go to bed though. Im not going to have that still feeling all night. But she said that before they can do anything else, I have to get the inflamation down. This is the only way to do it. We shall see.

Right foot

Left foot

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Im ready for Spring....

Lets Get Ready To Rumble!!....

Not really but thats they way I have been feeling lately. Just seems like too much going on but yet its nothing at all. The last two weeks have been a whirlwind. We have a sort of illness going around and its not very pleasant. Last week Monday there was no school. It was a relaxing day off considering the pain my foot has been in. I really just want to knaw it off like a racoon caught in a trap. Its really undescribable unless you have had this happen to yourself. Trust me, heel spurs are not something you want to play with.

I had gone back to the doctor and had it checked out again. I have my xrays on a disk to take with me to a specialist. Yeah, its gone this far now. My doctor can no longer treat me with it. The one on the left is very sharp and long. It looks like a big hook. So think of it as walking on a shark tooth stuck in your foot and you can probably imagine something of what I feel. The right foot is the one that I want cut off. The spur in there is thicker and more blunt. Its like walking on a rock. But by the end of the day, it feels like a hot coal with a piece of cut glass in it. The pain is so bad that when I walk, I tend to shift off the heel and this in turn causes my ankles to swell and strain/sprain. Its not a walk in the park.

So on Friday I will be seeing a specialist with my xrays in hand. Im really hoping something more can be done. Not only is it painful, but Im damn tired of wearing ugly shoes. Yes, I will admit that Crocs are comfortable but they are the ugliest things I have ever seen. The other thing that sucks is that it is Winter and Crocs have holes all through them. Try walking through a snowbank in sandals and you will know what I mean. They do make boots but I cant afford them. Yeah, boo hoo. I havent won the lottery yet.

So Monday was a nice day off to stay off my foot. Tuesday was a wild day. Cami wasnt feeling all that well and gave me hell about it all morning. I couldnt miss work because there was a big deal going on in the classroom with a meeting so I had to be there. I wont leave my teacher hanging. Also on Tuesday, we got frogs. Yep, frogs. They came a couple of weeks late but at least they showed up. There is only one problem though. Its too frelling cold in the classroom. When I went to put them into the habitat, the water in there was like ice. Its too cold. So I reset the the temp in all the tanks and put them in. They are so cute and I hope they do make it because I want to bring a few of them home.

Wednesday was a rough day. Cami really is not feeling well and spent the whole morning in the bathroom. She feels warm and I know its a low grade fever. We didnt go to school and spent the day in bed resting and trying to get better. We attempted school again on Thursday but she really wasnt up to her full potential and the evening was pretty much blah for her.

Friday morning was a complete mess. Her stomach flu had taken a toll on us and we both felt really sick. For her it was coming out of both ends and I decided that a trip to the doctor is now necessary. They confirmed that it was indeed a virus and nothing to do but let it run its course. It could be a day or it could be a week. Oh the joy. So once again, we spent the day back in bed, reading and watching cartoons all day. But at least its the weekend and she can be able to rest more.

She is eating a little here and there and she has no problem drinking fluids so Im not too worried. Saturday she was not on her medications so that her body could have a break. She tends to eat more when shes off the meds. I figured this would help her alot. It did help her in that aspect but she was also climbing the walls. I went to class Saturday because it would be the last time we would get to hang out with Juan. He was moving back to California soon and he was showing us some of his techniques with copper wire. I was also not letting him leave without making something for me. I gave him a couple of my favorite crystals and he said he would work on something for me after he got home for the night.

When I got home, my hands were killing me. The wire was too stiff for me to handle with the pliers I had. I needed some heavy duty ones and I didnt have them. But the piece I made wasnt too bad. I need to finish it though. Cami was still awake. She was tired but she was also still hyper. Something happened though. I thought I had settled her down in bed but that wasnt to be.

I was sitting here at my desk and I was sorting through some beads. Not really looking out the doorway. I could hear this crinkling sound. Like the sound that stiff tissue paper makes. I look out the doorway and no one is there. The kitchen light is off. I thought maybe the cat was playing with one of her toys. Then a few minutes later I heard the sound again. This time I looked around my room and saw that my cat was sleeping on my bed. So was my dog. Hmmmm.....

I stood up and looked out into the kitchen. I didnt see anything. I didnt hear anything. I figured that while I was up, I will get a drink. I walked over to the fridge and I heard a thump. I have a center Island in the kitchen. I put my cup down and I went to the wall and turned the light on. I walked back to the fridge and I heard the thump again. Only thing time I looked down. I caught the sight of the bottoms of two pink slippers going around the corner at the other end of the island.

I walked over and cleared my throat. She was on her hands and knees with two chocolate chip muffins in her hand. She stood up and handed one to me and told me she was saving that one for me because she loves me. I took that one away and she said that she was hungry. Who was I to deny her something to eat? And she loves me. But its also 11:00pm and she shouldnt be having sugar at this late. But really, I didnt care. So I split the muffin, put some butter on it and sent her back to bed. One muffin was enough. I put the other one back in the bag and put them away. It really was funny though. Sneaky little snot.

Sunday morning rolls around and Juan is conducting his last class today. I went to the shop to see what he has created with my crystals. When I got there he was still working with the class and he had started the piece but still needed to put it all together. What he had though was amazing. I was blown away. After his class, he finished my necklace and I was near to tears at how beautiful it was. I will say to him now, Thank you Juan, for everything and I hope to see you back in the summer.

Monday morning comes. We are off to school but Cami still isnt feeling all that well. I cant miss any more work and its hard to do this. But at least Im there. So if shes still sick, then the nurse can send her home and its legal for me. I went to my class and got to work on all the stuff that I missed the week before. I made sure all the homework was set and that all the paperwork that was needed was done. I felt really bad for not being there on Friday.

But there was a sad moment. Since our classroom is so cold, we lost the frogs. They are went to the big lilypad in the sky. I was really saddened by this. It galls me that the classroom has to be so cold and they know we have live animals in there. These are for our science lesson. How are the kids supposed to learn something when all the animals are dead? The crabs are still alive but for how long? This just irritates me.

I was just finishing up some stuff when I get a page that Cami is in the nurses office and that she needs me. I rush down there and she has a high temp. 101 to be exact. I have to take her home. I feel so bad leaving everyone in such a bind. I pack everything up and get all my stuff done. I told my teacher that I was leaving. I really felt bad.

After we got home, I called the doctor again and they said that there wasnt much that could be done because it was viral. If shes still sick in a couple of more days, then they will have to test her for dehydration and do blood work. Shes not dehydrated and shes been eating. Its just coming out her butt like a faucet. Digested. No Im not to worry. I gave her some Tylenol and we lounged around for the day.

Tuesday was a fun day. I have pretty much given up on parking in the back lot. There is never any spots open. So Im parking out front. I dont care what they say anymore. Im tired of it. I know they are doing alot of work out there. I know that this is something that wont be forever. But Im also told that this is the situation for the rest of the school year. Im wondering what they will do in the spring with the kids for recess. The playground is pretty much blocked off. Not my problem but I still wonder.

Tuesday night we had a snow storm. This is supposed to be a major whopper. Snow, ice and freezing rain. Poor Jade got wholloped where she is. She got it all the day before. I havent heard from her so I hope all it well there. She seems to have the worst luck with these storms.

The call came in at just before 6am that there is no school for Wed. Im really surprised by this because we normally dont get this many snow days. And being that its still January. It was another good day to stay warm inside and let my foot and Cami's stomach rest. Im just wondering what tomorrow will bring.

I have crabs....

I have crabs....

This was something I worked on for the 14th but its a little late. Im posting all the blogs I started but havent finished.....

I knew that would generate some attention. But in all seriousness, I dont have the sort that crawl in my privates. Sorry to bust your bubble. It would also mean that I was doing something to get them too. But we wont go there.

Today we got crabs for our science lab project. We are studying habitats. We were supposed to get frogs. Far cry from the real deal huh? Last week we had the kids all set up the habitats for african dwarf frogs. I love this type of frogs. They are so adorable and I have had them as pets before. They should have been delivered this week. The next habitat we would have done was the crabs but I think they have it all in reverse. Apparently a week from Monday we are supposed to get the third habitat which consists of things I will not touch or go near. Those huge black milipede worm things. They gross me out and I refuse to have anything to do with them.

Today was a very crazy day though. Cami was pitching a huge fit this morning to the point that it angered my boss. My boss doesnt fully understand what ODD is or how to handle it. This upsets me because my boss goes after my daughter about it or she will make the threat that we cant be in the same school together. She needs to learn what it is and what to do about it. After her medication kicked in, she was fine. I dont see the point.

Today was also ELA day. The fourth grade classes have to take these tests for three days. Im more nervous than the kids are. A lot of stress going around. This is a high pressured test for these kids. Its also high pressured for me as well. I want mine to do well on it. Last year she did amazingly well. But its very difficult when you have ADHD and ODD combined. Shes been asleep for a while now and I hope she stays asleep tonight. She needs all she can get.

Also I have a doctors appointment tomorrow for my foot. This time its both that are killing me. I dont know what he will do or if I have to take some time off. Im hoping for at least a couple of days off with the weekend to rest them. Its extremely painful and I just cant tolerate it anymore. So if he gives me a shot in both feet, Im going to need to stay off them this time to allow the stuff to work. I wasnt able to do that last time and it just ended up making it worse. I wouldnt wish this on anyone. So if you are reading this, please take care of your feet. Stay off them when you can and dont over work them. Id love to get the surgery to relieve them but I would have to do this on a vacation time. So if I can get the shots now, I can opt for something more in February when I have a week off.

When I got home tonight, I sat and cried for a while. Thats how bad this hurt. I dont cry for too much when it comes to physical pain. It has to hurt extremely for me to do that. I have a high tolerance to pain. But this is too much for even me to handle.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I Cant Swim....

This sucks. You have no idea how bad this really sucks.

I cant swim that well. I mean, I can swim. But not for what would be expected of me for this.....


Australia offers 'best job in world' on paradise island

Mon Jan 12, 10:16 pm ET

SYDNEY (AFP) – An Australian state is offering internationally what it calls "the best job in the world" -- earning a top salary for lazing around a beautiful tropical island for six months.

The job pays 150,000 Australian dollars (105,000 US dollars) and includes free airfares from the winner's home country to Hamilton Island on the Great Barrier Reef, Queensland's state government announced on Tuesday.

In return, the "island caretaker" will be expected to stroll the white sands, snorkel the reef, take care of "a few minor tasks" -- and report to a global audience via weekly blogs, photo diaries and video updates.

Can you imagine the possibilites? Its called paradise. Im sure I would end up looking like a lobster for the first few days. Do I care? Nope. Do I have to shovel snow? Nope. Do I have to deal with the jerk in the SUV that cut me off this morning? Nope. My main worry would be catching crabs...on my toes....while walking on that beautiful white sand.

Actually my luck would be that a hurricane wiped me out. Do they have hurricanes in Australia? Also there doesnt seem to be a realy high elevatioon above water. A good wave would take me out.

But thats a chance Im willing to take. Sign me up!!!

The successful applicant, who will stay rent-free in a three-bedroom beach home complete with plunge pool and golf buggy, must be a good swimmer, excellent communicator and be able to speak and write English.

"They'll also have to talk to media from time to time about what they're doing so they can't be too shy and they'll have to love the sea, the sun, the outdoors," said acting state Premier Paul Lucas.

"The fact that they will be paid to explore the islands of the Great Barrier Reef, swim, snorkel and generally live the Queensland lifestyle makes this undoubtedly the best job in the world."

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Dont drink the water...

Dont drink the water....

Remind me again why I live here? Oh yeah, I cant afford it anywhere else.

I just love winter time in the city. Not. I love winter but it really sucks here with all the stupid people. I know I complain about them all the time. But they really do make like a living hell for the rest of us. We have been getting nailed with storm after storm. Once on gets sort of cleaned up, the next one hits. But what people dont realize is that there are some areas that dont actually get cleaned up. Take my street for example. Its always a mess.

The school district rarely ever closes school. We will have delays but thats about it. As long as they serve lunch, the schools get the funding. And since our fun new Gov came into office, we need that funding more than ever. But thats not the issue. Its the issue that when there is a storm, delay or not, we still have to get to the schools for the kids. Most of the kids all live within a mile of their neighborhood school. But most of the teachers and staff dont.

But regardless, I hate winter in the city. The plows come through. But people wont move ther cars. so the plows have to go around them and it creates this winding trail that barely fits one car. And when they do finally move their cars, its to a clean spot on the street but the snowbanks are still there. The plows usually dont come back through to clean that up. Then the people get pissed because they cant park back in front of their house. Ummm.... Hello... You have a driveway. Use it.

What pisses me off even more is that I will get the area in front of my house cleaned out. Then I move my cars there to be able to clean my driveway out. You wouldnt believe the people that sit and wait for this so they can steal that spot. Are you for real? Im not here to clean the street for your lazy ass.

So now I park my car around the corner on the side road. Then when my driveway is cleaned, I put the cars back in. Now the neighbors get pissed at me. Boo hoo.... Heres a shovel. The other thing that annoys me is that the downstairs neighbor seems to think that its my problem to keep his steps cleaned off. Ummm No. Its in your lease for you to do it. So now I go out there and my shovel is missing. Only to be found on his step. Waiting for me. I dont think so. So now my shovel is inside my locked front door. But then this morning I noticed that my salt bucket was empty. Nice. They wont shovel off the steps so they dump a whole bucket of rock salt on it. The next batch I get will be locked in with the shovel. I cant believ how some people can be this way. Especially when there are two other adults living there too.

Well this past week, we had a whopper of a storm. We got a delay out of it as usual. But I also noticed that the end of my driveway and the sidewalk was a flowing sheet of ice. Flowing is the word here. It was too cold for all that snow and ice to melt. Why is it moving and creating a small lake? I looked up the street and I wasnt alone. A few of the neighbors also had this same problem.

All of the houses here have a pipe on the front lawn. Its metal and its just below the grass level. Apparently, the neighbor about 4 houses up hit his with something and broke it. So now the water is just free flowing down the street. So he called the city up to come and fix it. Apparently its not the city that is required to do so. Its on his property so he has to. But hes not going to. He feels that the city should fix it. Hes the dumbass that broke it. So apparently he called someone to fix it and its going to cost him his first born. So hes still refusing to pay it. Now its been a week and Im getting really tired of it.

The end of my driveway slopes down to the street. At any given time there is a car parked on either side of it and its a pain in the ass to get out of it. Let alone, back into it. I have to back into the driveway because it is very narrow with a fence on one side and the house on the other. I have to park the passenger side to the fence to be able to open my door.

At the end of the driveway, it piles up with the ice. With the neighbor directly across the street and the other two cars, its a pain to pull out and have to turn the car just right to get down the street. When its all ice, I take the rick of hitting one or all of the cars. So that little skating rink has to be hacked up and moved. But then there in this huge gap between the driveway and the street itself now. So my car gets stuck in the rut. Its a bitch. But nothing more I can do about it.

Yesterday (7th) was another storm. Snow and ice and whatever mother nature wanted to dump down upon us. It was once again a real mess. But this time, the schools were all closed. Im sure that this was just because of the construction at my school. Which is a whole different story. I will get to that crap in a minute.

So we all had the day off. And we spent that day cleaning the crap up. Not like the city is going to do its job. Gawd forbid. And its not like the jackass up the street is going to either. So I knew it was going to be a miserable day.

Now we come to the crap at the school. They are doing construction now. This wasnt supposed to be done until Spring. But they decided that when it snows is a good time to pour concrete. This is why I say not to drink the water. I think they put "stupid" drugs in it. When you pour concrete in the cold, it cracks. How stupid is this?

We have two parking lots in the back of the school. In between the lots is the gym and the playground. At the end of one of the lots is an old building that is no longer used. It was to my understanding, and everyone elses, that they were to remove the building, use that land to expand the parking lot and then do the construction on the other side. We are losing the lot on one side for a new cafeteria and an extended wing off the building for more classrooms.

Now think of the logic here. Remove old building. Build new lot for all the cars from both lots to have plenty of room for parking. The destroy the other lot for the construction. Sounds logical right? Apparently Im wrong. A few weeks ago, the started to rip out a courtyard in the lot to be destroyed. They removed the old building. Now there is a huge hole in the ground. We get told that we cant park in the construction lot now. And if we do, we have to move the cars by a certain time so that they can pour concrete into the area they pulled out.

Hmmmmm.... Whats wrong with this picture? Oh wait, I know. They forgot to build the other parking lot first. Asshats. So here we come to this morning. Apparently they poured some concrete yesterday while we werent in there. Ok, thats a good time to do it. Regardless of the weather that will eventually crack it anyways. So Im going to leave this morning. I get a bright and early start. Considering that we had another storm last night, we didnt have the day off or a delay. So Im at least smart enough to leave a little early for the icy commute.

I get to the school and I decided to park in the other lot to avoid having to move my car sometime during the day for the construction. Smart move. Well it seems that is where everyone else parked too. The lot was full. So I backed out and went to check the other lot. The construction guys are out there and bitching about the cars coming in to park. Well sucks to be you now doesnt it. If you did what you were supposed to do in the first place, we would have a place to park. Asshats.

So they decided to open the area in the back behind the construction to allow people to park. Well sorry to bust your bubble dudes. This isnt my fault. So in the mean time, about 20 people are considered late for work while we waited for this to happen. How frigging stupid is this.

This actually boiled my morning. It was so cold today. And I had to bitch about a parking spot. Most that were still coming in had to park on the street. Now if you know my area, this is not a safe thing to do. Well if you want to keep your car or your body bullet free. How stupid.

So now the day is over and I want to go home. I leave the school and the roads are still icy. I take my time going home. Im thinking to myself, whats in store for me and my driveway. Sure enough, the cars are gathered around it and I cant back in. I get stuck in that rut of a river and cant go any further. So I have to park on the street tonight. Asshats.

Im so glad that tomorrow is Friday Oh, did I mention that there is another storm coming?

Friday, January 02, 2009

Welcome to 2009...

Welcome to 2009.....

Lets see....How did the new year start off? Snowy and wet. New Years Eve there was some snow on the ground. Makes for an interesting evening with a bunch of drunks on the road. Not like it would be any different with the normal idiots that cant drive in snow. I wasnt able to get out of my driveway to get to my fathers house. My car was a giant marshmallow in the driveway. I wasnt about to go digging it out til it stopped.

I went out on New Years Day though. I took the dinner over to him and he needed a few things from the store. He ate and enjoyed his food. Which I knew he would. But I also discovered something on my street. My driveway slopes down at the sidewalk. It was all flooded. I know the snow wasnt melting because it was too damn cold out. But there was at least 6 inches of water that was building up. The drain at the corner is blocked from the snow pile so thats where it was going to end.

Where was all this water coming from? My water-main pipe is in my front yard and that was ok. My nex door neighbor was flooded out too. And so was her neighbor. But I could see the water coming down the street. I drove up a little more and it was the next one up that had water on the sidewalk coming down the driveway. It was their pipe that was broken. Well shit. Thats just what we need. Did anyone call it in? I saw a couple of people walking around but they werent city workers. In the meantime, the water is coming out and building up more and more. So now the side of the street is a skating rink. Its narrow enough with the idiots that wont park in their driveways so the plows can clear the whole street. You have to go around the cars and pray you dont slide into one.

I developed an actual cold. I woke up on Thursday morning with a sinus headache. My nose was plugged and my left cheek was swollen. This is just what I needed to finish my vacation with. An actual cold. I have been feeling quite miserable and trying to drug myself up and sleep it off.

Today was interesting regarding it though. I was sitting with my daughter and I sneezed really hard. OMG how bad that hurt. She got me some tissues and I blew my nose. The pressure was so bad that when I went to breathe, it whistled. It was hurting and I could feel the throbbing in my left cheek area. I blew my nose hard this time and there was a loud pop. Even she heard it. But something came out with it. I looked in the tissue and there was a glob of something that I cannot name. Nor will I describe it. It was just gross. No blood though. Good thing for that. But what ever it was, the pain went away and so did the swelling. Ive been able to breathe better on that side too and my ear unclogged. Since then there has only been the normal runny nose of a regular cold. My headache went away too.

I took the dog out a little while ago and its snowing again. Big, fat flakes like the other day. Its also about 9F out. This is a fun way to end a vacation. Also I do have an order to finish up and get out. Lets see if I can pull that off before Monday.