Saturday, April 22, 2006

Time Flies By

I chose the title to this blog because life really does have alot of holes in the road. Ive gone through alot of them and I know there are many more that I must hit.

Its been a week now since I lost my beloved pet. It was the hardest thing I have ever had to do. I am still trying to get over the guilt factor. Alot of things go through my mind of how I could have done things differently. She was spoiled in life and I keep thinking, how do I continue that? So I decided to get the perfect box for her ashes.

I searched high and low and basically a ton of websites that offer cremation boxes. I found a really nice site that offered alot of different affordable choices. I settled on one box but I do need another box to put inside this one. That is the challenge I face.

I called the company that I want to order the main box from and discover that they only have one left. It is a discontinued item from the Bombay Company. Yes, I went to the Bombay Company store and checked all that out.

I will know the shipping charges on Monday when she calls me back. But the box will be shipped then.

Right now I have a small plastic white box with her name on it. It was nice that the vets office also included Rainbow Bridge and a small candle for me. A small comfort. An appreciated one as well.