Thursday, December 25, 2014

Lifes Little Setbacks...Seems I cant post...

Lets try this... HTML format. Its been a very long time since Ive updated. Not that many people read this. Last Feb I spent some time in the hospital with a serious life threatening illness. I wont go into all the gory details publically, but it was pretty darn scary. In the process, I was also diagnosed diabetic. Double whammy there. I knew it was coming but I wasnt sure when. I will say though, being diabetic pretty much saved my life. Im healthier and I feel a hell of a lot better. The next one of my nine lives to go happened this past Oct. I was a passenger in a car that went off the retaining wall of a bridge. No, being airborn wasnt fun this time. I still dont have a computer hooked up and its a b*tch doing this from my phone. Till next time, stay safe, stay healthy and stay awake.


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