Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I Think Winter is Finally Here...

I think Winter has finally arrived here in NY. It was looking really strage for a while. We got all the arctic winds while the deep south got all the snow. And they say there is no such thing as global warming. Im sure those southerners were things something completely different though. Hell must have been freezing over. But to me that was quite strange.

I had all last week off fom school and I didnt get to have a good relaxing vacation. I was sick. Literally. A bad cold that left me in bed most of the week. When I did venture out, it was to the dentist but I was still feeling like crap. Visited my sister and she fed me some yummy stew that made me fell a little better. But I was still feeling like crap.

Cami was on the war path the last few days of the vacation. So that made it a bit worse for me. Shes currently back on the good med. This is day two of the upped dose of it so we shall see what happens. So far she was still bitchy this morning. But not nearly as much. She complained as she was doing what was asked. So thats a small start. But she did sleep through the night. I didnt though. Started coughing again. I need a break from being sick. A vacation from a vacation.

Went back to work yesterday. Some of the kids were so strung out and tired. That can be a good thing though. But some were so wired up that they just couldnt contain it. So it was a mixed day. Quite exciting. But all in all the day went quick. I was happy for that.

Today was an interesting day. Starting late last night, the mixed rain and snow started coming down. I took the dog out and it looked like rain but yet it was freezing as it came down. So I guess you can call it sleet. I was dreading what this morning would bring. My dread was right on. When we left this morning, it was snowing and it was coming down pretty good. I was able to get Cami to school and still be able to go get some coffee before I started work. Thats a definate must. Cant function without it. But I didnt have anything for breakfast. So a loaded coffee on an empty stomach. Im good to go.

The snow didnt let up at all. In fact, it got heavier as the day went on. Large flakes and coming straight down at a very fast pace. It was collecting quite well. It was a natural beauty out there. I wasnt looking forward to driving home in it though. For me, that is a drive into the ba part of town to get Cami and then find an alternate route that doesnt have bridges to go down. Going up them isnt a problem. Its the slide down that I dont like.

As the day went on, the snow was getting more and more heavy. And of course, my anexiety did too. I was getting nervous about driving in that crap. I was sitting by the window watching the cars sliding all over.

It soon came time to put the kiddies on the bus. There is a general rule to wear your pajamas inside out so that there will be a snow day. Not sure how this works but Im willing to try anything. But I forgot that when the kids were getting on the bus. I told them to wear their underwear inside out. Im sure that something drastic will happen now. Oops.

I was just outside to take my dog out. The snow is really piling up out there. Im going to guess at about 6 inches already and its still coming down fairly well. The news man says that we are supposed to get at least 12 inches tonight. But around here, that usually means.... Ok, Im not going to jinx myself on this one. I will explain that theory later.

My dog however, is soaked from playing with the dog downstairs. They get along great and they have a lot of fun together outside. Rolling and chasing each other seems to be the main game. Such a good life.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I know I havent updated this thing in a very long time. Its been a little on the crazy side. I know I say that a lot. But its true. Its always crazy here. So lets see where we can start. The new medication that Cami was put on worked but the insurance cap decided to run out after the first month of it. Seems that the camp is at $1000 a year and that one medication was $470 in one shot. Add all the others in for the month and it was toast. Personally I think its a big joke to think that $1000 is enough for one year. So needless to say, she wasnt on it very long.

Her dads insurance was closed out due to the fact that he suddenly became a victim of the lay off list that is happening all over this wonderful land. But that was a good thing because now I can get insurance through my job and its so much better. Same insurance company but a much better policy. I just need to wait for the books to come so I can see what the cap is on that. If there isnt one then Cami can get back on the right track again.

Its been weird here with the weather. Cold and warm, rainy and snow. All in one day. And they wonder why we get sick. We also had a few showing of what I like to call ghetto fog. I know it sounds silly when you say it out loud a few times. What it means is that when the weather is bad and everythign freezes, then it warms up the next day, the warm air and the frozen ground create a fog. Not just in the morning but all day long. So the city was shrouded in a sort of eerie fog. Sounds interesting, I know. But not such a good thing in the ghetto. When I went to pick Cami up from school one day, the fog was so thick that you couldnt see down the street. Anything can happen in the fog. Watch the movie and you will see what I mean. Only the movie wasnt in the ghetto of my city. Big difference, but same crap. So we got out of the ghetto and then headed home as fast as my little car would chug.

Cami also started some after school class on Thursdays. Shes taking African Drums. Its rather cool. A few of the kids and some instructors from the arts center get together and play drums. They learn new beats and I think they sound incredible. I hope the put on a small show for the school when they are done.

This is vacation week. Of course we are sick with a good head cold. It never fails. We missed all the really big snow storms. They all went south while we stayed pretty dry. Cold but dry. I could just hear Jose down there now telling all the belles to run to the safety of the north. Makes ya giggle. But we did get one yesterday and its currently snowing fairly well out there now. I had a dentist appointment scheduled for Tuesday but due to the fact that Im sick and also that I didnt want to drive for an hour in the snow, I canceled it and rescheduled it for Thursday morning. I then found out that my father has one the same day in the afternoon. You would think that they would be scheduled a little closer in time. So he will pick me up in the morning and we will go to mine. Then we will go see my sister and then go back for his.

Im hoping that the rest of my week off will be a little better. My head is killing me and my nose is stuffed. Poor Cami lost her voice for a couple of days. In a way thats a good thing but she was so sick.

There is nt much else really left to update. Its just been the same thing day in and day out. I guess in a way it is a good thing that nothing terrible has happened. If anything else comes up, I will post it up. But for now, life is ok. We are ok. Im just waiting for spring.