Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Outfox The Fox...

Outfox The Fox....

There is no way this can be done. Well, Im sure that there is someone out there that can do this. But not this fox.

Im so tired of the bullshit. Ive had enough. But I refuse to throw in the towel. I refuse to give up the fight. I refuse to back down. Sounds like an old western movie huh. Well, it very well could be. But I dont think they have that sort of thing going on where I live. Im hoping that this post wont be one of my long ones. But I cant make an promises. Im on cold meds again.

Yeah, a cold in April. Its been hotter than a bitch out though. I really hate this weather. I live in the wrong place for the weather to be this bad in the spring. It was damn near 90 yesterday. There was a slight breeze today though. Slight. It just pushed the warm air around. I dont like to sweat without a good reason. This wasnt one of them. But damn I was sweating. So add sweating and a cold and what to you get? Miserable.

Speaking of which, my job sucks. I hate it and there is no other way around it. Am I a bitch? Is there something wrong with me? Im being serious here. Is there something about me that makes someone else think ill of me upon first meeting? If there is, please tell me. I didnt think so myself. I have always lived by the rules to treat others as you would want to be treated. Consider others before yourself. Harm none. Always wear a smile even in the eyes of evil. I have followed these rules. Its who I am. Is that such a bad thing?

Apparently it is because its been a whole week now and Im still treated as though I am slime. I just dont get it. I will not go out of my way to please this chick but damnit, she needs to chill. Im not there to steal her thunder. If I need to flaunt, I have my own. I just dont get it. But there are about 40 or so days left for me to put up with her shit. I will kill her with kindness. She will like me even less.

I believe in Karma. Look how long it took me for that to happen at the old school. Every day that I go there to pick up Cami, I get hugs and wishes that I would be able to come back. I love those people. I honestly dont think I could live without them. They are my friends and family and they are truely blessed with big hearts. So if any of you are reading this, I luvs you all dearly. I miss you terribly. Thank you for everything you have done and it will all be returned to you. *smooches*

So far, I have made some new friends at the new school. Nothing really close yet but at least they dont treat me as if I have a contagous disease. I mean for real, who thinks that this is a good thing? I dont treat her that way but she disagrees with everything that a member of school staff should be like. Im sarcastic. I try to tone it down some. But I do it in jest. She does it to be a bitch. There is a huge difference.

When you sit next to someone, you dont turn your back to them as if they arent there. Especially when they are trying to talk to you. When someone invites you to something, you dont tell them not to because you think you are the goddess or something. Screw you. Karma wont be nice to you. Sadly, you deserve it.

I got the call from Mommy last night. She will be home on the 4th of May. Meaning, this coming Monday. Im so excited. I cant wait to see her. Yeah, I miss my mommy. The would have been home sooner but Mousie needed two more weeks of therapy. Its for his knee but you know I had to ask if it was mental or not. He he he... Luvs you Mousie. But anywho, I hope for a safe trip home and I will be waiting for all the calls along the way.

I hate this damn heat. Im getting tired of it already and its not even Summer yet. Word has it that it is supposed to be cooler the rest of the week though. Im hoping that Steve is right this time. If you cant trust the weatherman, who can you trust? The past couple of days has been a killer for me. I dont get along with the heat at all. I have seasonal allergies and that doesnt help them one bit. So right now, Im on cold medicine to kick the shit out of this. All that pollen is killing me. Good thing that tree is gone. If not, I probably would be in a hospital right now. But then again, I wouldnt be dealing with my job.

The new classroom for me is on the second floor of a building that doesnt have airconditioning. Oh the joy of that. And right outside that open window are some flowering trees. Yep, thats a great thing for my tree allergies. Not only are they pollenating, but they are flowering as well. Kill two birds with one stone. I just wish I knew where the left side of my face went. Yep, hurts like hell. I was telling Girlie earlier that it feels like I have an ocean in the left side of my face and when I inhale, there is a whistling sound. It sucks.

But the heat was really getting to me. I only sweat in a few places. My upper lip, under my boobs and the back of my knees. Weird huh? But in sticky, humid heat, its not pleasant to sweat in those places. So when I got home, it was a cold shower for me.

I also got these nifty things for my feet. They are sandal/ice packs. Like those eye mask gel things you put in the fridge. These are for your feet. You cant walk on them though. You just chill back in a chair and put them on your feet. Cools them down instantly. Shockingly so. I was using them for the first time tonight. I put them on the floor and slipped my feet in. Whoa, I thought I was going to fly out of the chair. But after the initial shock, they were a dream. Not only did it cool my feet down, but also my whole body. I got them for my heel spurs. It sucked putting ice cubes under my heels. They work so much better. And I also dont have to drag out the foot bath.

Speaking of spurs, the pain is back. I wont be able to have them wrapped until school lets out. I cant take the time off twice a week again. Its bullshit but thats what I have to deal with. Im on my feet all day again and not only that but Im also up and down the stairs. Good for the legs, bad for the feet. So I have been icing them and taking the pain medicine again. I need to get through these last few weeks. I really dont have much of a choice but to grin and bear it.

I like the kids though. And I know they like me. I wont restrain them unless absolutely necessary. The bitch lady doesnt like that but tough shit. I deal with them differently. I have more patience. I have a heart. And I dont yell at them. They are 5-7 year olds. What do you expect? They have some problems. Mostly social and psychological issues. They have a hell of a time controling themselves. Its easier to talk them down rather than force them. But who am I to tell her that?

Oh well. Counting the days til freedom.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Misery Loves Vin Diesel....

Misery Loves Vin Diesel....

I just had to throw in that title because I went to see his latest movie. Scary that I havent seen the others but I went to this one. Refering to Fast & Furious. That movie kicks ass in all directions.

My vacation said good bye. I was sad to see it leave. It wont return to me until the end of June. Im counting the days already. My vacation was nothing really exciting. I mostly relaxed and chilled out. I really wanted to make it last for as long as I could so that I didnt have to start this new job. But the inevitable happened and well, Im pretty much toast.

Some good news is that a friend of mine gave birth to a beautiful little girl on Easter Sunday. But some bad news is that another friend lost her husband this past Saturday. So things are pretty much mixed right now.

In other news, mom will be leaving FL on May 2nd due to Mousie needing more therapy on his knee from the surgery. Im pretty bummed about this because I wanted her home this weekend.

Last night was pretty miserable. I didnt want to sleep. I kept debating on my day to come. I really didnt want to do this. I know that Cami would be very upset. It was the feeling that I had on the first day of Kindergarten for her. Its a terrible feeling. But I really didnt have much of a choice so I knew I had to deal with it. But sleep did not decend on me until after 5am. My alarm went off at 6am and it was just a very tiring morning.

She was really good about everything. Mostly it was all about how tired she was and nothing about what was to come. Her dad ended up taking her to school because we thought it would have been a more relaxing moment. She would have had a freak out realizing that I wasnt going to be there. Its alot of trauma and drama in the morning as it is. I didnt want to add to it. But she did well. She spent the morning with her teacher and things worked out well all day. I was surprised.

My day on the other hand wasnt so well. I know my job. I know my training. But there is nothing that can train you to do that job without knowing what you are up against. In other words, I cant help someone if I dont know what the problem is. When a kid flips out, I need to know what set it off and what it would take to soothe it. I cant do that upon a first meeting. So this is something that I need to take a step back and look at the situation first. Apparently I was met with hostility from one of my coworkers on my way of doing things compared to hers.

I cant yell at a child to sit down. I can only coax them to do it. If you bring tension, you will get tension in return. A child doesnt control tension as well as an adult. So sending the child to the corner wont help. I guess that she couldnt understand how I could get the child to sit without words. Too bad. This is why Im in that room to begin with. I also get along with my new teacher very well. So far so good. But tomorrow is another day.

I met a lot of new people. But also I saw some faces that used to go to the other school. It was nice to have them come to me for a hug because they remembered me. I think that also pissed off the other lady. Im sorry if Im so loved. He he he. Its not a bad thing.

But I know that I will work well with the new teacher and the new boss. Now I also need to schmooze with the glittery stuff. May end up with some new clients.

My ass hurts. My neck hurts. But my feet dont hurt. I guess you cant win them all.

Til tomorrow ..... Ta Ta....

Saturday, April 11, 2009

One of my latest....

I was getting down with writing about depressing things. I thought I would share a photo of something I recently made. It killed my hands to do this but it was worth all the effort. Also to the side of my piece is something that Juan created. That man is a gift to copper. A wonderful teacher as well.


I have been working on a blog post to all my friends from the school that have given me so much love that my heart exploded. I will have that one up soon.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

This Is Gonna Hurt....

This Is Gonna Hurt....

I need a fan and some tacos for dinner on this one. Im sure you all get the reference to it. Shit isnt going to hit the fan. It already hit it and its a hell of a mess. This is absolute crap. Yep. And Fermi, its not from the cat. Although at this point, I wish it was. As MapleDog just told me... And I quote... Its not to late to join the army, its more peaceful in Afghanistan.

Also, I would like to add something else to this blog. Totally random. Like anything else I write. Why in the world do they make sweat pants with flimsy pockets in the sides? I mean, what in the world made them think that I could wake up, still groggy, and put these things on correctly? I woke up from a nap, put on my sweats and my foot went right into the pocket. Of course I pushed a little harder thinking that the pant leg was folded and the next thing I know, I hear a tear and my foot is through the pocket. Good grief. Can this get any worse?

Also I would like to have some prayers, thoughts or what ever to my mom. Im worried sick over her right now. I called there tonight and Mousie said that she was really sick. Upper abdominal pains and they are running all sorts of tests. Blood work came back clear though. No fever. But Im extremely worried that it could be something worse. I really dont need this right now. But Im scared shitless. Wow the words shit and crap are appearing in my blogs a lot this week.

Today was not a glorious day. I woke up miserable. Im losing sleep over all this stuff. I need a vacation. One that would allow me to win the lottery first though. One where I would never have to suffer financial loss for the rest of my life. But you and I both know that it will never happen like that. Cinderella's Fairy God Mother will not be making a visit to my house any time soon.

When it was time to leave for school, I hit the bottom of the stairs and looked out the window. Its snowing. WTF??? Snowing? Are you for real? I didnt need this. Not at all. So I bucked it up and went on about the task of getting myself to work. I think Im dragging my ass to low here. This is not going to be a good thing. The Gods are playing a really sick game.

I pulled into work and knew that this day was going to be an interesting one. I have a field trip first thing and then I have to run to the new school to see whats going to happen to me next. I know its going to be a doozy. Im hoping to at least be placed with a kid that would make this all worth while. But the way things are going, Im sure thats going to be shot all to hell.

I get into school and learned that something terrible happened yesterday. My teacher had to leave a little early yesterday to take care of some business. Apparently while she was on her way to do that, someone hit her car and shes in a bit of pain. She shouldnt be in school at all. But she wanted to be there for the field trip. Shes a trooper for doing this. I know shes hurting. So she was going to take a half day and go to the doctor. We would be leaving at about the same time. This should be interesting because the sub that is for the room is one the kids all hate. Yep. Interesting is a good word.

The field trip was a good one. A few of the classes went to see a musical called Blues Journey. It was about a man that was looking to get into the Blues scene in Chicago. I was sitting low in my seat for a short kid behind me. I was enjoying the music and just relaxing. I closed my eyes and took a much needed break. The next thing I knew, my kid slapped me and told me to wake up. Yep, Cami was sitting in front of me. She reached back, slapped me and yelled Wake Up. I wasnt asleep. So it was quite a shocker. Funny though.

We left the place and headed back out into the cold and wind to get back on the bus. I was dreading this trip back because I knew I had to leave for my meeting. It was a bit later than I thought. I planned to get this done and overwith and be back in time to take my kids to lunch and recess without them having to have an aide. Wasnt to work out that way though.

I left my room with the kids settled back in. I wished my teacher good luck and to take it easy. This is not going good so far. But at least they are in the hands of a teacher that is strict enough to handle them. Also another teacher will be coming in to teach them something for science. This is somewhat a small relief. Not a big one but enough.

I drive to the new school in dread. Im not ready for this. I walk up the long sidewalk to the front door. I ring the bell and wait for the door to open. My gutts are turning and Im sure a pained look was on my face. I hate the anxiety of all this. Im nervous and its making me sick. But I have to put a smile on my face and get through this the best I can.

I was let in by the secretary. Shes a nice lady and I know who she is. I was told to wait in the hall for the principal. He is with a parent right now and it would only be a minute or two. I walked in the lobby for a little while and looked at the art work and some goodies on the walls. I noticed the pictures of the teachers and watched the kids walk by on the way to lunch. Not sure which would be mine or not. I recognized a couple of them from my past schools. They recognized me and I got a hug or two. That sent me some relief. The principal noticed this and he liked it that I was well liked by these kids. Ok so that is a small plus.

We went into the office and sat down to get to the task at hand. I talked to him about my hours and he reassured me that we could work something out. He understood that this was all thrown at me. He told me that I came highly recommended and that I had the experience to get the job done. That I used to work with all age groups and that I was trained for special ed. Well yeah, that is my current job.

Then he told me what my new job would be and thats when my whole day went completely to pot. I am now moved up a level. This might screw me in the end. Once you go up levels, you dont go back down. This means that Im stuck. But its not a total bad thing. Means more pay for the next year and a more higher level of responsibility. Oh joy. But remember that I come with a high recommendation. That might help me when June comes and I will have a job to come back to.

I am now going to be working in Special Ed K-2 Containment. Not a bad deal. I love working with the littler ones. You know, before hormones kick in. Ive done this for a few years. Not a big deal. In fact, when I first came to the school Im in now, that was my job. Special Ed Kindergarten. Not a big deal.

But the hard thing with containment is that its going to be a little more rough. These kids are not able to be in mainstream like Im used to. This is a more unsettled environment. Bringing someone new to that routine might not be a good idea. Especially for the adults as well. I will need to learn their personalities and the other staffs personalities as well. I will need to learn the routine and get to the point where I can tell what is acceptable and what is not with specific kids. Each one needs something different to maintain their own structure. This is going to be interesting.

I was brought up to the room and its now lunch time for them. The easier time of the day. I was introduced to the people I would be working with. Im not going to remember their names yet though. But I should write them down next time. But regardless, what I saw when I walked into the door was pretty much what I expected. One kid went slap happy and two others were in restraint. I was informed that this happens a lot. Wonderful. Just what I needed. Well at least I wont need to worry about my feet hurting. I will be on the floor most of the day. Whoohoo. Can you smell the sarcasim there?

So I left there with a small feeling of dread. But at the same time, it was ok because I knew what was in store for me for the next 50 days that are left of school. I can tough this one out. I have no choice. But I will miss the kids I have now and I will miss those that I work with. They are giving me the support and the reality of it. My worries about Cami's morning and afternoon routines are not going to be affected. I will be able to work with that. That is a blessing and my new boss understands that. I think this will work out fine.

My friends at my old school understand it as well and they are not willing to let me go either. But I will be there regardless and I will be there for my kid's concerts and stuff. I will be putting in my days off and half days early so that I can make sure that I dont miss out on all that. At this point, I dont care what they say. They are throwing me a hard ball. The least they can do is allow me some time with my kid and her achievements. If not then I guess I will find another job somewhere else. My kid comes first.

I will keep you updated on what happens next. I still have to tell my kids in my class what is happening. We were going to tell them today but that wasnt possible.

Stay tuned.

Monday, April 06, 2009

Misery Loves Chocolate......

Misery Loves Chocolate...

Here we go for Round 2. Today was the day of reason. A day behind lack of sleep. A day that I was dreading. What would happen? How will I face my friends and the kids? How will I possibly be able to walk in there with my head held high and yet crying inside?

All of those questions were answered for me even before I made it into the building. I really wasnt in the mood to go through this. I made it to the school parking lot before I broke down. I myself broke down. Not my car. Believe me, I wouldnt want that to happen. I need my car.

I pulled into the lot and behind me was my daughters teacher. I waited for him to catch up to us and I broke the news to him. He didnt look too happy either. I know they dont want me to leave. In some way that feels good because I know that my friends love me and they will miss me. But at the same time, I love them and will miss them. So the tears started and I tried to fight them back. It didnt work. Im such a goober.

See the thing is, I never cry in public unless it is something that is so devastating and painful. Usually pain itself doesnt make me cry. A broken leg wont make me cry. But a broken heart will. And at that moment, my heart shattered all over the dirt and stones. It wasnt so much as losing my job there. It was more of losing myself there. Also leaving my child behind there was the biggest hurt of all. How will I be able to protect her? What happens when she needs me? Damnit. This sucks.

So I made it inside the building. With the help of Dan of course. I think that if he hadnt come along and kept talking to me, I dont think I would have had the strength to open the door and walk inside. Some people would think that this is petty and to just buck up and face reality. But I just have a hard time doing that. I get emotionally attached. There was a time that I didnt give a rats ass. But now is definately not that time.

I truely care about these people. I care who they are and how much they mean to me. If it wasnt for these people, I wouldnt have much. They have helped me learn and to grow. They have taught me a lot of lifes lessons all in one little chunk at a time. Being in that school has taught me what life is all about. How these children look up to you because most of them really dont have anyone else to look up to.

Im sort of the mom they dont have. Or at least the one they want to have. These are my childs friends. These are the kids and the parents that help her grow as well. I myself look up to these people. They have more experience than I do. Even the ones that dont have taught me well. I will forever be greatful for the guidence that I was allowed to have with them. I cherish their friendship. They are like a big family. When something happens, they all band together and hope for the best for each other. How can I just walk away from this? I cant. And I wont.

I have made the decision that no matter what happens, Cami will remain in that school. Something will work itself out. I believe in Karma. Something has to be right about this whole situation. I look at it as a sort of blessing in disguise. I havent quite figured out what the blessing is yet though. Im sure that will show itself soon enough.

The major issue that I am having a problem with is how to get my kid to school when I have to be in a different school at exactly the same time. I havent quite mastered teletransportation yet. I cant just say 'beam me up Scotty' and actually have it work for me. Ive tried it. Trust me, it doesnt work. But then again, if it did work, I would hope to hell that all my body parts come back together in the right place. I would look funny if they didnt. Thats why I didnt watch The Fly more than once.

So back to the tale at hand. I make it into the building and I went straight to the kitchen to talk to my friends there. I handed them the letter because for some reason, words escaped me. I knew that if I spoke, the tears would come. They read it and the first thing they said was that it was bullshit. Well yeah, we already established that one. So thats when the hugs came. In the mean time I was sort of drawn out to the hall where someone else was talking about it. Wow, news travels fast.

So by the time I made it to the office, I was hugged at least six more times. This is what I meant about how these people have the biggest hearts. They care. And the band is starting to pull together. And the word bullshit was mentioned more than once. Its good to know who is on my side. I would hate to have them for enemies.

So I made it to the office to sign in. It was quiet in there for the most part. I didnt say anything. I wasnt ready to let it all hit the fan just yet. So I signed in and I went to the break room to put my lunch in the fridge. I then went on to my classroom to put my purse away and grab some other things. I talked to my teacher for a few minutes. She already knew about it since she was one of the first people I called. She still wasnt too thrilled. But then again, neither was I.

From there I went back down the hall and prepared to face the day as I normally would. I went into the gym and talked to a few others that are just now finding out. This is where it hit me harder. Watching the kids and wondering how they will react when I tell them the news. I know it wont go well. But also at the same time, Im still wondering what Im going to do with my kid.

Then it seemed that all the lights went on above the heads of every adult in the room. They all told me that I wont have to worry because they will take care of her and if I need to, they will watch over her in the morning if she has to come there earlier. They will watch her for me while Im at work and they will be there for her for when I am able to leave to come pick her up. A couple of them signed her emergency form as contacts and for transportation should the needs arise. These people are truely gifts. A load lifted off my chest for a while. Relief was soon in sight. I love you guys. Thank you so much for this.

But the worse was yet to come. After the assembly, I was called into the office to have a mini meeting with my boss. I knew this was coming and I really didnt want this yet. But it had to be done and I went in there with my head held high. I closed off my breathing as well. I knew that if I didnt, I would break down right then and there. I closed the door and sat in front of her desk and waited for it. It wasnt as bad as I thought it was going to be. She assured me that it wasnt her choice and I already knew this. Stuff like this isnt anyones choice but for the powers that be.

She talked to me about when and where this is happening and how that there may be the chance of coming back once the hiring starts in Sept. I will keep my eyes and ears open for the chance to get this all back. At least she didnt want me to leave. She knew that I was needed there. The kids need me there. With me leaving, this causes a lot of stress on coverage for all the other classrooms. Someone will have to be pulled to cover mine now. Also the lunch and recess areas will be screwed up. This upsets me because I know that these kids cant take change too easily. But then again, neither can I.

Im feeling a little better and I start back to my class. I passed one of my friends and I was told that I will be severely missed. I lost it then. The tears came and there was no stopping them. Once again, my heart went all over the floor. This really does hurt. I cant even explain the type of pain it is. It just hurts. I checked myself up. Took some deep breaths. I then felt that I was able to walk into my classroom and begin the day.

I get down there and the kids arent in there. Oops. I forgot that they have library computer lab on Monday mornings. This gives me a little more time to collect myself. So I preceeded to start my day as I normally would. Once they walked in, I too another deep breath and went about the morning like nothing was wrong. I need coffee really bad.

I had to call my new boss up to find out all the details and set up a meeting with him. Im so nervous about this. I figured I would do it on my break. That came and went. I was too busy with the kids. I want to get as much time in with them as I can now. Im going to miss them the most. So I waited til lunch time. I got into chatting with my friends and didnt do it then.

I got up more courage at about 2pm to get this call out of the way. I finally got through a few minutes later and the secretary said she would get back to me later with a definate time. I recieved an email from her a little while later. They set it up for a time that I couldnt do. We have a field trip in the morning so I called her back to see about a spot for the afternoon. Its set up for tomorrow when I get back from the field trip. Im still shaking over this. Remember that anexiety thing? Its happening again. Once I have this meeting, that will go away.

But then there is the thing about telling the kids. Damnit, this isnt going to go well.

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Here it comes...

And so the headache begins....

I have another blog post in the makings but I thought that this one was more important to finish first. Its Spring and I have a nasty headache. The kind that you want to just take a drill and put it through your head and rip out your eyeballs with a screw driver. Sounds like fun? One of these days I just might try it.

I woke up with a headache this morning that wouldnt go away. I went shopping with my father, Cami, sister, neice and her boyfriend. By the way Tiff, keep this one. I like him. You got a good one.

So I have been taking 800mg pills of ibuprofin. It wasnt working. Come on. How many of these do I have to take? So I picked up some Alavert today and that seems to be doing the trick. Im down to a dull ache. Conscious enough to function but Im still making a hell of a lot of typos. Oh well. Seems to be the norm.

Yesterday was the shit day for me. This whole past week wasnt all that great either. I totally lost it when I heard about LWs dog and that sank me into despair. I loved her dearly and now shes gone. Yes I cried and I cried alot. More for him though because she was his baby. So he knows where my heart is.

Also in the news, the budget cuts hit pretty damn hard. Im really sick of all this bullshit with the economy. Thanks to our former president, we are in the hole and still digging. Maybe we will reach the other side of the planet soon. Seems to be that way. Im thinking we need to take all the money that he has and get this place out of debt. This is stiking too close to home for me.

Our school district is getting hit pretty hard and its coming at us really fast. Yesterday I got the dreaded letter in the mail. I was waiting for this to happen but I was hoping that they would at least wait til the end of the year to do it. Nope. Its not going to happen that way. We are getting shit on left and right.

So this wonderful letter told me that Thursday is my last day at the school that I work in. Which is also the one that my child attends. We have a week off for spring break and then I am to report to another school on the 20th. How stupid is this? I know that I should be happy that I still have a job to go to and that it will be money coming in. They arent cutting my pay rate or my hours. I really dont care that I have to go to another school. Yes I will miss my friends and coworkers. I will miss them alot. But I still have contact with them and I know that I wont lose them as my friends. I love them dearly and they are trying their best to help me work through this.

My concern is how this is going to be for my child. Im with her because she needs me there. Being ADHD and with ODD, she needs that support. But I know that it might work better without me being there so that she can work things out on her own. Plus she has Tina there with her should she need someone. But my main concern is getting her to school and picking her up. I dont have anyone to put her on a bus or to get her off the bus. So tomorrow morning I have to call my new boss up and set up an appointment to talk to him about this. Work something out so that I can take her to school and still be at my new one. If this cant work then Im screwed. I will be forced to resign because my kid comes first. Call me a bad mom. I dont care. I will put her above everything else. Yes, Im momma bear.

The other thing that royally pissed me off is that they cut into the music programs for next year. The only one still standing is band. Strings was cut. How can they do this to the kids? Sports was also cut back to barely nothing. This is what these kids rely on to get out of the hell hole that they call this city. They need the sports and music for scholarships to get the hell out.

Plus they have cut librarians and a lot of para positions. Mostly the special ed ones. How does this work for the kids? It doesnt work. They need us to help them get through and to learn. Without the paras, these kids suffer. Plus they will be cutting teachers as well. Where are these kids supposed to go? Larger classrooms and less staff. Hmmmm sounds like trouble to me.

So I thank you Mr. Ex President and Mr. Buttnut Gov for all you have NOT done to help out the little people.