Saturday, September 30, 2006

What is that smell?

Friday, September 29, 2006

What is that smell?

You have no idea what Im talking about so here it goes. The other day I walked into my living room and was assaulted with the most nastiest smell. I do mean violated in the worse sense. It was horrible.

The only thing I could think of was that there was spilled milk in the carpet that spoiled or the cat puked somewhere. I went bonkers taking apart the cushions of the couch. I didnt find vomit but I did make a $1.48. Anywho.... What is that smell? Its driving me crazy.

I ran to the kitchen. Not only for a fresh breath of air but some Fabreeze too. I have both. The air sanitizer and the fabric one. If these dont work then I will go into the bathroom and grab the can of Oust. I sprayed the carpet and soaked the furniture with it.

It smelled nice for a while but later in the afternoon it was beyond stomach churning. Now it smells like vomit and spring time fresh. I checked behind the curtains. Nothing there but some cat hair where she sits on the window edges. I looked behind the tv and the entertainment center and only found some candy wrappers and a sock. Well the sock didnt smell bad. So what the hell can it be?

Now mind you that this is the other day. I still couldnt find it. Yesterday I happened to be in the living room again and folding laundry. Yeah even that April Fresh was doing nothing to cover the oder. Its driving me crazy.

Well out of the corner of my eye I happen to spot a plastic cup sitting in one of the rooms of Cami's doll house. Mind you that this is one of those massive realistic doll houses that stands about 4 feet tall and you have to spend 3 months and all your brain cells to put it together.

I get a closer look at this cup and I nearly fall backward on the floor. Good thing I had jeans on or I would have had some serious rug burns on my ass. Holy dead cow. It was a half a glass of milk that had been hidden in there for about a month. Wow was that stench raw. I thought my eyes fell out of my face and ran away for good.

I grabbed a towel and sprayed it with Fabreeze and held it to my face. I went in for the kill. It took every ouce of strength I had to be able to get that close without this cup reaching out to bite me. It was alive. I grabbed the cup and ran like hell to the kitchen to throw it in the trash. I was praying the entire way that I didnt trip and fall and spill it on me for I would have shriveled up and convulsed on the spot.

Into the can and the bag was sealed and tossed out to the outside barrel. Back into the room armed with the Fabreeze again and I soaked everything down. Ahhhhh.... Much much better. Oh dont you worry, she heard it from me when I went to pick her up from school.

Now that was on Tuesday. Mind you that its now Thursday and I can still smell that smell. I went in there this morning to sit on the couch to be able to do her hair up before school. Even her stomach was turning. What the hell is going on? Did a squirrel get in and die or something? This wasnt spoiled milk. I dont know what this was. But what ever it was, I hope that it wasnt something that at one time was consumable.

Then it hit me. She hid the milk in the doll house. What else could be hidden in there? I never thought to check. Oh gawd, should I dare turn my head and look? Too late. Damnit. I just had to turn my head didnt I.

You are not going to believe what I saw. Nope. You wont. Try as you might. This is something that I have never seen before. Inside one of those rooms in the doll house was two more plastic cups. Mind you that these are the clear ones that you see at beer parties. Well these are colored but you can still see through them. What I saw was something so amazing. I shouldnt call it amazing because it was beyond gross. So gross that I think if someone from Fear Factor was here they would vomit for sure and refuse the $50,000 on the spot.

I had no idea what was in the cup. I asked my darling and oh so innocent daughter what it was and she said..... Are you ready for this? Orange Juice. Well I'll be damned it sure didnt look like orange juice to me. It was black. I mean the cup is a see through blue but what was inside it was growing a tree.

Or so I thought it was a tree. But trees dont move do they? I mean as in they dont walk. This tree did. I was a little freaked out. I told her, in a very stern voice, that she needs to get rid of that because shes the one that put it there. She bravely went over and looked and ran back to me screaming. I mean a blood curdling scream. Now do you honestly think Im going in there to get it? You have to be out of your mind.

Well you must be out of your mind because I had no choice but to go in after it. I must save my planet. I must be brave. Yeah right. Believe that one and I will sell you another bridge. Sales are soaring.

Anywho, I went back to the kitchen and this time I strapped on the rubber dish gloves and the sweet smelling towel again. I wish that I had a welders hat for this one but no such luck.

Back to the living room I went. My kid is hiding in her room but she bravely comes out and follows me to the toxic waste site. I really cant believe she did this. I remember when she did this though. It was a while ago too. Before the milk went in there because this cup was pushed to the far reaches inside a room in that doll house.

So I make sure that the path is clear in case I needed to run with it. I got in for a closer look and you have no idea what I saw. You dont even want to know what I saw. I still cant believe what I saw. I saw that it really was alive. I mean it was moving. Damn this is going to cost this child dearly. But I must do this or suffer the consequences later.

I reached in and touched the cup. To my horror and Im sure the neighbors can contest to this, a cloud of fruit flies came out and swarmed the territory. Oh My Gawd!!!! I was about to pass out. I turned and started to choke and I didnt realize that my precious chunk of DNA was standing behind me and I bumped into her. She screamed and ran to her room and slammed the door.

I ran back into the kitchen and grabbed the trash can and brought it back in with me. I wasnt taking any chances with a mishap with this cup. I put on a pair of sunglasses because thats all I had for eye protection and I went in for the mad dash. I grabbed the cup and tossed it in the can and sealed the bag up tight. I ran like a bat out of hell to the back porch and tossed the bag in the bin out there.

Now I have another problem. I need to do something about the loose flies in the house. I grabbed some spray and tried to douse the air with it but you just cant kill these things without something that is industrial strength.

Its now 8:30 and I have to get her to school. I left the house and vowed to take care of everything when I got home. I had nothing here to do so though. Well this just about sucks.

Tomorrow I will be coming back home after taking her to school and packing up all the food and covering the fish tank. After school I will pick her up and grab the cat and take off for a few hours while there are bug bombs going off in my house.

Its a good thing because those bombs will get rid of everything in the walls too. Getting that time of the year when my little peep show friends come to visit. At least there wont be anything that flies or crawls in the house for a while. Well until the next time she decides to hide a Twinky or something.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

I just dont get it...

Friday, September 22, 2006

I just dont get it...
Current mood: angry

I am completely baffled how some people actually get the jobs they have. Does it require special training to be totally clueless?

Last year one of the schools here laid off all their paras due to budget issues. These people then went around all summer bumping people out for their jobs. Those of lower seniority lost out big time. I know that because I am one of them. I was bumped out five friggin times.

Where I work also determies where my daughter goes to school. I cant be in two places at the same time. I dont have a morning or afternoon sitter. There is no one else that can pick her up or drop her off. Even if a bus came, there is no one here to put her on it or take her off it.

Needless to say that I have to get a job at where she goes to school. Last year, about half way through the school year, I was offered a better job at one of the magnet schools. I accepted. Also while taking that spot, I had to transfer my daughter there as well. Which was a benefit to her with the curriculum they offer.

So far this year, I havent been able to find placement. I know for sure that there will be three spots opening up at the school I want to be in. But I have to wait til those jobs are officially posted. I called over the HR office just a few minutes ago and I was told that they are not aware of this at all.

The part that is completely burning my ass is that I just received a call for a job interview that I really cant say no to. To say no to an offer puts me out of the loop again for a postition at the school I want. I then have to reapply for a job. I have done this five frigging times already.

The other reason I dont want this job is that to take it, I have to pull my daughter from her school and hopefully get her into the school Im working at. This is frustrating. Now if I take this job and the ones at her school open up, you bet your ass Im going back to the original one I wanted. Thus also moving her back with me. IF there is still an opening in the classroom. There is a set regulation for this because it is a magnet school.

But this is the whole thing that completely pisses me off. The school that called me this morning said that I come highly recommended for the job and they want me. This isnt giving me much of a choice in the matter to say yes or no. Im about to bust a vein in my skull.

This is the same school that laid everyone off last year.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

What LL really does for a living...,CatHerding.MPG


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Monday, September 11, 2006

You think you're sew smart.

Monday, September 11, 2006

You think you're sew smart

Ok for once that wasnt a typo. Imagine that one. Anywho, this about my fun times with what I will call the demon machine from hell. Thats right. The ever so popular invention called a sewing machine.

First I will take you back to my early years in 8th grade home-ec class. We had to learn to sew. I had already learned this fantastic lesson in life from my mom and grandma. Why would I need to learn it in school? I will tell you why. Because it requires you to use a machine to do it all for you.

This wonderful invention that can sew buttons has caused me more problems than I care to count. Well I can sew just about anything and just about any stitch by hand. I think I have been taught well. But as a pre-teen I get to sit here in front of a machine that I know nothing about. I dont care how many times the teacher has explained to me how to put the thread on this thing, I will never get it right.

I went through this class making projects that wowed my peers. My work was featured in the front hall. That was an achievment sought by all who enter there. But it was all done by hand. Thats right, I cheated. Beat me with a stick, I dont care. I cheated.

I actually had a friend distract the teacher so that another friend could thread my machine for me. And what do you think I got for that? Eight stitches. Yep. Eight of them. Right up through my thumb. Im so happy that I was working with black fabric at the time or my project would have a funky tie-dyed look. But it did score me some sympathy points from my teacher.
I was allowed to sew by hand for the rest of the year. Im thinking she was more afraid of an insurance issue over me. Not like I can sew my fingers together and get a good grade.

So now this new issue has come up years later. My sister is a sewing whiz. She can thread and use any machine you put in front of her. So when it came time to sew new drapes or to hem up jeans, she was the one I called. She would come over and set up her fancy schmancy machine and zip right to work. I on the other hand stayed well clear of that bobbing needle doing 1000 mph. I know what to expect should I come near it. It would hurt like hell.

Well now comes the problem. My sister moved clear across the state. My mom used to sew stuff for me when I was still living at home but her machine broke many years ago and she never had the need for a new one. But what do you think she did? Yep, you guessed it. She bought a machine for me.

Not just any machine. Nope. This one has all the functions I could ever dream of. It even does monograms and 17 different stitches. But there was one problem. Im scared to death of it. Yes this little man made mechanical piece of plastic and metal scares me. I received it as a Christmas gift and ooooed and ahhhed over it. I love it. Just so long as it stays sealed in the box.

But a week ago I came across a major problem. My daughter needed some jeans done for school. Mind you that she is tall for her age but she also has a gut that requires me to get her pants at a size that is too long for her. Almost 6 inches too long to be exact. I very well cant just fold them up 4 times as that looks ridiculous. I also very well cant sit there for the next month sewing them by hand. What am I to do?

I called up mom for help. Mom can you please come to my house and sew these pants? Nope. Damnit. But she did agree to come. To show me how to use my fancy schmancy sewing machine. Oh the agony of this. Well to me it was. To her it was just being a mom.

So I sit at my table with her and open the box. Sweat is pouring down my back as I look at this brand new machine that Im sure is the work of Satan himself. Im almost tempted to go get me a pair of steel gloves. My mom thinks Im crazy. Shes finding alot of humor in this. Now you know where I get it from.

So here I sit with this machine in front of me and I have no idea what to do next. I ask her and you know what she says to me? She has the nerve to tell me to look in the instruction booklet. I questioned that thought and thats when I realized something. The machine she used didnt have all these extra goodies. Hers didnt have a computer setting. Well damn, now what do I do?

First she tells me to look it up on how to thread a bobbin. Now I know what this is but I have no clue how to do this. I look it up in the book and the instructions look fairly simple. Yep, you put the thread spool on one peg and you put the empty bobbin on the peg next to it and you push the foot pedal

Well let me tell you something. The instructions were wrong. I hit that pedal and the tread went in every direction but around that bobbin. It was a mess. All knotted up and I wasnt too thrilled. So I gathered another spool of thread and tried again. This time I hit the pedal slow and it started to go around the bobbin. Whoohoo. Im doing it right. Wrong. Another big mess of a knot.

I pulled the bobbin off and got it all untangled and rewrapped around the spool. I mean jeeze, how hard can this be? Little old ladies do this all the time. I look at my mom and I can see the amusement on her face. Yeah but you know what? I dont see her taking over this task. Nope, shes just as clueless as I am.

So I try this again. And once again the bobbin is a knotted mess. Im glad the machine came with two bobbins because this one ended up somewhere in the other room. Im sure I will find it someday.

I go back and look at the instructions again. What possesed me to turn the page, I will never know but you know what I saw? Pictures of how to do it. Well damnit, why dont the pictures look anything like the instructions. The instructions said nothing about wrapping the thread around a hook on the other end of the top of the machine. Well Duh... Why didnt I think of that? Well maybe because I-dont-know-how-to-do-this-and-neither-does-the-instruction-book. That very well could be the problem.

So I look at the pictures and set it up as it shows me. I close one eye and hit the pedal. The thread starts spinning and wouldnt you know it, I have a threaded bobbin. Yay!!! I feel so proud of myself. Now mind you that an hour has passed and I still havent threaded the machine yet.

Oh the joy of figuring this one out. Of course I smartened up to not reading the instructions but just looking at the pictures. Lets just say that putting the thread on was easy and only took me another hour. But putting that bobbin in the bobbin chamber was a whole 'nuther ballpark. What a stupid contraption that was. Made no sense to me what so ever.

After some screaming and teaching my mom some new words, I was able to get it all set up. Ok, now comes the part I hate. Actually sewing the stitches into the material. I have everything set up and measured on her jeans but now Im in a panic. I dont want to sew my fingers together again. That little lesson in life really scared me at such a young age.

My mom is so patient though. Yet another thing I learned from her. But shes also very amused. She helps me guide the needle up and line it all to where its supposed to be. I guess thats the one thing that all sewing machines do have in common. Needle placement. I drop the boot thing as she calls it and she says for me to hit the pedal.

I hit the pedal very slowly. She tells me now to put it in reverse to seal the stitch. Reverse? How do you do that? I dont see a shifter on this thing. So once again I open the instruction book up and wouldnt ya know it, its a little button that I push on the side of the machine facing me. Its all by itself. So thats what that thing is for.

While Im at it, I also check to make sure that my stitch setting is where it is supposed to be. I want to just sew a straight line, not put her initials on the cuff. Nor do I want 50 button holes. This machine will be the death of me yet.

So now that it is all set up and ready to go, I hit the pedal and push the reverse button. Backwards it goes. Very cool. So I release the button and once again Im moving forward. One thing that I forgot was to let the machine move the fabric and I just guide it to make a straight stitch. I had that part ok but I forgot that Im sewing a pant leg and I need to move the whole item with the machine. Yep, I ended up twisting the fabric around the bottom of the machine arm.

But I was able to get the whole thing sewn the way I wanted it. I feel so proud. I pull the fabic off the machine and cut the thread. I left plenty like my mom told me to do. That way the needle doesnt come unthreaded. This isnt so bad.

After I finished with both legs on that pair, I grabbed the second pair. I zipped right through the process and finished them in no time flat. On to the third pair. I got the first leg done and was working on the second leg when I realized that I had sewn around the leg twice and yet there was no stitches on it. What? Well guess what? Dummy me forgot to leave the extra thread and the needle came unthreaded. Ok I can laugh about that now. And I can also put the thread back in.

I got four pairs of pants done and the job is finished. Im feeling pretty darn accomplished. So now my mom says, what about that blanket that you've been wanting to make? Well jeeze mom, let me do one project at a time.

I put everything away and the machine back in the box. But I was smart. I left it threaded so that when I need to use it again, it will be already. If I need to change the color of the thread, I can just match it to the way I have it now.

Will I be using it any time soon? I doubt it. I still prefer to sew by hand and I wont have mom here to laugh at me next time.

Welcome Back Kotter....

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Welcome Back Kotter

Welcome Back Kotter.....

I now have that theme in my head. Oh and glowineyez, that pic in my comments scares me. I laughed so hard. LOLOL It also reminds me of the Fruit Of The Loom guy. Yeah I have a warped sense of humor.

Today was the first day of school. This is kinda depressing for me because as of right now, Im with the ranks of the unemployed. We shall see what the future holds though. Ive been dicking around all summer with not knowing what was happening but I was bumped out by seniority several times and Im quite tired of it. Hopefully something will open up soon.

The PITA refused to wake up this morning. She put up a good fight and we had some spats about actually waking up and what she was going to wear for the first day. It was a challenge but Im sure that I wasnt the only one that dealt with this.

We get to school and I was greeted with a few of the kiddies from my class last year. It was an emotional moment. But one that I will cherish. I miss all those little kids. But I will still get to see them because Cami is there in that school and I will be there every day.

I sat here all day sulking though. Yeah I can get pissy when it warrants. I just dont show it often. When it came time to pick her up, I went to the school a little early to see some of the parents that I missed. We chatted and had a great time. I also chatted with my old boss and there is a possibility of something coming up. Hope so. I dont want to sulk forever.

Well the bright eyed brat came out and was soooooo happy to see me and she was so proud of herself for the first day. She earned a lollipop reward for being so well behaved and quiet in class all day. I actually looked around and wanted to know where the Body Snatcher Pod was. This isnt my child if shes quiet. That girl can drive you insane with chatter. I asked mom the other day if kids came with a secret battery compartment that I could disconnect. Sadly she said no. Darn it.

Well tomorrow is another day and I will be at the HR Office yet again. We shall see what happens next. I hate suspense of this kind. My luck I wont be sitting on the edge of the chair but falling off it from behind. Yeah Im getting really good at that.

Nothing like a giant cup of coffee...

Thursday, August 31, 2006

Nothing like a giant cup of coffee...
Current mood: amused

Im serious but we will get to that later. *yawn* Is it time to wake up already? I passed out. I mean I literally passed out. I remember getting on my jammies and crawling into bed. Yes I was wearing jammies because, well, I couldnt run around nekked now could I?

I didnt even hear the alarm go off. Did it really actually go off? I just hear this sound of giggling and something about taking a shower. Seems to me that it was the same sound that I heard when I fell asleep. Am I still asleep and dreaming all this?

I honestly dont know why but I really did sleep good. I was informed that someone was doing a monkey dance in front of me to see if I really was asleep. I swear that if I saw it, I would have laughed so yeah you caught me. But I didnt snore. I was told that I didnt even move at all. Was I breathing?

Ok so I drag my sorry ass out of bed. I dont know what time it is because the clock is turned in towards the other bed. Yeah there was two beds in the room so dont get any ideas. And I stayed in mine. LOLOL Anywho, I grabbed my duffle bag and headed to the bathroom. Ahhhhh....nothing like a hot shower in the morning to wake me up.

Well this bathroom has something that annoys the hell out of me. A fan. Not just any fan but a really loud one that buzzes in my ears. Not like the buzzing in Johns ears but this is different. This is a loud constant hum. You can make all the noise you want in there and no one would hear you. Great for after having tacos for dinner but not what you want to hear first thing in the morning. I also know that you cant hear anything outside of the room either. ;o)

So I turn the water on and even that is loud. No I dont have a hangover. Its not that at all. Just that Im not a morning person. It takes me a little while to become adjusted to real life. I dont drink coffee unless its an iced one. I also prefer it with whipped cream and chocolate syrup. Hey Lance, go next door and grab one for me. This time bring back some of those donuts you were sneaking. LOLOLOL I love teasing you about this.

So now that Im alive and clean. I also have my hair done and makeup on and a smile on my face. Dont ask why because that gives away too much information. I spent at least an hour in there because I wanted the other two out there to be able to have some time to themselves. I hope they used it wisely. LOLOL

I come out and sure enough there was another tour of the room. Whosie is next in the bathroom and Maz and I just sit and chatted about the weekend. I know neither want to part and it is really a sad moment. We watched a little TV and went through all the options for movies. Some of which didnt interest me though. LOLOL

Now that everyone is showered, dressed and packed, we hit the road again. Before I forget, did I leave my papers in the car? I think I did. I knew I forgot something. Anywho, we are off to have some foodage. Im hungry and we head out on the highway. Yeah that dreaded stretch of Hell's pavement.

We pull into an IHOP. We had to wait a little while but thats ok. I have patience. Not like some of the others that were waiting after we came in. I heard the mumblings. The food was good and Im now officially awake. I even had juice to drink instead of soda. Yeah thats rare too. Mark your calendars.

We head back out on the highway and head to the Logan Express Depot. This is so that we dont have to fight downtown traffic to get to the airport. Im pretty happy for that because if it is anything like the highway, I want to avoid it like a plague.

We parked and walked in to get tickets. We get on board and off we go for a bus ride tour out to the airport. We hit a couple of tunnels and later I find out that we were under water. And to think that I didnt even get wet. I know, bad pun. But the funny part was when I laid my head against the back rest, it was vibrating. Dont ask. Just go with it. LOLOL

We get to the airport and head inside. Whosie checks in and then we say our goodbyes. I didnt cry. I was close to it and I know they were too. I let them have their moments and also took a picture of that. Im sneaky. It was heart wrenching to have to part though. After a round of hugs, off she heads to the metal dectors and out of sight. Maz was being very brave.

He was the one to notice the giant cup of coffee. I nearly died laughing. Yeah it was a big thing about the Dunkin Donuts everywhere. But that giant cup was hysterical. We waited for the crowd that was near it to leave and then I took a picture of him standing next to it so I could show it to Lance to let him see what he was missing. I also took a regular shot of it.

We went to the news stand where I grabbed some suvvies and we headed out to the platform to wait for the bus to take us back to the car. On the way back we talked about a few things, made a few plans and just tried to keep our minds off of what lay ahead. Planning for the future in general. Things went great for the weekend and Im so glad that everything worked out well. Many hugs for you guys.

We make it back to the car and head back to the hotel to pick up my car. We made the arrangements of how the hell Im getting out on that highway and onto the right one that will take me home. We stopped for gas and then off we went. I followed the toaster carefully.

Heres the fun part. Im told that the exit I want is actually labeled as three and it will say Mass Pike on it. Ok, I can handle that. As we are going, I see the exit that I need. But the sign is all the way on the left lane. So I leave my spot from behind Maz and hit the far left lane. Holy shit!! Its actually on the right and its coming up fast. I had passed him when I merged over but he didnt notice. Now I crossed over four lanes of traffic and cut right in front of him to zoom up the ramp. Wow!! I just pulled a move that is native to these people. I feel so proud. I also nearly peed my pants doing it. Yeah I will hit the next rest area.

The trip home was near as hell as I could get. Most of the way through was in backed up traffic that was barely moving at times. It was pouring rain and there were alot of psychotic morons on the road. I mean this to the fact that its pouring rain and there were times that people were driving at 80mph. I could barely see as it was. There was a motorcycle that was on the ass of a semi flying by me. I couldnt see anything but the spray from the tires and the motorcycle was swerving all over. Well duh, get the hell out from behind him and maybe we wont see you as a road smear later on.

I made it home alive over 3 hours after I left. Not really too bad. I only stopped once to pee on the way home. But I sure had to go once I got here.

It was a great trip and I want to thank you guys for having me along for the fun. I had a great time and it was a blast. I love you guys.

Now to plan for the next one.

Landfill2 is my hero....

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Landfill2 is my Hero...
Current mood: amused

So now that we have had lunch, we are off on that damn highway again. That scares the bejeezes out of me. But I know that Im safe inside the box even if I have no clue as to where Im going. Im just along for the ride and Im enjoying the entertainment thats in the front seats. LOL

The phone rings and its Nick but I still have no clue whats going on. We pull up into the biggest movie theather I have ever seen. Well one that isnt attached to a mega-mall that is. Crossgates here has a 20 screener but this was all in a single building. Im told that we are waiting for Nick to show up so this should be a blast. I get to go to the movies!!! Yay!!!

We go inside and get the tickets for Beerfest. Beerfest I havent seen the previews to this but the title alone sounds like its right up my alley. Yeah I know, not seeing previews is a major thing but I really dont watch tv all that much. Scarey thought there huh?

Nick shows up and gets his ticket and then I get to meet Heidie. Shes just as I thought she would be. Shes sweet and really cool. Two more people come that I honestly dont know who they are but the more the merrier. Then Im told that I will be getting to meet Wah Kee. Now I get to see if all the stories are true. Oh and hes bringing Bridezilla with him.

Ive been told some prety colorful stories and I will state for the record that they are all true. Entertainment at its best there. Thats for sure. So we head down two levels to hit the screen that we need to be in. Of course I have to stop off at the bathroom once again. What is it with Mass that I constantly have the urge to pee?

We meet up with the rest and some of them are in line to get goodies. I debated on some myself but since I had just eaten, I decided to pass. It wouldnt be fun to get a soda and then have to make the theather put the movie on pause while I make yet another trip to the bathroom. Of course that wont happen so no drinks for me.

The movie was great. I wont add any spoilers to it but I will say that Landfill2 is my hero for obvious reasons that would include bodily functions that Im also known for. Tim, you know what that is. LOLOL You tried to make me do that live on the radio so you could have free tickets to Florida. LMAO

Anywho, we had a great time and now its off to John and Micheles for dinner. When I was first told about this, I asked if we were having chicken and we had a few laughs. But instead I was told that we were having pasta so I assumed it would be chicken parm or something. I love teasing you guys. LOL

We make a stop at the store to pick up soda and BBQ sauce. Yeah I was supposed to bring the bbq sauce as a joke but somehow that was brought into the apartment ahead of me so that wasnt happening. It would have been hysterical though.

Before we went to the apartment we stopped off to get booze. I wasnt allowed to buy anything because Im not a resident of the state. Bummer. Maz, I do owe you something for that though. While we were in there, Whosie was on the phone with Girlie and Im sure they were telling all the naughty little secrets.

John and Michele have a really nice place. On the TV was Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. The new one with Johnny Depp that I havent seen yet. All I can say is that this movie creeped me out. I liked the Oompas better in the old one. These little guys looked like little versions of Elton John on crack. But the one part that I liked about it was "Dont touch his nuts". If you dont know what that means then you will have to watch it yourself. But I was entertained by that. Please dont ask why.

We gathered up the food and drinks and sat down to finish watching the movie. Then off went the lights and we all watched March of the Penguins. I really liked this one. Just for the life of me, I cant see why they would go through all this trouble of walking back and forth for 70 miles each way. Seemed a bit of a problem for me. Walking 70 miles for a meal was a bit much. Im thinking they should have at least moved about 5 miles to get away from predators. Thats still close enough that they can get food without killing their kids. And the poor dads need to learn better ballancing acts.

So now that the movie is over, I make my way outside to call my little one at home before she goes to bed. She talked to Whosie and wanted to talk to Maz but he was all sorts of confused. LOLOL We all sat down and chatted about things that they did when they were younger. I would say that some embarrassing things came up and it was hysterical. All I will say is doillies and buzzing in the ears. I thought I was going to wet my pants from laughing.

For those of you that dont know those stories, you will have to ask John and Maz because they were there for the real deal. Also its better to have them tell you in person to get the full effect. LOLOL

We said good nights to Nick and Heidie and then a little while later we said goodnights to John and Michele. It was a great evening that I wouldnt have missed for the world. Its so great to be with them and we had alot of fun.

Back to the highway from hell and to the hotel. The highway wasnt nearly as bad at night as it was during the day. Anywho, I decide to let them have a little bit of time to themselves. After going to the bathroom once again, I head back outside for a little while. I walked around the parking lot and then back up the stairs to sit on the floor in the hall. Im figuring that they needed this time alone.

I knocked at least 3 times and got no answer. So I waited a few more minutes and knocked again. This time using the access card to get into the room. Immediately Maz gets up off the floor and heads to the bathroom. At this point I know I didnt interupt anything naughty. But it was a touching moment. I love you guys for that.

We then hung around looking at a yearbook and having a few laughs with that. Thats when I decided that Im going to bed. I changed and thats the last thing I remembered.


Part three coming soon....

Oh and I was in bed about midnight. Thats early even for me. LOLOL