Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Memorial Day Weekend......

Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day Weekend

Its time to pay tribute to all those that have fought so hard and lost their lives to make sure that the rest of us can sleep in peace.

My weekend started out pretty decent. Even after all that stress from the week before. It feels good to finally be able to relax for a few days. We got the extra day off because of an unused snow day. Yes we, in the upper part of the country, have snow days. There are times when its just so bad that we cant get through. Or in general reference to school buses. So when the kids get the day off, so do I. One of the perks of my job. But I dont get paid for them. Sucks I know.

Well we got the extra day off because we didnt use one of those said days. We could have but the school board really wanted this and we do look forward to a four day weekend. Friday was a sort of lazy day. Cami and I went to the mall with grandpa to just hang out. Got a few articles of clothing for the summer and had lunch. That was pretty much about it for that day.

Saturday we went to camp to see mom and Mousie. They were having a sale on their deck. No, the deck itself was not for sale. See, this is an addiction to them. Between flea markets and auctions, they just cant stay away or out of the middle of it. Yeah, its a great way to make extra money, especially when they are retired. So there they are set up with everything covering the deck. And being a holiday weekend there will be alot of people there. They did a great job.

Now comes the fun part. After everything is picked up and covered, Mousie decided to bring out a toy to play with. A remote control helicopter. After watching him try to get this thing off the ground, its a wonder that he can even drive a car. The thing took more nose dives and tree hits. Once it was up in the tree and he figured that to get it down, hit one of the buttons and it will release itself. Its sure did and right into a large rock. This cracked the front of it but he didnt care. It was alot of fun to play with. But hes smart. He has another one in a box up on the deck so that he can wreck this one learning how to use it and then show off with the new one.

Sunday was a decent day. I got to sleep late. Then I took a shower. Yeah I do that every day. So what was so exciting about today? I will tell you. After my shower, I brushed my teeth and then brushed out my hair. I plugged the blow dryer in and nothing happened when I turned it on. So I hit the reset on the plug and tried it again. It worked this time but it started to glow a pretty shade of red. This is not good. So I decided to turn it off. Too bad that it was still glowing red. I waited til it cooled down and tried it again. I plugged it back in and turned it on. It came on but it was blowing in slow motion. Yes this is possible. No dont argue with me about it. Im watching it do it. And it was sounding like it was drunk. A very slurred and multitoned blowing sound. No Im not an expert on this. Just go with it, will ya.

So this time, while it wasnt glowing red, it was making funny sounds. Will you get your mind off the blowing? Then suddenly it spit a spark out at me. Yeah thats what I get from looking straight down the barrell huh? I decided then and there that it was all over for my trusty blow dryer. But my hair is still wet. This sucks. So I hung my head upside down and shook all the water out of it. Ran my fingers through it and roughed it up til it dried. It didnt come out too bad considering thats what I would have normally done with the blow dryer. Just took forever and my face was pretty red.

So off to the local Wally World I went. Its always so difficult for me to pick out a blow dryer. A few times I have had to exchange it because it wasnt something that I liked. Yeah it will sound perverted but I have to have one that is comfortable in my hand. It cant be too heavy above the handle because then it is very awkward to control. And the handle cant be too thick because I have small hands. And the air intake has to be on the end and not on the side. If its on the side, my hair always gets sucked in and tangled up in the motor. Please dont ask how this could happen. It just does.

I settled on a lavendar and silver Remington. It didnt cost a whole lot but it was really cool to look at. Now I just dont take that into account. I will have to test it when I get home. But the choice was a tough one. Most of them have this thing called ions. What the hell is that and what does it have to do with a blow dryer? Something about making sure the hair doesnt over dry and break I guess. Doesnt bother me one whit. I just want it to dry my hair so I can leave the house looking somewhat presentable. Not that it actually happens most mornings, but at least I try. Considering that I am at work at 830 but I dont wake up til at least 10.

So I buy this thing and a few new shirts that I can wear to work. I get it home and of course I have to try it out. I take it all out of the box and plug it in. It works!! No sparks and its blowing great!! Oh shut up about that will ya? He he he. One thing that I dont like about it is that the handle doesnt come straight down off the tube. Its at a slight angle so I will have to adjust my aim. Its this one but it says Remington Blowout on the side and its a light purple color. http://remington.factoryoutletstore.com/flyer/5427/324d721fac1facaa4972b340ea689a93/Remington_DC-1880.html

Now we come to Monday. Yeah enough of the blow talk because even I was thinking it was perverted. And when that happens, I usually get into trouble. So here I am, waking up late again. I love weekends. But Im hungry and there isnt any cheese in the house. Yeah I want something with cheese. And after my shower, I also discover that we are low on toilet paper. Sorry but I cant go through life without toilet paper. Its not like I can stand there and shake it a few times. So off to the grocery store I go. While I am there, it also comes to mind that I need cat litter. Im very picky about this because if I dont clean the box every day, the cat gets pissed at me. Plus I dont like to smell a litter box. Also the dog thinks its a snack machine. Yeah thats gross but nothing I can do about it but keep it constantly clean.

So I grab the cheeses that I want. I also grab some lunch meat for the week. While Im at it, I run to the soup aisle because thats what I want for lunch. So I skip down over to the pet aisle and grab the litter. No I wasnt really skipping. It could have been fun but I think they would have called the men in white to come get me. While in the pet aisle, I grabbed a box of snacks for Mindy and some little mice for Sara. Then I headed for the litter. Now I usually get the Tidy Cat in the orange label plastic jug. They didnt have any of the regular size and I didnt like the other ones they had. Then I see a sale sign for the Arm & Hammer one. Three times the size for less money than the one I normally get. What a bargin. I grab one of the last three boxes. Yeah this one is in a box with a little plastic tab handle on the top. How convienent when that little tab breaks while you are in the checkout line. But that didnt happen to me so dont worry about it.

I start to put all my stuff up on the belt thingy and then remembered that I dont have the toilet paper. Damnit. Now I put everything back in the cart and run off in search of that. So I come all the way back and I have to stand in line again. Have you ever stood there and watched what other people buy? The combination of things can be amusing. Then I thought of myself. Cheese, bologna (and yes I sang the song to spell it), dog treats, furry fake mice, box of soup mix, and cat litter. No Im not trying to kill anyone or anything. And no my cat doesnt eat cheese. Oh wait. I forgot the toilet paper again. Add that to the list. Yeah that could be for after the cat uses the litter. You people are weird.

So anywho, I get all cashed out and head to my car. Im parked right next to one of those cart return bins. There is this little chinese guy there collecting the carts. Im not busting on chinese people with this. He just happened to be chinese. But he wasnt a big man. So Im unloading my goodies into the trunk of my car and he comes over to help me with the huge box of litter. I will admit that it is heavy. I didnt ask him to help me. He did that on his own. So who am I to argue? So he reaches into the cart and grabs that little handle. And he tugs. And he tugs again. I think the box weighed more than he did. So he gave up and I grabbed it and put it in the trunk. He said to me "thats why I dont like cats. The litter weighs more than they do". I nearly busted out laughing. Dude... The wind weighs more than you do.

And who said chivalry is dead.

Monday, May 28, 2007

This past week really bites.....

This past week really bites......

In more ways that one. Its been really stressful for me. My daughter got in some trouble at school and Ive been bonkers about it since. I know as a parent I should be really concerned and I truely am. But I also work there as well so that puts me on the spot for my job. I wont mention too much about it because it is a privacy issue. I will just post up about my side of it all. So any disclaimers are for myself and my child only.

The other day, I was taking my kids out to the playground after lunch. I see her walking in and her head is down. Shes being escorted by one of the teachers that was "acting" principal while the real one was at a conference. Im not liking what I see though. I stopped in the hall and asked her what was up and she pulled away from me. I looked at the man walking her in and he said he would talk to me about it later and that everything was ok for the moment. Ok, this is making it much worse because I cant just drop everything and go with them. I have a class to deal with first.

I head out to the playground and there I was met with one of the lunch aides and she filled me in on what happened. Apparently a boy came up to Cam and was teasing her. She had a feather in her hand that she wanted to show one of the staff and give it to her. Yes, my daughter has a heart like this. Always giving to others. According to everyone involved, the boy then took the feather and tried to rip at it and threw it on the ground. Im sorry, but that would piss me off too. Now remember that we are dealing with 7 year olds here. Cam tried to get it away from him and he kept pushing her away from it. This was hurting her to the point of anger and apparently she grabbed his arm that had the feather and she bit it. Yep. She bit his arm. She did it to get him to drop the feather.

This is a serious issue because now the boy is on the groun in tears and she got her feather back. Now Im not saying that what she did was right but he relaly should have left her alone in the first place. Its just like a dog. Take away his toy and tease him, hes going to hurt you. But this is not the way she should have handled it. Damn I wish I was out there just a few mintues sooner. I could have stopped this before it got this far. Its really upsetting me.

I got my kids back in after recess and now its my lunch break. I head to the office and there she is in one of the seats outside the principals office. Not exactly where I want to see my own kid. Especially when Im there working. Doesnt look good for either of us. I spoke to her and also to the "acting" principal and got the stories out. Im in tears. Shes in tears and he is very confused as to how to handle it. He said that she would have to sit in the detention room and that the principal would have to handle it the next day herself. Oh wonderful. I can hardly wait.

So I deal with it the best I can and I didnt want to deal with it with her dad. I could see the roof landing four blocks away as it is. So that night I fretted and paced. I talked to a few friends about it and they all told me not to worry too much and that everything will be ok. I believe that. Truely I do, but I still am seeing this from a moms point of view. Yeah when I got in trouble, which was only a couple of times, my mom was harsh on me. She never spanked me or anything. Just a mad or upset look was enough for me. I hated hurting my mom or disrespecting her. To me that wasnt right. Guess thats just how I was raised. And I also raise my child that way too.

So here I am dwelling on the next day. Im not thrilled. I cant afford to take a day off without pay so that I can sit home with her because she got suspended from school. I think it wouldnt have been so bad but she did break the skin. Yeah we went through the whole bacterial bull with her and how gross it is to put your mouth on someone else. Hey, shes only seven so that doesnt apply to her. I dont want her kissing boys yet. Hell, I dont want her kissing anyone. Well at least until her fist date. Which should be somewhere around age 30. Well Christopher is ok because I know hes a good boy. And so darn cute.

She even went through that little talk with the school nurse. The biting part. Not the kissing part. But that would be amusing. I will have to remember that when I talk to her the next time. Not Cami, but the school nurse. She will find it amusing.

Anywho, Im sitting here at night thinking about what to do with the next day coming. Im not looking forward to it and I know it really wont be so bad but its still going to be bad enough. Its just something that I dont ever want my child to have to deal with. But she pulled the plug and she has to face the punishment. Shes asleep but Im not. I logged off the computer at about 145am and tried to sleep. It wasnt happening. I turned off the lights and crawled into bed. As soon as I laid down, I felt like my lungs collapsed. Damnit. I hate this feeling because I knew what was happening. I was having an panic attack. Its not often that I have these. I think in the past 10 years, I have had maybe 6 of them. But I know when they happen and I cant do a damn thing to stop them.

So I get up and turn all the lights on. Yeah real good for the electric bill huh? ANd I have the AC on and all the fans. So that adds to it. Who cares? I cant breathe!!!! And wouldnt you know it, I have to pee. For those of you that havebeen to my house know that my bathroom isnt the place you want to be during a panic attack. Its a tiny room thats about 5'x8'. Yeah that small. Its a watercloset. Literally. I can sit on the toilet, wash my hands and put my feet in the tub all at the same time. Fun times in there. Not so fun when you are trying to pee and the walls are closing in on you. I will just have to wait it out.

So I pace some more. I was thinking about going outside because its open and the air is cooler but in my neighborhood, thats just not a smart thing to do. If I go out front, I risk getting shot at or having someone mug me. If I go out back I risk getting shot at or some strange mutant animal wanting to make friends with me and no its not my dog. Shes the only mutant that I will be friends with. Oh wait. I have a few friends like that already. lol

So I thought, why not watch some tv. Yeah riiiight. Like what could possibly be on worth watching at 3am. Im not in the mood for infomercials. Even though they would bore me to sleep. Sleep isnt going to be happening for a while. So I flipped through the channels and what do you think is on? Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Oh joy. Just the weirdness that I needed while Im trying hard to breathe. So there I sit on the couch with Mindy. One of us breathing heavy and the other not hardly at all. Yeah we make a great pair to cuddle up with.

Also I should include that I have a serious fear of suffication so this makes it all the worse for me. So now that I cant breathe, I have that fear rising so now Im panicing that I cant breathe even more. This is so much fun. You should try it sometime. Oh, I should put in the disclaimer that you shouldnt try this at home huh? Too late.

Now mind you that Mindy has not seen me go through a panic attack before and its scaring her. Hell, its scaring me. But holly knew what to do because she saw it before. Mindy is whining and trying to lick my face. Not a good thing to be doing. I dont mind her kissing me but please, not my face. I cant have anything in my face at this time. Even if I was at the hospital they would try to put an oxygen mask on me. Not happening. I cant do it. It makes me panic even more. Stupid fears. The best thing for her to do is just lay down calmly next to me and let me pet and talk to her. Nope. Thats not happening. Shes bouncing all over because well, thats her. Plus shes concerned and doesnt know what to do. Hell neither do I but damnit, sit the hell down so I can relax.

Im watching this movie and quite frankly, I dont know how this didnt scare small kids. What the hell is up with that smile? I know its part of the movie but even my sarcasim is better than his. I think I like the old version better. I mean, the little orange men were a hell of alot less freaky. Ok, so this is entertaining me a little and Im relaxing. I decided that Ive done fairly well in calming down so I head back to bed. I turned the lights off but left the AC and the fans on. I went into my room and walked right back out. Not happening. I turn all the lights back on.

Now mind you that I still have to use the bathroom and its getting worse. Its now about 4am. I think that its now time to just tough it out. I go into the room and I go really fast. But then it dawns on me to take a ice cold shower to maybe jump start myself again. Its always worked in the past but thats when I wasnt living here and my bathroom was also 20 times this size. So anyways, I jump in the shower and the cold water feels really good. So Im cooling down and relaxing again. I stepped out and wrapped a warm towel around myself and headed back to the living room. Watched a little more tv and attempted to go back to bed.

I laid back down but this time I left the light on in my room. It helped. But when I laid down, that feeling was back again. I propped up my pillows and sat against the cold wall. I think I dozed off about 6 when the alarm went off at 630. Not good but I had no other choice. I got up and got her ready for school. Then I jumped back in the shower and got ready myself. Im feeling fairly well considering that I had no sleep.

Got to school and pretty much dreaded it all day. Cami was really good til about 1pm when someone came to my room and said that I needed to go see her. She was having a fit. One of the boys in the class was teasing her. And she reacted to it by getting angry. I cant leave my class right now so I called her dad to come in and take care of it. He came in and thats when the principal decided that it was a good time to call the meeting and discuss her punishment. Damn. I really didnt want to do this.

So I sat in the office listening to her talk about how to handle this and the fact that I shouldnt get involved in Cami's issues while in school. I should let someone else handle it and then be a parent after school. Ok I can agree with that. So we settled on something and she was handed the punishment of having to sit in the detention room all day the next day. Whew. That was a relief. And she can have her field trip if we decide that she can. Its up to us. Personally Im really not sure what to do about that yet. I signed the slip and turned in the money if it comes down that she can earn that trip back.

So all is relieved. But that night as I laid in bed, I thought about alot of things in life. I want so much more for her and to be able to be in a better environment. Its a great school but the neighborhood and some of the lifestyles of some of the kids isnt working for her. She is very sensative to alot of that. Then again, no one likes to be teased because we are different. Im not going to get into the reason I stated that. But its a matter of ratios. Sad I know but alot of kids dont understand it. I will work on her all summer with it.

About 5am though, I woke up with a shot of pain going through my left leg. Damn charlie horse to the back of my calf. Who the hell named it charlie and what does it have to do with a horse? I jump up out of bed and start running around in my kitchen. Gawd does this hurt. I have had cramps in the arch of my foot and a few of these in my calf but this one really hurts. Bad. Ok, Im wide awake now. Guess Im wearing sneakers to work.

Good thing that its a pay day and also its the start of a four day weekend for me. I really need this so that I can catch up on sleep and also it will be quiet. I can relax at the camp and totally block the city from my mind.

Im feeling better already. Oh and while I was typing this all out, there was 9 gunshots close by and the sound of sirens.

Yep. I need this weekend off really bad.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Mommy Day

My mommy day was pretty much non existant. I was so sick from the day before that I spent it in bed. Well Im supposed to be lazy right? But not unconscious the whole time. I have no idea what I missed. I woke up about 7am to bouncing on my bed. I got a couple of hand made cards and lots of hugs and cuddles. I think thats really the last conscious thought I had until about 3pm.

I woke up with a headache and decided to take a long hot shower. Trying to clear my head and sinuses. I think I have taken enough cold medicine to knock out a cow. But think of it this way, why am I taking cold medicine when its allergies that are bothering me? Well I'll tell ya. Because Im too freaking lazy and sick to drive to the damn store to get what I need. Ok that was a little harsh but in the mood I was in yesterday, that was tame.

I was miserable. Absolutely out of control. You would think I was PMSing but I wasnt. Funny thing about that, I dont PMS. Yes its true. I swear that I havent bitten anyones head off for that. Why you say? Because during that time, Im pretty much unconscious too. Good thing huh? At that time I only suffer from the medical phenomenom known as hormonal migraines. Knocks the hell out of me. Blinding and nauseating. Just lock me in a severly cold and dark room and let me sleep it off. Or give me two Imitrex and I will be fine.

But anyways, as I was saying before I rudely interupted myself, I was suffering from a sinus migraine this time. My face was about to explode. It wouldnt have been pretty. But it probably would have released all that nasty goo that was clogging up my airways. What a relief that would have been. But then again, I wouldnt have a nose left to blow it all out of. Or eyeballs for that matter. You know, to look for tissues.

So I take this really hot shower. It helps a little. I wandered around the house for a little while before realizing that I cant even spell my own name. Between taking cold meds and flu meds, Im pretty darn loopy. It was one of those "look at the pretty colors" moments. Yep, Im going back to bed. So I crawled back to my snuggly nest of pillows and zonked out again. I woke up again about 9:30pm. My day was spent. My brain still hurt. I decided to just take some ibeuprofen. 1600mgs of it to be exact. I get my supply from my father who gets them from the VA. They come in 400mg tablets but that doesnt work for me. So yea, I took 4 of them. Knocked out the headache for a while.

I chatted with some friends for a while and then stayed up to talk to LW. Hung out with him til about 1:30am and then took the night time flu meds. I was out cold. I mean out cold. Loopyland was completely bypassed this time. My alarm woke me up at about 5:30am and I hit the snooze button. It went off again at 5:38am and I hit the snooze button again. Seeing a pattern here? I finally dragged my sorry butt out of bed about 10 minutes to 7am. So yeah, I hit the snooze button every eight minutes for all that time. And the alarm clock is at the foot of my bed. So I made the effort to sit up and crawl to the end of my bed. Squinty eyed and all, I managed to find the snooze button every time but still couldnt put my feet on the floor to get up. Now thats pretty darn lazy if you ask me. But you didnt ask. Ha... I told you so anyways. Wait, I shouldnt agree with it.

But now Im up. And so is Cami. Shes sitting there in the livingroom watching tv an eating my Go-tarts. Shame. And if you ask her, she will tell you that she doesnt like the strawberry ones. Bah!! So I get her in the shower and get her all cleaned up. All the while, she is complaining that its cold. Well grab the towel and go dry off and get dressed. Nope. I finished my shower and found her sitting in her room air drying. Well thats what she called it. Shes wrapped up in a huge bath towel all shivering. Sheesh. Im still groggy and not wanting to have to dress her too. But being the good mom that I am, I dressed her and did her hair. In the mean time, the poor dog is driving me crazy. So on goes the robe over the towel and slipped my soggy feet into a pair of slippers. Down the back stairs I go and out into the chilly morning air. No wonder Im sick. Im sure my neighbors must have thought I was the prettiest thing on the block. Not. But the dog had to pee and who was I to deny that. Plus I wasnt in the mood to clean up the floor.

So now life takes on a whole new meaning. Its a Monday morning at school. All the joys of screaming kids while having a migraine. I made it through the day though. My head was beyond pounding when I left but I kept my cool all day. My teacher that I work with couldnt figure out how I did it without choking anyone. She said it with a laugh though. But I promised Cami that I would get her a surprise because I wasnt able to fully remain conscious for her on Sunday. We went to the store so that I could get some real medicine. Allergy meds to be exact. The kind that you suck on to disolve in your mouth. I dont think I could have swallowed anything because my stomach was churning all day. I hadnt eaten anything but some buttered noodles at about 4pm on Sunday. Im starving but dont dare eat anything.

I asked her what she wanted for a treat. She decided on something so high powered in sugar that I nearly fainted thinking about the reaction later. No way was I scraping her off the ceiling. So she nailed a bag of cheetos instead. And to think that I offered her a toy too but she wanted those more. Oh well. I wasnt complaining about that either. I wasnt really in the mood to have to sit there for an hour pulling wires and cutting tape tabs to get the damn thing out of the package. I probably would have ended up burning it instead.

So I took my allergy med and a couple of those other things that Im sure you are yelling at me for taking so much of. Then sat down at my desk and chatted with a couple of friends for a while. My headache is gone and I actually ate a nice steak for dinner. I feel so much better. But there is something stuck in my head. Im singing the jingle for Bumble Bee Tuna. Please dont ask me why. Its stuck there and driving me absolutely crazy. So then Im told to get that one out of my head, I need to sing the Oscar Mayer song.

And like Jade told me, its sad that neither of us can spell bologna without singing it first.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

My sinuses hate me...

My sinuses hate me....

Yes it is true. They hate me. Not that I really like them either. What do we have them for anyways? All they do is fill up and make my face hurt. Oh and the create alot of nose gobblins. Yuk. Well today was a little worse than most. Also it didnt help that I had nothing to take for it either. Trust me, cold medicine is not working for allergies. I have tree pollen allergies. Yeah can you imagine what that is like in the spring? And what do you think I did today? I spent the day in the mountains at the camp. Which, by the way, is also in the woods. Surrounded by trees.

I love my camp. Its nestled in the Catskill Mountains. A very beautiful place to be in. The scenery is beautiful. Its quiet there and no big cities near by. All little small country towns. I grew up in one of them not far from there. Well its more closer to the Helderberg Mountains but still in the same area. One range connects to the other. In some places you can see the Helderbergs and rising above them are the Catskills.

My daughter and I took the drive to the camp to see my mom. Tomorrow is Mothers Day and I wanted to be able to spend a nice quiet day with her. So here we are cruising on the back roads, me listening to the rock stations on the radio and her in the back seat with her CD player and headphones on listening to Hilary Duff. Once in a while she will say something about the scenery but usually shes singing at the top of her lungs. Its funny because I think she thinks that I cant hear her. Oh and she needs singing lessons. I put that on the list of things for her to do. Once we get closer to the camp she takes them off and then talks about what she wants to do while there. Its the same thing every time but it keeps her occupied.

She has a liking for stopping at a ranch on the way there. They have this huge wooden statue out front of carved bears. Thats her landmark that we are getting close. My way of knowing is that my eyes are tearing up and my nose is completely plugged. It all evens out. But we have to stop so she can see the bears. Or so she says. But she always runs up to the fence to pet the horses at the ranch. Its her wish to have a horse. I had mine when I was her age but we live in the city and I cant afford a horse right now.

We get into the camp and drive down to the site. Park the truck and I nearly die. The place is covered in all the little white things that are flying about. Wonderful. Its like its snowing. There is so much of this stuff. Happens every year and you would think that I would have remembered that. But no I didnt. So Im already sneezing. At least I already passed the part where everything gets covered in that lime green stuff. I cant tolerate that. At least I hope that part has passed. If not then Im in serious trouble. I will have to remember to bring some Alavert or something. But you know I will forget.

Every year I bring my mom a pretty hanging basket of flowers for Mothers Day. Its something she looks forward to because we always have pretty flowers all around the campsite. In flower beds and in pots. But I always bring the baskets. In a way its for me too because I spend all summer there. It goes well with all the feeders hanging around. We have tons of birds and chipmunks all over. I really enjoy the hummingbirds. The only part I dont like is that they are so used to hanging out there that they come relaly close to you and it you arent paying attention they buzz like bees in your ears. Or you get the occasional whack on your head. But they are so tiny and such gentle creatures. Very beautiful. But Mouse wasnt pleased with one of the birds today. It decided to mark its territory on his hat on top of his golfcart. Yep and nice big splotch of white dripping down the blue paint. But the hat is blue and white so I dont know what the big complaint was. It matched at least. Wait til the birds start to eat black berries and they crap purple everywhere. Yeah thats a pretty sight.

So my mom, Cami and I took a ride in her cart to the office. Her cart is white so the poop blends in. No Im not fixated on bird poop. Just so happens that they park the carts under the feeders. Their fault, not mine. Anywho, at the office, Cami always picks out a new toy to play with. You would think that she has enough already but to her its a sort of treat for being good. Plus it keeps her busy and not inside with the tv on. Or pestering someone for that matter.

Last year, we had a problem with some squirrels chasing off everything that came around and they also broke some of the feeders. Mouse doesnt like the squirrels hanging around. He makes it a purpose every year to make the feeders inaccessable to them. They find a way though. Well in the office store, Cami found a stuffed squirrel to give to Mouse. I noticed that it had two parts. The body and the tail are seperated. You do know what this means. Yep, you pull the tail and it viberates. No this is not a toy for me. Get those thoughts out of your head. But we got it for Mouse. Oh and they even had a viberating beaver. My mom didnt get that joke til I had to explain it to her.

But while mom was talking to someone in there, I had to pee. There is a bathhouse next door to the office so off I went. I step in and head for the middle stall. I dont like the first one because you can see it from the outside. Not that it matters because it does have a door. Its just the thought. Well I had to go really bad. I noticed inside the bowl that there was a small moth on the side near the water. You know that moths dont fly during the day so I didnt think anything of it. Well he is about to get a surprise. So I did my thing and stood up. Moth gone.

I looked around thinking he did fly away. Didnt see it. I lifted the lid thinking he may have gone up under it. Nope not there either. Now where did it go? I flushed and maybe it would wash down that way. Nope, nothing. Oh well. I hear my mom calling to me so I pulled up my pants and started to button them. At this time, I discovered where he went. Yep. I think my mom heard me scream because she was suddenly in the doorway laughing. Apparently when I jumped, I pushed the door open and was halfway out in the main area of the bathroom. My pants were half way down trying to shoo a moth off the back of my leg. I know they wont hurt me but when you have something crawling on you, it tends to freak you out a little.

Ok, my embarrassing moment is over. Nothing more to see. You can all go home now. Im sure all the small woodland creatures wont come near me now. We get back to the camp and relax by the fire after dinner. My head is just about to explode. I dont care though because this is what I come there for. No not my exploding head. To sit by the fire and relax. We have a cute little alligator feeder that sits on the side of the fire pit. Dont worry, the pit is quite large and wide. The feeders arent affected by it. Well we also have a few very friendly squirrels that come to hang out and fill their cheeks up. Very cute little guys. So Mouse is sitting there next to the feeder and the chipmunks just come right up and eat. So he decides to move it and yep, they found it. But mom moved it back to where it was. And they found it again. So he puts his hand on it and they dont even bother to care. They just keep stuffing their cheeks. How do they run with their heads so full of seeds? Its too funny. Im waiting for one to take a biff and nose dive the ground.

So that way pretty much my day today. My head is killing me but at least I can now go to sleep in my snuggly bed. Me and my medicine will get along quite well tonight. And I will do this all again next weekend when its punky fly season. But at least the pollen will be gone by then. I will just have to deal with being all sticky with Off Deep Woods. Oh and Im also allergic to the smell of citronella. Joyous times there. Mom keeps the torches lit at night and the little tea lights everywhere. And yes I will forget my Alavert again.