Saturday, February 24, 2007

Meet Mindy....

Meet Mindy...

I would like to introduce you to Mindy. As you all know, Ive been missing Holly something bad. Its gotten to the point that I think about her all the time. Her birthday is coming up and I spent the greater part of the night upset over it.

But I have been looking for another dog that will be able to share my heart. Im not replacing Holly. That can never be done. There can never be a dog that can take her place in my heart. She was my very soul.

I think its time for another dog to come and share that love though.

Ive been checking out the web sites specifically for a pound puppy. I prefer to give a dog a home that doesnt have one. There was one shelter in particular that I was checking out and about five dogs there caught my attention. But the one that drew me to the shelter was a pretty little girl named Mindy. Shes a 4 year old German Shepherd/Doberman mix. Shes about 40lbs.

Her previous owner used her as a money machine. She was brought to the shelter because of reports against the owner. She had one puppy with her. The puppy was adopted last week.

I went to the shelter today and walked through the kennel. All the dogs were barking. I looked at the ones I marked off from the available list. You know, the ones that are ok with small kids and cats. I saw Mindy as she was my first choice. She didnt bark but sat there all pretty and calm. She was brought out into the main room and it was instant love at first kiss. I didnt have a chance in hell. Within the hour, the papers were signed and she was on her way home. Yes home. My home.

Ive already caught her on the couch with Cami watching cartoons. They have bonded as well. Cami already shared a hotdog with her. Kitty on the other hand isnt happy at all. But she will get used to it all. Mindy wants to play but kitty says back off. Things will all settle down. But Im sure it will be interesting in the mean time.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

That nasty four letter word....

Sleigh bells ring, are you listening,
(There are no sleighs here in this city)
In the lane, snow is glistening
(Yeah, its glistening but thats from all the rock salt)
A beautiful sight,
(Not in my neighborhood)
We're happy tonight.
(I have a cold)
Walking in a winter wonderland.
(I cant walk anywhere. The snow is up to my knees)

Gone away is the bluebird,
(He was smart)
Here to stay is a new bird
(Hes stupid)
He sings a love song,
(Now why the hell would he do that)
As we go along,
(Im not going anywhere til my car is cleaned off)
Walking in a winter wonderland.
(Im not walking through this)

In the meadow we can build a snowman,
(No meadows here)
Then pretend that he is Parson Brown
(What the heck is Parsons Brown)

He'll say: Are you married?
(nosey isnt he)
We'll say: No man,
But you can do the job
When you're in town.
(that sounds a little ummm perverted)

Later on, we'll conspire,
(And plot against mother nature)
As we dream by the fire
(Now that sounds like a good idea but I dont have a fire)
To face unafraid,
The plans that we've made,
(Plans? What plans? Why wasnt I told?)
Walking in a winter wonderland.
(I dont ski either)

In the meadow we can build a snowman,
(Once again, no meadow)
And pretend that he's a circus clown
(LB would be so afraid)
We'll have lots of fun with mister snowman,
(How much fun can be had with someone with a carrot for a nose)
Until the other kids knock him down.
(Oh they will do that for sure)

When it snows, ain't it thrilling,
(Its pretty but I hate driving in it)
Though your nose gets a chilling
(and the rest of your body too)
We'll frolic and play, the Eskimo way,
(Thats because they are used to this crap)
Walking in a winter wonderland.
(Just give me a snowmobile and I will be happy)

Yes , it is finally Winter here in Upstate New York. We have gotten a little snow here and there but there is about 3 feet of it out there right now. I got two days off from school so thats a bonus. I have to work tomorrow and then I get a whole week off. Oh and I also have a cold again. Never fails that I am sick for a vacation.

I went down yesterday in the middle of the storm to take pictures and there was some idiot in front of my house with a minivan, stuck. Well hell, thats a bright thing to do. Come down a street that isnt plowed, with a vehicle thats not made for snow. And my poor car is in the back of my driveway looking like a giant marshmallow with ears.

There are snow emergencies in every city around here. You can only park on one side of the street for 24 hours and then you have to switch to the other side. If not then you can pick your car up at the local towing garage for a small fee. But at least you wont be buried and have to dig it out. And it will be all cleaned off for you when you pick it up. I think its a fair exchange.

What I dont understand is that you have to go dig your car out so the plow can clean that side of the street. Now where does all that snow go from your car? In the street. How convienent. Now you have to drive over it to get your car out. So now all these cars are stuck in the snow that they just dumped off. Bright idea there.

And then you have the tow truck. The tow truck cant get your car out unless the street is plowed. But they cant plow the street unless the car is moved. To me that is a no-win situation. Entertaining to watch though.

A few years ago, my street was so bogged down that three snow plows got stuck. One got a little ways in and another came to pull him out. That one in turn got stuck as well. A third came in to plow the street and got stuck right in front of my house. The tv news crews were here covering the story of all the people shoveling to get the plows out. I laughed pretty hard that day. And wouldnt you know it, a week later the snow dumped again. Three feet the first time and a little more than three feet the second time. It was a royal pain in the ass here for a while.

Last year, this area was completely missed by every storm that came through. It either slammed north or south of here. We got a total of 13 inches in one drop and that was all. This year, we have had such mild temps that it was sickening. It was in the 70s in the beginning of January. What the hell is that? This isnt Florida.

But we got nailed on the head this time. And there is more coming. Oh joy. At least I have a driveway to park in. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention. I have a neighbor across the street that is too damn lazy to do something about his driveway. So he will be willing to park on the street through all this crap. And when you clean out a spot somewhere, you can guarentee that his car will be there when you return. Last year he did that and that person that did the cleaning parked in that mans driveway and pissed him off. It was funny.

This year, there is no clean spots in front of my house. That way no one will park there for when the plow comes through. I hate when someone does that and the plow goes around and you still have to clean it out. Jackasses. Use your damn driveways. Thats what they are there for.

So tonight I will get some extra sleep so that tomorrow I can take some extra time to get to work. I know there will be every stupid moron out there doing the same thing. Downtown traffic is a nightmare. You would think that these people are used to driving in this crap. Nope. Scares me. Oh yeah, thats right. They all have SUVs but dont know how to stop them. And you may happen across a BMW on someones front lawn.

Fun times ahead. But at least I get to make a snowman. I just have to find some spray paint called Parson Brown.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Somebody bring me a bedpan.....

This is going to be a very confusing post to write. But I will tell you that I have been pretty much dealing with alot of shit lately.

Yes, for once, a serious post from me. But dont worry, there will be more of my usual programming coming back.

My life has been a total nightmare lately. I would say mostly for the past 2 months. Im a very patient person. Prolly more patient than most. But the past couple of weeks have taken that all away from me. Yeah. Can you imagine what would happen if I really snapped? Id run like hell if I were you. And it has nothing to do with the voices in my head. I think I scared them off as well because they wont speak to me anymore.

All seriousness aside. I have been dragging my ass around. I tried not to show it but I couldnt help it this past week. I cant mention any names, actual places or any other personal issues about my post. So I will go the Dear Abby route and make them all up. But the object of the post is true. Those that know me personally will know everything I am talking about.

Basically I have been a crash test dummy for life. Please dont try this at home. It hurts. It hurts really, really, bad.

You all know what my job is but I will say that I work in a hospital for this post.

You see, there is a patient on my floor that is just beyond belief. She demands attention. And if she doesnt get what she wants, she turns to violence. Also keep in mind the age group we are talking about. It would be hard to explain publically. Elementary my dear Watson.

Well anywho, she has made my life a living hell. She is not of my ward though. I have my own patients to deal with. And they require my attention because of their special care. Mind you that there are also two other nurses there. One is a regular nurse and the other is a registered nurse. Im a special care nurse. Get it?

Now the RN has alot to deal with and the regular nurse has other duties in the afternoons to another unit. She cant always be there. Well this patient has it out for blood and has drawn blood. As well as kicked, punched and a few other nasty things to all the nurses and other patients. The patient's mother doesnt see anything wrong with this and pretty much struts around with a broom up her ass.

Now there is a Doctor there too. This doctor also tries to handle things but believes in treatment with kindness and sends the patient back to the nurses to deal with. I will tell you that flying chairs and tables dont help matters.

Well the doctor had to take a vacation and put a temp doctor there. The patient beat up the temp doctor and she wasnt about to put up with it and called in the Head Doctor. The HD sent the patient home for a week. What a pleasant week that was.

You know, this is confusing as hell for me to write it this way.

But anywho, the week flew by and the patient returned. Since this time, I have felt mentally, emotionally and physically drained and exhausted. I come home to just sit and cry. What gives? I dont get it. Why is this patient allowed to be here? And she hasnt changed any. Im sorry but Im not going to pat this bitch on the head and tell her what a great time shes giving me. I just want to put my foot so far in her ass it would take a mining crew to get it out.

Well her mother is being the same as usual. Now I will bring you to this past week. I received a complaint from the mother that I am to stay away from the patient or I will be brought up on charges. What? Are you kidding me? I know its an idle threat because Im there to do my job and personally I have been avoiding this patient as much as I possibly can. I refuse to touch her or even speak to her. But yet even though the other nurses are putting in written complaints about her, Im still getting blamed for them from the mother. You have got to be kidding me.

Well several meetings were set up and everything was discussed in detail. The registered nurse defended me and herself. But the Doctor allowed the patient to stay. What utter crap this was. I dreaded going to work. I would be fine until I saw the patient. Then everything would ball up inside me and I would cringe at every second of my day that passed.

The patient is now even more destructive. All the nurses gathered for a meeting with the doctor. We were discussing other issues while the patient was in the main office of the hospital completely ripping it apart. Screaming bad words through the PA system and all. And when the meeting was over, the patient was also sent back to her room for the nurses to deal with once again. Yep, a pat on the head and everything.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that the HD never knew about any of the previous incidents of the patient or any of the injury claims made by the nurses. Can you imagine that?

Well on friday there was a meeting that involved myself and the doctor. I was dreading this meeting. The only thing that was going through my mind was that the doctor was going to fire me because of all the hassles and complaints made by the mother and the fact that the HD found out about the doctor not reporting things properly. Well that isnt my fault. Wait, none of this is my fault.

So friday morning came and in the office I went. Head hanging low and feeling completely useless. I sat at the desk waiting for the hammer to fall. My anticipation of the previous night was exhausting as I didnt get much sleep. The doctor looked at me and asked me to do a favor. Huh? How is losing my job a favor?

She asked me to treat all the patients that afternoon alone because the registered nurse, the patient and the patients mother would be going to another hospital for a few hours. Whoa. Back it up. Reverse. Now repeat that in slow-mo for me please. And also she added a little incentive to go with it. Well how could I say no?

So that all went very well and the patient will no longer be at the hospital. Seriously. She was going to a hospital designed for her kind of behavior. Permanently.

Needless to say that I got some serious sleep last night and I slept right through the morning very peacefully. Im feeling pretty good tonight. And I will be lazy tomorrow so that come Monday I will be relaxed and enjoy my day. I feel alive again. I can smile again.

Thank you all for hanging in there with me even though you didnt know all the shit I was dealing with. It was a scary ride and Im sure its not completely over yet. Nothing is ever that easy.

But at least I can say that whatever gets thrown at me now wont be a table or a chair.

Monday, February 05, 2007

I think Hell just froze over...

If I hold my legs together and take a deep breath, I can be a popsicle. Please dont ask me which flavor. Id go for lime but green isnt my color.

It is so friggin cold out. Currently it says that it is 1F but I know its much much colder than that. This morning I was getting ready for school and in the mean time I also emptied the trash to put in the barrel on the back porch. Im thinking that I should have worn more clothing when I did so. I wont go into detail, but some of my body parts screamed. I had just gotten out of the shower and had a towel on. Yes my porch is sealed in so no one can see in. But the over all effect was just like when you stick your tongue to a frozen pole. Not very pleasant at all.

Time passed on and finally Cami and I head out the door. Fully clothed, mind you. I warmed up the car and off we went. The roads were frozen and buckled. I heard this thumping noise as I drove. I actually got out of my car to check for a flat but I was safe. It was the road. Good thing. I was not about to fix it. But then again, I could have called in and told them that. It would have been one of those days that was perfect for going back to bed. Ahhh. Nothing like warm blankies.

I had to make one stop to pick up a kid in my class and then made it to the school on time. We all get out of the car and the kids run for the building. I can run in boots. Yes. I wore boots today. You know its too damn cold when I actually wear boots. Winter ones at that. Well I get to the door and there is another teacher there as well. She was all happy about the winter weather. I took a deep breath and my nostrils stuck together. Nope. I still hate winter.

Now lets jump back in time to last night. Holy cow it was cold. Oh forget the cow. Shes prolly going to give out icecream instead. I went out to go to a superbowl party. It was way up north. About a 45 minute drive. For the average person anyways. I make it in less time. The fun thing about this trek is that I know the roads very well. I used to drive them all the time before. It was a party at my friend's house.

But the place is way up in the woods right on a lake. Winter is always fun because they have snowmobiles. Well Im sorry but Im not doing any riding in this freezing cold. When I got there about 4ish, it was 10F with an extreme windchill. I would have to be totally insane to do that. The roads up there were a little slippery because there are farms along the way. The open land was where the wind blew the snow across the roads. I made it to the trail to go in to the house and it was plowed nice for me. Mind you that I have a sports car. Yeah stupid me huh?

So I get to the house and parked in the driveway. I get out and nearly lost my nose. Not from the cold but from the sweetest puppy. Truely the best. I really miss Holly though. It was alot of fun to hang out with friends and all that stuff. We went in and watched the most horrible pregame show I have ever seen. What the hell was that? It was like watching the rainbow bowl. And the commercials were just as bad. The game was decent. I left at half time. I just couldnt bear to be subjected to more. Prince was performing. 'Nuf said.

As I was leaving, I had a hell of a time getting out. The road was a little slick and a slight upgrade. My car sucks in snow. I am seriously thinking I need a truck. Yep. I definately do. The drive back down was treacherous at best. Those same snow drift covered roads were now frozen even worse. So yeah, it took me the whole 45 minutes to make it back to the city. But I called to let him know I was home safe.

Oh and the Colts won. I guess Hell really did freeze over.

Look what the IRS can do for you.....

Look what the IRS can do for you......
Current mood: amused

Its that time of the year again. That time when you rob from the poor to give to the rich. I have my stuff all ready but waiting on my axman. No thats not a typo. Just kidding Vern.

Well today I saw something that I dont think I should have. I left work with the intent to go to the bead store but discovered that I had to pee. Its one of those times when you just cant hold it.

I made it home and did what I needed to do. Then Cami and I headed back out. I was driving down the road and suddenly I hear Cami scream. I nearly have a heart attack and almost hit a car. What the hell was that for? She points out the window and I almost went into a fit laughing my ass off. Well at first I was stunned. Shocked. And appalled. Yeah that too. Then I had the deer in the headlights look for a second. I couldnt believe what I was looking at.

Im not sure if any of you are familure with eddie spagetti or not. Just picture the grubbiest biker or hobo with a nasty ratty beard. Ok, so thats gross enough. But here comes the best part. He is wearing a dress. Not just any dress either. He was fully decked out as the Statue of Liberty.

He was standing on the curb waving at all the cars going by. Im thinking he was hired to advertise for Liberty Tax Associates. But the one thing he was doing wrong was that he was on the wrong curb. He was standing in front of the building that was next door to the Liberty Tax one.

And right next to him was the sign. In big blue letters, he was waving in front of Adult World.