Thursday, March 06, 2008

Just some good news

Im too thrilled to keep this to myself.

As you all know, my daughter is ADHD and is now on medications. They are a true wonder to her daily life. Shes back to normal and things are really going great for her. A few days ago, we had a little seminar at the school on a new testing website where teachers can access grades and testing tools. I was sitting behind her teacher when he accessed his class and I noticed her name at the bottom of the list all in green. That means that she scored the highest in her class for the ELA tests. Also on another screen, I saw her name near the bottom for over all grade. Shes in the top three. Im not supposed to know all this but I do believe he (ahem) allowed me to look over his shoulder. So that is one piece of good news.

Another is that the orchestra teacher put a grant request in and recieved 20 new violins for the school. Orchestra and band are offered for fourth, fifth and sixth grades. But she made an exception to Cami because this would be a great focusing tool for her. She is well above her average intelligence level for her grade. So they figured this will offer her a challenge. Shes doing quite well with the screaching and all that. I received a permission slip today for her to be allowed to perform in the All-City Strings Festival at Proctors Theater. This is quite an honor. Shes very excited and extremely nervous at the same time. Im sure she will do great. She said she will as long as shes not out front on the stage.

So this is the latest news that I have to offer so far.