Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Somewhere over the rainbow...

If there was any rainbow that is...

This was originally a post for Sunday night. Can you tell Ive been lazy?

Somewhere over the rainbow....

Nope... Didnt see any rainbows today. In fact, I didnt see too much of anything except the river flowing by the trailer at the camp. Yesterday was a fun deal. Today was even worse. My dear LW seems to send me the worst weather. What ever he has there comes right across and slams me here. I know he loves to share everything with me but he can keep the crappy weather. I dont mind a little rain but this is crazy.

I posted before about the crap he seems to be getting there. Then yesterday I was at class and the shit hit the fan. Literally. We were all sitting around the table and then Kim and I went outside for a break. I do that alot when working on something that tries my patience. So while outside, we noticed that the sky was looking really ugly to the west. I thought I heard a little thunder and said that we were getting something soon.

Well that something came in the form of a phone call from Kathleens mom stating that there was a nasty storm coming and that anyone that wanted to leave should do so now. Well no one really moved because we were in a secure building. No big deal. Then I saw the lightning. Then the thunder was loud and cracking. I looked up from my work and saw that the rain was coming down in buckets but moving at a sideways angle. Then came the hail.

I went to the back door and opened it up. I had never touched hail before. I stuck my arm out and caught some. It was the coolest thing. But I was a little scared about it flying off the roof of the garage and off the cars. Someone from behind me said "there goes the windshields". The hail balls were quite large.

Last night was pretty interesting too. LW and I chatted briefly before he went out after work. I then shut down my computer because I heard thunder here. But before he left, he said that nasty weather was coming my way. Gee thanks. Well he was right. For over an hour the thunder got worse and worse. So I went to my diningroom window to watch the storm. I can admit that I just out of my shorts a few times. I could see the bolts coming straight down. They were really close by. The cracks of thunder were so loud that I thought my windows would break. I stopped watching that and decided that watching something on TV was a better option. Thats when I saw the alert that told me to take cover in a secure dwelling and to stay away from the windows. Ya think? Now where would I find a secure dwelling? Damn sure isnt my top floor crappy apartment.

So this morning I get up bright and early. I went looking for my bright eyes and bushy tail but they were nowhere to be found. I got Cami up for her pill and breakfast and then I hopped in the shower. I called my mom to make sure she would be there. I didnt want to make the long drive down if I didnt have to. I would have gone back to bed instead. But indeed she would be there and told me that it was raining. I checked the local weather here and it said that it wouldnt be too bad. A few scattered showers should have told me something. But of course, I wanted to see my mom. That was more important.

So off we go. But there is a slight problem. Cami broke her portable CD player. So you know what that means. An hour straight of the same songs over and over and over and over. Normally this wouldnt be so bad. But she got a new CD the day before. Miley Cyrus. Now dont get me wrong. I like Miley. I like Hannah. But damnit enough is enough after the first hour straight of it.

So we pull into the camp and head to the trailer. The sky is a little gloomy but its not raining. Thats a good sign. Boy was I wrong. At about 11am, the Heavens opened and shit all over the place. And I do mean shit. It was a repeat of yesterday except this lasted for hours and hours.

I was sitting on the deck when the thunder started. Then the lightning. The cool thing about living in the mountains is that when it thunders, it echoes. Its a really neat sound. We are at the base of one mountain and they are all connected together. So when it hits, it hits again and again and again. But the lightning was a little too close for me. You could feel the static from it.

So while Im sitting there, I felt something whack me in the arm. Hail. Not this shit again. Yep. This shit again. So Cami comes out because the window she was sitting next to has a waterfall outside it. So shes running around the deck picking up the hail. Ok, so this is an entertaining learning experience for her.

The road out front is now a river. The trailer across the street is about to become a houseboat to the lake that is forming under it. I took some pictures but I will have to load them seperately because its almost two in the morning and Im just too damn lazy to do it now. Btw... Someone is still up and I told her that if she doesnt sleep, then I cant sleep and that means we dont go anywhere tomorrow.

So anyways, the rain finally slows up and the birds come to feed at the feeders. This is a good sign. So Cami and I take a little walk to see the damage at the bottom of the hill behind us. Sure enough, the trailers down there are in Lake Erie. Of course my kid has to go jump in the water.

But I think I spoke too soon because I can see the dark clouds again. We head back up the hill to the trailer just in case. While sitting there, I had a very interesting experience. We have alot of birds and animals that we feed and we always have hummingbirds and chipmunks on the deck. I cant tell you how many times I have been whacked with a humminbird flying in.

This time was different for me though. I didnt get whacked but close to it. Two of them came in all twitter-pated. Bambi reference there. It was a male and a female doing the mating dance. Well mating flight. They went around and around for a while and I ducked. Its one thing to get whacked with one but another thing to get whacked with two at the same time.

I tried to take pictures but you know how that turns out. Didnt work so well. But then suddenly the female takes off and the male tries to follow but he is too high. He ends up poking at the roof for a while. We have a white plastic roof that allows sunlight in. He didnt realize that if he flew about a foot lower, he would be free. So I went up after him to rescue him. I caught him gently and let him rest in my hands for a few minutes. Cami got to pet him and he started to calm down. I then took him outside and opened my hands. He sat there for a while and then flew away. Its always a great experience to hold a hummingbird.

Shortly after that, the rain came again with even more thunder and lightning. I was having enough of this but I couldnt leave until it let up. So we decided to have an early dinner of corn on the cob, potatoes and some meatloaf. Yeah, nice combo. But my mom makes a really great meatloaf. Even Cami ate some with bread as a burger. Well at least thats what she thought it was and she liked it.

About the time dinner was over, the rain had let up enough for me to bail out of there. It a long drive home and I hate doing it in the rain. About 10 miles down the road though, it was bright and sunny. Go figure. But before that, I caught a shot of the mountains that looked really cool. You could see the clouds above them and then you saw about half the mountains. Then there was another row of clouds. It looked really cool.

Once we got home, I was ready for a nap. Stay tuned for the next post about a little trip we took to see the family. I really wasnt looking forward to more rain.

Friday, July 25, 2008

I cant swim....

I cant swim....

Im really getting tired of monsoon season here in NY. Seems that this crap is never ending. With all the storms, flooding and power outages, Im pretty much ready to move out. I was talking to a dear friend the other night and he was having worse shit there so I guess I shouldnt complain too much.


Watch the little video. I was in shock. I mean....Its July!! Snow in July!! Brings on a whole new meaning to Christmas in July.

So pretty much crappy weather here. If its not raining then its so humid that you sweat just by breathing. Today was a nice day though. I was able to escape my hovel and go to the mall with my father and daughter. Started her school supply shopping. I just need to pick up a few things and a new backpack for her. In about 2 weeks I will start her clothes shopping. I really dont look forward to that. Not like I actually had a job all summer to pay for this. She needs to stop growing taller. Shes almost as tall as I am.

The latest on her treatment is that she now has a new doctor. I am so happy to be rid of the quack she had. I couldnt believe the bullshit she put us through. A simple call back would have been nice considering that Im dealing with a kid that is in high gear and zooming through my house at 4am. Sure its entertaining but I'd really like to sleep sometime this week.

So the new doc is also recommending a different sleep medication that Im hoping will work. The Clonidine just isnt cutting it. She falls asleep with it but she doesnt stay asleep. Also this new guy is a real doctor and he is also an author.

I completed an order for Girlie for all her purse charms. I will be sending that back out to her this week. I also received a new camera via one of our friends. Im going to be giving that a whirl this week too so that hopefully my photos for the jewelry will come out alot better and easier to work with. I have a lot of new goodies that will be going up on the website soon. Some will be for sale and some will not be. Eventually they will be but for now Im keeping them in my stock so that I can use them as a guide to make more. Ive been taking a lot of new classes and making a lot of new items. But so far Ive only made one of each thing. I know I know... not good for business, but Im still learning this stitching stuff. Of course I do have a few projects that are still uncompleted.

So thats my update for now. Nothing really exciting this week because I pretty much havent done anything. Blame mother nature. It could be worse. We could be getting a blizzard. But at least then the potholes will be filled in.



Thats the same crap we got today (Saturday). Seems that what Toronto gets, it slams me too.

Today I was at my class and we got slammed there. The sky got dark, the thunder hit, the lightning and the pwer flickered. Then the rain and wind hit. The rain was coming at a 45 degree angle and the hail was bouncing everywhere. I went to the back door and watched it bounce off the roof and the cars. I have never picked up hail before and it was really cool. Golf ball size ice balls.

Friday, July 18, 2008

The Molanator

Here comes the Molanator!!

Just for starters, I checked the spelling of this and its spelled so many different ways so I just went with this one. If you dont know the reference, ask Tim Allen. Hes the one that said it. The reference is that the Tooth Fairy is a guy that doesnt want to be called a fairy. He he he....

So anywho, this post is obviously going to contain some reference to this. Yes, she has lost yet another tooth. I shouldnt laugh but it was a funny 2 weeks with this damn tooth. As we all well know, shes a drama queen at best. She came running to me one night (after no sleep the previous night) about a loose tooth. I thought she was joking because she just recently lost one. Well, sure enough, it was loose. Its the one right next to the one she previously lost. Getting closer to losing those molars.

One thing that bugs the hell out of me is that she has friends in school that tell her that the tooth fairy doesnt exist. We all know that when we were kids, the tooth fairy would leave us a quarter or some sort of change for a tooth. Well inflation and gas prices have changed all that. Not that the tooth fairy has gas or anything. Im sure she might after a late night visit to Taco Bell or something. But thats a different story. And one Im not telling. But these kids also tell her that the tooth fairy leaves them anywhere from $5 to $20 for a tooth. Are you out of your freakin mind? I cant afford that.

So she got $3 for the last tooth. I keep telling her that her friends are bullshitting her. Hey, it saves me on my gas allowance. Well anyways, the last couple of weeks, this tooth has been so loose that it should have just fell out. But it wouldnt. It was being held on really tight. Even sucking on a wash cloth wasnt helping. She would sit in her room and wiggle it for hours and nothing helped. But I could tell that it was bothering her. But also the drama queen made a few appearances too. Every excuse to stay up half the night.

So tonight I had just about enough of it. But there is more to this tale for today. She was a total brat today. But I really shouldnt say that because she really was sick. But I will start with last week with this illness. My father has been really sick for that past few weeks. He was given a medication that he had to take for a few weeks for some zap thing that they were going to do to his heart. But the medication made him a little sick to his stomach. Little did I know that he was at the VA ER one night and they gave him a medication to lower his blood pressure. That place alone is enough to raise your blood pressure. I know it does to me. Can you tell that I really dont like the place?

So of course the VA sends him more of this medication. The one that lowers the blood pressure. And of course he keeps taking it even though his blood pressure was fine. So it was going extremely low. There were some more trips to the VA ER. Well last Friday, he called me up and wanted me to take him to the ER again. He said he felt a pain in his chest and that he was dizzy. So I rushed over there and picked him up. Literally. He was sitting on a bench outside when I pulled up and he was slumped over. I got him in the car and hit the Thru-way. He slumped over 4 times in my car. Now this is scaring the shit out of me and of course Cami is freaking out in the back seat.

We get to the VA and I take him inside to the ER department. He gets checked in but doesnt say anything to the nurse. So, of course, I speak up. I dont think he likes it too much when I do that because he has it in his head that "these are trained doctors and they know what they are doing". Imagine that. I really do hate this place.

After they get him all checked in and wired up to some bleep blooping things, I called the doctor aside and talked to him. I told him everything from the past few weeks and he then took some notes and went in to examine him. After a few hours, yes hours, he came back out to me and we talked some more. He noted that the medication for lowering his blood pressure should not have been sent to his house for him to continue taking. Well duh, I could have told him that. Oh wait, I did tell him that. He told him to no longer take that medication and that Im to dispose of it so that he cant.

He was able to go home and I got him all ready to leave. Cami was a real trooper all day and I gave her all the credit in the world for being so patient. During our visit there she only whined once that she was bored. So we took a little walk outside and sat on one of the benches in the little park there. I finished reading a story to her that I had started in the waiting room. It was funny because the old people waiting to be seen were listening to me read. I think they will be a little upset that they didnt get to hear how the story ended. It was one of the Captain Underpants books. I think they really liked the part about the Gerbil Jogger 2000. Dont ask. Just go read it yourselves. Its a fun book about Professor Pippy Pee Pee Poopypants. Once again, dont ask.

So anyways, I took my father home and got him settled in. After that I asked Cami if she would like something to eat since we missed lunch. Now mind you that her medication makes her a little sick to her stomach in the mornings and she usually isnt hungry for lunch. Its about 3pm and she was hungry now. So she asked if I would take her to McDonalds. I said that I would and off we went. I got about 3 blocks away and she said she felt sick so I pulled over. She dry heaved for a few minutes and told me to go on. I wanted to take her home but she was dead set on McDonalds.

So I got about 3 blocks from McDonalds and she wanted me to pull over again. This time she emptied her stomach and told me to go home. So thats what I did. Poor kid. Once home, she took a little nap.

Last Saturday was Christmas in July at the camp. We had a great time and Santa was very generous. It was also a great thing that after all was said and done, one of Mousies friends came to our site and sat by the fire with us. After being there for a little while, Cami asked him if he knew Santa. He said he did and asked why. Cami replied, "because you sound just like him." Im wondering if she figured it out that this was the man that played him earlier in the day but I just let it go and we moved on. It would be really hard to explain to her that during the summer, Santa spends his time at our site having a beer.

Now I bring you back up to Monday. Monday was a pain in the ass day. Cami had an appointment with her ADHD doctor. I was considering a new medication for her because, even though this one worked, it didnt work long enough. And she also had issues with still not sleeping all night. But there was a problem that morning. The power went out. I was in the shower when this happened and there was no way I could be able to take her. So her father took her instead.

When she came home, I was told that she would be starting a new medication. But also the doc wanted Cami to be evaluated by a specialist. Hmmmmm I thought thats what this doctor was for. But I guess Im wrong. I know she is ADHD and Im guessing a little ODD in there too. Not odd but ODD. I know what you were thinking. But anyways, we set up the appointment to do this. It just so happens to be the next day. Which is a good thing. But there was a bad part to this. She cant be on any medications to be tested properly. Ooookkkkk. Yeah this should be fun.

Oh I should also include that her doctor also wants the specialist to check for bipolar. And also the doctor wants to speak to me about things in my past that would have triggered this in Cami. Im really thinking that this lady is a quack. I know that all this stuff is passed through the generations but my past (partying and my fathers drinking) would have nothing to do with this. And also bipolar usually doesnt show up in kids until they start puberty. Im sorry but Im really not that stupid and also I brought this up to DB and he informed me on alot of that as well.

So after the testing and alot of bouncing around this mans office, she was formally tested as ADHD and ODD with a sleep disorder. I knew this. So that doctor called Cami's doctor and recommended a different sleep medication for her. Ok. Im willing to try anything that will allow her to sleep. Later her doctor called me and set up another appointment. But Im running out of the clonidine for her to sleep. Ive been trying to contact her again to get more but shes not calling me back. Even the pharmacy and the primary docs are calling too and they are getting nothing. So the primary was able to get me some to tie her over for a few nights.

Now we are back up to today. Shes been on the new med for a couple of days and it seems to be working well. Its lasting alot longer and its really been a great help to her. But this morning, she woke up feeling a little ill. She ate her breakfast and then took her pill. This one is a once daily pill. Well about half hour later, she threw up. And that meant the pill was gone. So she took another one. Then about 3 hours later, she threw up again. But this time there was no pill in there so I was hoping she would be ok for the rest of the day. If not, then Im in for some fun with the drama queen all day.

About noonish, my father calls and wants me to come over to move some boxes in the closet. OK. But I told him that Cami wasnt feeling all that well and that we wouldnt be able to stay too long. Ok. Not a bad thing. So we went over and I took care of the boxes. Cami seems to be feeling ok and she was playing cards with grandpa. He decided that he wanted something to eat so that means that we are going out to lunch. Im not sure about how shes feeling but she said she was hungry. Mind you that she was unmedicated the night before and was up til 4am.

So we get to the mall and she needed to use the bathroom. She threw up in there. During lunch, she made a few more trips to the bathroom and these times it was the other end that was giving her hell. Oh joy. But I will say that she ate most of her lunch so that was a good sign that she was feeling a little better.

Now we come to continue the beginning of the post. The tooth fairy. Her tooth was bothering her all day and also the drama queen was in full effect. She was able to have some clonidine tonight so I was hoping that she would be passing out soon. Sure enough that about 7pm, she was all groggy and slurring her words but she wasnt about to go to sleep. She got up about 4 times to tell me to pull her tooth.

I had just about enough of it and got a wash cloth and my pliers out. Im serious. This tooth was coming out. It was barely hanging there and really should have come out over a week ago. So a few minutes later and a little bit of whining, the tooth was pulled. After that, she was jumping for joy and all over the house. Even the dog was in hiding.

Once again, she wrote a note to the tooth fairy. It said...

Dear Tooth Fairy,

Please take my tooth and give me $5 for a magazine.

Love Cami

Are you for real? I told her that she cant ask for money. And she really didnt ask for it. But she did say please. But this time it doesnt count. So I made her rewrite the letter. This time she just said to please take the tooth. So as any good tooth fairy would do, she took the tooth out of the envelope and put $3 inside. She also replied to the note...

Dear Cami,

Please brush your teeth more often. Your breath stinks.

Love The Molanator

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Let Freedom Ring

Let Freedom Ring

That was the theme this year for the parade at the camp. Every year we have a parade at the campground. Its a huge event that everyone tries to participate in. We have alot of fun with this. And the most fun is the creative part. We get the theme about 3 weeks in advance. Then we have to come up with something. Most just decorate. Some go by the theme. And there is always that special one that goes above and beyond. That is usually us.

We spend alot of hours sitting by the fire thinking up ideas. This year there were a few that were passed around. To go with the theme, we went through everything in history that carried those words. From the song to King. We thought of Abe Lincoln, Lady Liberty, Ben Franklin and all those historical figures. Even towing a boat with the whole George crossing the Delaware thing.

So we decided to settle with Miss Liberty. Seemed to be the one that would be the easiest to create. Last year, we had my mom in a trailer that was being towed by the cart. She was dressed as Betsy Ross and the theme was The Flag. So this year we needed something similar. He he he. We can be so ebil.

Mousie set up the cartport and got to work on the trailer. All the platforms were built and he even put his wooden eagle on the front. All the flags were set up and the signs in place. I went down there yesterday morning to get to work on the rest of it. We set up a smaller cart that was hitched to the back of the trailer. In this little yard cart was a flag draped coffin. The sign on the coffin read Freedom Doesnt Come Cheap. On the back of the coffin was another sign that read Going To Arlington.

In the main trailer, we also set up a plastic planter that we painted to look like the Liberty Bell. Inside the bell we placed a real bell. Everytime we would hit a bump, the bell would ring. Mind you that this is a campground. We will be hitting alot of bumps. We also put some decorations on the golf cart and we also strung a few sets of lights. Oh, and lets not forget the bubble machine for the back. Yes, oh yes, we have fun at this. And this is all done in secret. See, we have a neighbor that likes to steal ideas. We are in this to win, baby.

Now we need to figure out what to do with mom. Shes such a brave woman to do this. Yeah, like you will get me in the back of that trailer. My luck is the hitch would let loose and Im gone for a ride somewhere into the lake. Im sure everyone would love the show. But sorry, thats not going to be happening.

We cant go and rent a costume and its too late for me to order anything from Oriental Traders. That catalog has everything. Maybe next year I will just order a bunch of stuff and we can wing it from there. I hope I spelled that right for the context. If not, oh well. You get the idea. Im too tired to do anything else.

The whole week before, I went into my crafty mode. I needed to make a crown and a torch. We bought a green sheet for her to wear as a toga. Yeah, my mom in a toga. This should be interesting. Mom went to a costume shop and they wanted way too much money for the other parts. So I had to make something. She was able to find a crown somewhere though. I made the torch from some colored paper and a flashlight. Worked out perfectly.

We decided that we would go for a little ride around the camp to visit everyone. I think that they just wanted to see what everyone else was going to come up with. We stoped at a site where Mousies sons were camping out and the rest of the family gathered. One of the kids was turning green. Seriously. He was turning green. We told Cami that he was pissed off and that he was turning into the Hulk. She laughed. But in all seriousness, his shoes, socks and legs were green. He was spray painting something and the wind picked up. Now you know how I felt when I was painting that hat and turned blue. For reference, go to SSD and look for the mouse and the hat story there.

So after our rounds of visiting, we went out to see the fireworks at a local resort. They put them on there every thursday night but being that this was a holiday, they would be big. So we found a parking spot and put out the blanket. I had to listen to Cami whine for about a half hour because Mr Ding-A-Ling had his truck set up on the other side of the lot and she was begging and pleading that she needed something to eat. A popcicle would be the only thing that would make her survive the night. She was starving. If you have ever heard a child whine over a popcicle, you know what I mean. Its so pitiful.

But one of her friends from the camp was there and they ended up with the blanket and the popcicle was forgotten. Soon the fireworks started and they really did put on a good show. One the way back to the camp, the whining started again. Once we got back and settled, I turned the tv on, made her bed up and gave her some hot chocolate. Me, my mom and mousie sat by the fire for a while and then we went to bed.

The call to wake up came at 7am. We have alot to do to finish up and be ready and in the lineup by 10am. I jumped in the shower....literally. There wasnt much for hot water left. We ate a quick breakfast and got to work. I got mom dressed in her toga and then we set up the trailers and finished decorating the cart. It was about ten minutes to ten when we loaded up and went to the lineup. We are number 7. There are about a total of 20 or so carts ready for this.

Mousie starts up the CD player and about halfway through the song, it stops. Damnit... Not now. I told him that he needed new batteries. He said that they were new. Turns out that with the humidity, the pause button was stuck. We fixed that and then we got set to move. Now comes the fun part. The campground is all dirt roads and there are some hills to go up and down. Poor mom on the back in that trailer. Cami rode on the back of the golf cart. I rode in the front while holding the radio.

So off we go. The lead cart is going a little too fast for everyones liking. So around the grounds we go. Up and down the hills. Over all the pot holes. The people that werent in the parade lined the roads and the kids were happy that most of the people were tossing out candy. We were tossing out candy too. So for the whole trip, I listened to Cami yelling to grandma to hold on, throw out candy, that damn bell ringing, the constant creaking of the trailer springs, the small trailer in the back bouncing and Toby Keith on the CD player. I love the song but there is only just so many times one can listen to it over and over and over and over. You get the picture.

One the last stretch of the ride, all the little kids on their decorated bicycles followed us to the finish point. There will be four trophies handed out. Most Decorative Cart, Most Creative Cart, Most Decorative Bike and Most Spirited Bike. We all line up in a row and he bikes are across the road from us. The judges are chosen from new people that dont know anyone that is involved in this. They walked up and down and wrote stuff on a little note pad. When they were finished, they handed everything to the ones that were totalling everything up. They in turn gave the list of the winners to the camp owner to award. All we have to do is wait. And wait. And wait.

I heard the announcements starting but I didnt hear who won the first trophy. That one was for Most Decorative Cart. Then I heard the call out for the Most Creative trophy and they called number 7. Whoohoo!!! We won!!! Mom got out of the trailer and Mousie went to go get the trophy but Cami was already there with it. Then they called the ones for the kids and their bikes. Cami's friend Ashley won for Most Decorative. It was a great victory for all the hard work.

When we got back to the camp. we took it all apart and set up the bonfire in the pit. We will burn it for later tonight. I listened to the weather forcast and made the decision to head home early. A whole day early. Not sure I could handle the couch for another night either. But Cami wasnt feeling too well and she wanted to go home.

On the way home, she tells me to pull over. I know what this means. She opened the door and coughed a few times. She said she was feeling ok enough to make it home. I took one of the back roads because I figured that there wouldnt be any cars to worry about if I had to pull over again quickly. I made it about 4 miles down the road and was stopped on a hill at a stop sign when she yelled again. She opened the door and yakked for a while. I had a car behind me that was waiting patiently. She could have gone around me but she seemed to understand the issue at hand.

Once Cami puked it all out, she was fine for the rest of the trip home. Once home, she got everything put away and we took naps. I think we both needed it. Tomorrow is a fun day for us. Since its summer, its time to bomb the house for bugs. Ive seen a couple of fruit flies and there have been some spiders. I dont want the risk of fleas either. Even Wed night the cat tracked a house centipede into my room. Yeah there is a lotsa-lotsa-lotsa leggs in my room somewhere. Makes for an interesting nights sleep for me. Time to kill that bastard. Good thing for my cat though. Shes an awesome tracker of these things. Wished she was able to catch it though. Im still freaked out about sleeping with an extra room mate.

So tomorrow, the dog gets tied out in the back yard and Im taking the cat in a carrier with me to my fathers tomorrow and I will clean his place while there. Then I will come home and take care of business here after the 3 hour limit it up. I really hate doing this but I hate the bugs more.

UPDATE: Sort of a change of plans. The dog ended up getting a bath and kitty wasnt put in the carrier or taken to my fathers house. He was in the hospital when I tried to call him. He didnt expect me home a day early and thought I was still with my mom. So he went to the ER on his own for problems with his heart again. Hes home now and feeling a little better. We went out to lunch today (Sunday).