Monday, February 25, 2008

Aloha part 2

Aloha Part 2

Vacation time is over. It was an interesting week. But it allowed me to take a much needed break. As many of you know, my daughter is ADHD. While we had this time off, I allowed her to be off her medications so that she could just be the banshee that she is. It gave her a break as well. We went out almost every day except for the snowstorms. But on Thursday, she wasnt feeling so great and neither was I.

Saturday was another jewelry class. We learned to make byzantine bracelets. I have been wanting to make these for a long time. I really enjoyed the class. The best part was listening to a couple of others complain how hard it was. I thought it was very easy. Maybe because I am used to multitasking. But it was really a great time. Of course with a bunch of chatty women in the room, it tends to get a little out of hand. But thats the fun of it.

Today was the first day back to school. Of course, we didnt quite make it that far. The usual banter in the morning of how she doesnt want to wake up always turns into how she doesnt want her hair brushed or to even get dressed. This morning it was quite different. In the middle of all that was an episode of projectile vomiting. Nothing serious. Just all that mucus that I refer to as lung slugs decided to make an appearance on my kitchen floor. So I called in and we went back to bed.

The rest of the day was spent watching cartoons and playing her DS. She ate and was doing pretty well. Tylenol Flu is her best friend. Once shes on that, shes fine. Im hoping tomorrow will be a much better day for her. But I still had to go to a 4 hour meeting tonight. I have two more weeks of these classes. Every Monday night, we gather in the school library and go over situations of how to handle unrulely kids. I think that is how you spell it. Oh I dont care. Im lucky to actually get my thoughts down in order.

Apparently I missed a good opportunity to put this class in action. This morning, a couple of the kids pulled the fire alarm. Im sure I will catch heat from my boss as to why I wasnt there. Boo frelling hoo though. My kid was sick and that was more important.

I got off track again. I was talking about my class tonight. It was pretty interesting. We do alot of role playing and good stuff where we get to act out as the child in need. Why do I always have to play the bad kid though? I think its a conspiracy. But I dont mind. Its always been my dream to just start running down the halls and screaming obscenities at who ever gets in my path. The kids have fun doing it. Why cant the adults once in a while?

We had a special guest tonight as well. It seemed that at just about 7:30, most of the ladies all decided to rise to attention of our guest. They all at once went up on the chairs. Yep. You guessed it. It was a cute little mouse. Im sure he was more scared of them than they were of him. Poor thing. I tried to catch him and then I was going to release him somewhere else but he went behind one of the book cases. He came out a few minutes later and was chased down the hall so no one freaked out again.

We were also told that next week we need to wear something comfortable. The class will now take on a more physical approach. Restraint. This should be fun. Although I think they should have some kids come in instead of us practicing on each other. Make it worth the while.

So stay tuned to see what happens next. Its back to school in the morning. Oh and one of those kids that pulled the alarm is one of those that made my week before vacation a living hell. Since he is suspended, it will be a break for me for a couple more days.



That can mean hello or goodbye. But being that Im not going to Hawaii, it just simply means that Im on vacation at home. Sucks to be me. I mean, a whole week off from school. I dont get paid for it but who cares. I know she does but thats besides the point. So its hello vacation, goodbye school. Aloha!! Now when to I get leid? Ha... Yeah I know it was lame.

So my vacation is well deserved. The last 3 weeks have been pure hell. Stupid shit at school. But it all really stressed me out. I really cant go into it for reasons that would probably cost me my job, but those of you who know what happened, know what Im talking about. It was complete bullshit but who am I to defend myself? I will lose in the end.

But lets also say that the last two full days of school, I was forced to face it and everyone acted like nothing happened. What a crock. But at least there was a snow day that broke up the tension. That was muchly needed. And Valentines Day was very sweet. Not only did LW make it back in time but also the kids remembered me.

And the best part was that the PTO was doing flower orders the week prior and I ordered some for Cami and she secretly ordered some for me. Of course I owed $3 to the lunch lady because Cami was charging stuff instead of using the money I have her. But she had it in her heart to get me the flowers. That meant alot to me.

Speaking of Cami, she asked the strings teacher if she could take violin lessons and she said yes. So starting on the Thursday after we go back to school, she will be learning to play. Im sure that will be a joy to listen to though. Its bad enough that my cat makes weird noises when you squeeze her. Ok so I dont squeeze my cat but she still makes weird noises.

Saturday was a normal day. Cami and I went out to the craft store because I was bored. She picked up a new toy while I picked out some beads to work with. I know I need to stop doing that but I was really there to get these really nice pink crystals. I ended up with a few more things and I made a new necklace. So I did accomplish something.

Sunday was really interesting. I really didnt want to get out of bed. My back was killing me because all my pillows went flat. Dont you hate that? You go out and buy really fluffy pillows and they go flat in a matter of a couple of weeks. So you have to double them in one case just so they have some substance left for a few more weeks. But I need to sleep in a sort of upright position or my back hurts. Its my bed itself but I cant afford to buy a new one. But when I can, it will be one of those sleep number things I see on tv. Or one of those memory foam ones. These pillow top things are crap. I need a nest to sleep on.

So my father calls and asks if we are coming over. Cami is still in her jammies watching cartoons and doesnt want to leave. But when I told her that her cousin was there, she was up and getting ready. I jumped in the shower and we headed over. Of course I got dressed first. You guys are such pervs.

We all headed to the mall and went to lunch. The usual fare and fun chats. After that, Cami and I went to the junk shop so she could get a new HSM necklace. Shes been pretty good so I thought she deserved a little treat. We then went to Kmart so I could get some pillows. So I argued with my father about pillows. He feels that I need the big king size ones because thats what a pillow should be. I have a full size bed and I like alot of smaller pillows. He won. I got two king size and two regular size. But now I need to get king size cases. You think I could find them? Nope. I eventually found them but not where the sheet sets were. You know, where they have the sheets and the pillow cases to match. Nope, they were where they sold the comforter sets. Weird people.

In the mean time, my neice and sister were in the mall somewhere shopping. They met up with us and proceeded to tell us what happened. I dont know if I was shocked or what. I was laughing too hard. I hope she blogs about it because I cant. Its her story but funny as hell. Some chick at Pac Sun got her ass handed to her by my neice. It was classic. I luvs my white trash.

So tomorrow is a holiday and Im not going anywhere. Big sales everywhere and its best that I be lazy and stay home.


Saturday, February 02, 2008

Where are my ears?

I miss my ears. They havent physically left my body. I just cant hear anything out of them. Its this frelled up weather. Im not sure what sucks more, this weather or this city. Ok, that was a stupid question. Its the city. At least the cold weather goes away to something alot nicer. The city just still sucks.

I have a cold....again. I honestly wouldnt mind it though. Its the body's way of releasing internal toxins. Gawd knows that there are alot of toxins here. What I hate the most is not being able to breathe or hear. I could care less about the cough part or the sore throat. Yeah I can keep my mouth shut for a few hours at a time. It is possible. But I hate it when I cant breathe. During the day isnt nearly as bad as at night.

The worst thing is to lay down and then have to sit back up again because there is a mucus bomb plugging every available space in your head. I mean seriously, why were sinuses created? Is this some sort of a cruel joke? Why cant we just have a cold and let it all run out of our faces for a few minutes and get it over with. And when you finally are able to lay down, you have to turn to one side so that the other side can breathe. Then you have to turn to the other side and repeat the process. Its almost like a river in there that flows and makes waves. Only in this process, you can lose an eyeball if you turn too fast. And one thing you dont want to do is hang your head upside down. This can cause extreme pain to the top of your head.

So today I woke up with this cold. The phone was ringing and I honestly thought it was ringing in my head. My nose was so plugged and I had no ears. I swear they went on a vacation. My friend Kim called me to ask if we were still on for class tonight. And she also told me that she ran into the lady that owns the bead shop and said we could come an hour early to get a head start. Ok. Im game. Now let me go back to sleep. About a couple of hours later, the phone rang again. She wanted to know if I had her cell phone number. Yep. Now let me go back to sleep.

I just dozed off again and here comes that insane ringing again. This time it was my father. He wanted me to come to his house to clean today because hes leaving in the morning to spend a week at his brothers house. Damnit. My head is killing me. But I looked at the clock and it was already noon. There was no way I was going to be able to go to the store for supplies, clean his house, do his labels and pick Kim up at 2:30. I work well under pressure, but when its sinus pressure, Im pretty much useless.

So I dragged my sorry but to the shower and got ready. I went to Walmarts first and grabbed some beads Ive been wanting to work with and headed to the cold med aisle. Not fully alert, I felt a shove on my shoulder. I look up and the biggest man I have ever seen was standing there in front of me. Don!!! Nothing like a bear hug from Don. I havent seen him in about 8 years. So we chatted up a bit and he told me all about his new venture with personal training. He wanted to know if it was something for me to get involved with. Well he really didnt ask but told me to call him and he would hook me up. Of course I said yes. I really need that motivation and hes the one to do it. So I will soon be starting on my weight training. Whoohoo!!! Seriously, I really am looking forward to doing this. I joined a little contest with the school district called Battle of the Buldge. Im betting our team can win this.

But the sad part is that everything he said to me was like I was in a warehouse because my ears were so plugged. But I gathered all my cold supplies and we went on our ways. I looked at the clock and thought, there is no way Im doing all this on time. So I rushed to my fathers house and started my task. I took two huge ibuprofens and got to work. I got all the floors mopped and the bathroom cleaned. I started the bedding and he needed to wash some things so I told him to do that and I would be back after my class. I started him on the labels and showed him how to finish them.

Im just in time to get Kim and go to class. We get there promptly at 3pm. Whew. Great timing. But I still cant hear anything. So all my instructions are sort of cryptic. Im a little slow to get it all going but it came out beautiful. Im quite prud of myself. Now lets see if I can remember it all when my head clears. I was tempted to make another one tonight but decided not to.

I went back to my fathers house and got everything finished up. But there was one thing that I forgot to do today. I forgot to eat something. Yeah, can you imagine that? By now, I have the shakes and all that good stuff that comes with being hypoglycemic. Its not a fun thing. So I went home and made something to eat. Im tired, drained and I cant hold my head up straight. But guess what? I cant go to sleep. I tried to lay down but that damn sinus thing keeps flowing through my head.

The weather here has really sucked. On Thursday, we all were watching the weather to see what was going to happen for Friday. We were expecting alot of shit and wondering if there would be school or not. So Friday morning, I wake up and immediately wonder why there was no phone call to let me know of a delay or closing. I logged on line and sure enough, we are open and on time. All the other schools in the area are closed. No delay. Closed. This is not a good sign. Did the superintendant not look out his window? Did he not look at the closed list? Whats up with that?

So I trudged to get myself and Cami ready to go and Im thinking that I need to leave early so that I can make it there on time with the bad stuff going on. But the roads are dry. Ok, this is messing with me. But I know its coming. At about 9am, the rains hit. At about 10am, the snow hits. Its coming down hard and heavy with huge flakes. Then I look out the window and its sleet and freezing rain. Crap. This is going to be really fun.

Ive been covering for one of the teachers I work with and I dont get a break until lunch. But even then I have to eat with the kids because thats the only time I will be able too. While my kids are in line, I took off outside with with one of my friends. We decided to go across the street to sit in her car. Its not raining hard but its a freezing rain. The road looks like a skating rink and we watched a cop car sliding past us. This cant be good. We slip and slide across the street and I nearly went on my ass about 4 times. This sucks.

The drive home was pretty fun but uneventful. About 530 we went to Tracies to play her wii. I swear that the devil created this game. By the end of the evening, my arms were ready to fall off. How crazy is this thing? I had to paddle my arms and swing them in circles and jump up and down. All while pushing specific buttons and watching letters on the screen and all that crap. I thought I was going to die. It was like an aerobic workout. Overall it was fun though. Had a few laughs because I was really sucking at this thing.

I think its time for me to pass out now. Ive had my Nyquil and Im starting to ramble. My fingers went numb about an hour ago. But I will sleep late tomorrow. Its the Superbowl and I want to be well rested for this. Im not going to any parties though. I dont think my head could handle it.