Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I feel like a lab rat....

I feel like a lab rat....

Once again the medication merry-go-round is spinning. I have blood pressure issues. Its not entirely my fault though. I can blame it on my parents. But this just takes the cake. About 6 months after Cami was born, I was diagnosed with high blood pressure. Oh the joys. But it was dangerously high. They summed it all up from her birth. I gained a lot of weight when I was pregnant due to gestational diabeties. Plus severe blood loss, added with a major drop in weight overnight caused most of the issues.

I tried to regulate it on my own but couldnt get it low enough. I ate nothing but cardboard. No salt. No sugars. Really, there was nothing that tasted good outside those catagories. Eat no salt potato chips and then tell me its not cardboard. Or no salt canned vegetables. Nasty stuff there. It was pure hell.

So the doctor finally put me on a beta blocker. I was on it for about 7 years. I was fine with it. It was working. I had no problems. Then I was forced to change doctors. The new doctor (one I had years ago) said that the beta blocker was causing me to have asthma issues. I dont have asthma. I had a cold.

He put me on an HCT. But soon after I developed what I thought was bronchitis. I went to the doctor but he wasnt available to see me and the other doctor in his office did. He said that the medication was the issue with my cough. My lungs were clear and my breathing was fine. So he took me off that one and gave me a months supply of a different HCT. That one worked and I was to call back to get an actual prescription of it. I called about a week ago and it was called in.

I went to the pharmacy to pick it up and was told that it wasnt covered by my insurance. This just blows. So I spent all day today trying to contact that doctor to see what could be done. Im down to my last pill and it has to be done really soon. Oh, like today.

The nurse said she would leave him a message to call me back about it but I didnt hear anything all day. I called and called but the lines were busy. Im sure that they werent purposely avoiding me. But it was annoying. Finally I got through and she said that the doctor was calling one in that would be covered but it would be a higher copay. $50. Are you for real? I guess when its something that will save my life, I shouldnt really complain.

I asked if there were other options and she said there was one that would be $20 for the copay. Much better. But which ever they decided to do, I have to make an appointment in two weeks for a check up on it. I dont care. I planned to come back there about my foot as well.

She called me back at about 6pm and told me that they called one in to the pharmacy and I can pick it up tomorrow. I was curious and wanted to know what they called in so I can research it for side effects. Seems to be something my body likes to surprise me with.

I asked the pharmacy and they told me that the one that was called in for pick up was the first one I was on to begin with. The beta blocker. *slaps forehead*

Im really getting tired of this game.

Also I would like to mention that the 31st is my fathers birthday!!! Happy 75th!!!!!

I will be going over there with some dinner and maybe a pie.

Happy New Year to everyone. I luvs you guys. *smooches*

Sunday, December 28, 2008

I could kick myself....

I could kick myself.....

There was a contest where you make something and send it in to be judged. The winners were selected for this magazine...


I bought the issue to see the fascinating work. There was nothing in there that I couldnt make myself in a matter of minutes to an hour at most. I can now kick myself in the ass because (not bragging) I know I can do better than that. There are rules for competing for the 2009 issue and you can bet that Im going to submit something to it.

But I cant take credit for everything I do. I have two amazing teachers. Kathleen and Amanda. I want to grow up to be just like them. He he he. I know they will both laugh at that one. But I would need their help in setting it up because of the detailed instructions. I tend to just create more knots than anything and they tease me about it. But Amanda is really good at getting them out.

Their work far surpasses mine and I can only dream of creating like they do. Someday I mght be able to. But until then, they will be my guides. Actually, I think Amanda should also enter in this contest because I know she will win. She gets huge kudos from me.

So until I can get something created that is worthy, I will send it in. But according to that magazine, Im already at that point.

I just suddenly feel over qualified. But seriously, I didnt enter because I thought that I couldnt compete with others that had more experience. Now I know better.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Tooth Fairy Meets Santa Claus....

Tooth Fairy Meets Santa Claus...

Thanks to Wendy for the title to this one. He he he...

It just doesnt get any more interesting than this. Im finally on a vacation. The last few days at work were chaos at best. I think the kiddies found the secret stash of candy or something. I only wish I had that much energy. Secret Santa at school was awesome!!! There were some really great surprises. I know Joes was the best. He got what he asked for. A bucket and a mop. He he he. It wasnt my idea though. But it was hysterical none the less. Mary got some really cool things and I know Helen did too. I was her Secret Santa and I made her a beautiful ornament cover. Joe was my Secret Santa. I kind of figured it was him because my gifts didnt show up until after noon every day. But all in all, everyone had a great time and we stuffed or faces with all the good food.

It was a great day today. I got to sleep in a little bit and then cleaned the house up. I have a ton of wrapping to do yet. Cami and I sat in my room watching a Christmas show on tv. Not sure what the name of it was. It was about a little deer named Niko. But it was cute. I wasnt about to watch A Christmas Story yet. Once is enough for me this year.

Earlier today Cami lost a tooth. This makes things a little interesting tonight. Not only is Santa making his rounds but the Tooth Fairy as well. This should be interesting. Im still wondering how this is going to play out. I have to leave cookies for Santa and thats not a good idea if the Tooth Fairy is coming. I mean, isnt that the reason for her visits in the first place? Im sure she will be making a visit to see Santa about that anyways when he loses all his teeth from all those cookies. Im putting my money on the fairy to win this round.

Ive been watching the NORAD thing for hours. I was watching it earlier with Cami but why am I still sitting here watching it by myself? All the wrapping is done and the gifts are under the tree. Also I received a notice that my nephew and his wife had a little girl the other day. How fun is this? What a great Christmas gift to them. Congrats to Scott and Laci. A beautiful little girl.

I really think I should post this now because its almost time for sleepy. I have to be up at 7am to get ready to go pick up Grandpa for breakfast and then opening all those presents. The Tooth Fairy should be arriving soon as well.

Merry Christmas to everyone and Happy Holidays too. For those that dont celebrate Christmas.

Much love to you all.

ETA: Her tooth was founf in a baggie under her pillow. Five bucks was exchanged and put back under. She woke up and thought someone was stealing her tooth. She was assured that she was being checked on that she was asleep and then she reached for the baggie. She squealed about the money and then asked if it was Christmas yet. She was told no and asked what time it was. Midnight. She frowned, said ok and went back to sleep. Whew... That was a close one.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Ho Ho Huh?.....

Ho Ho Huh?......

First off... What the hell is up with this snow? I wanted a white Christmas but daaammmnnn. I didnt want it this white. But I will say that people are stupid. Not all people. Just some. Particularly those that cant drive in it. I know I constantly rant about that but there really were some idiots out on the road.

They did not close school early. They should have but there is no way to contact alot of the parents to come get thier kids. You would think they would want them safe. But I guess not. And I hate to think about those that work at the school that dont live around here. I cant imagine the drive home for them. A few have to hit the major highway where the real morons go.

I left at about ten minutes to 4pm. I got home at about 5pm. What would normally be a 10 minute drive took an hour. I went really slow because of some hills. And they didnt bother to plow. About half way home, my wipers iced up. I was in a panic because of some people fishtailing on the road and a few that were ass end up on the sidewalks.

I went out Saturday to do some shopping. It wasnt as bad. It was still snowing though. I wasnt able to get what I needed so I went out again on Sunday to finish what I could. I wasnt about to go all over to find one toy that my mom wanted me to get for Cami. She sent up a gift card to Walmart for it. I found one of them but couldnt get the other. So I grabbed an outfit for her instead. Mom will have to deal with it because Im not crazy enough to do this again.

Thursday night was pretty interesting. I got home and my father called me. He wanted me to take him back to the mall to get the coin that he dropped off the night before. Of course, dummy me forgot to change her shoes. I was wearing the new pink Crocs. And of course the only parking spot had a snowbank under it. But it was close to the door so I couldnt complain too much about all the snow that went inside those stupid holes around the toes. Who the hell thought of making shoes like that?

Well anywho, while we were there, Cami decided that she wanted to see Santa. There was only a couple of kids in line so I told her to go for it. Mind you that I have already had the Santa talk with her. But I think she still wants to believe. So we waited in line. One family was taking forever getting pictures. They didnt like any of the poses. This isnt Sears Portrait Gallery. Just take the shot and go home. Its not a major thing. I thought they all looked really nice. Guess I was wrong.

So then its the next family's turn. They have two boys. I would hate to see the coal in their stockings because they need it. Speaking of coal, Cami found two chinks of it under the seat in the Blazer on Saturday. Guess that means something huh? Well anyways, the boys were tearing the place apart, the cashier was changing the paper in the photo machine, the parents were clueless as usual and Cami was just standing there. Yeah, imagine that. 6pm and shes calm. Hmmm..... I think shes playing the innocent one in front of Santa. But in all seriousness, she commented on the behavior of the boys and decided that it was best to just be patient.

Amidst all the chaos, Santa calls Cami over. Im still at the register area waiting to put in my photo order. Im about 10 feet away from them though. I can hear everything. She goes over and sits on his lap. I could explain it all but I think a recap of the conversation would be easier.

Santa: What is your name?
Cami: Cami
Santa: Have you been good?
Cami: Ummmmm.....
Santa: Mostly good. You arent on the naughty list yet.
Cami: Whew.
Santa: laughs
Cami: That was a close one.
Santa: But you have still been trying to be good.

Im listening to this and almost laughing myself. I wish they would take those boys out of there. Im sure they will be getting alot of pretty presents this year. Not.

Santa: You know, you are the most patient little girl I have seen tonight.
Cami: Mommy says I have to be patient and good things will come to me.
Santa: Your mommy is right.

Well so far so good. *pats self on the back*

Santa: So what would you like for Christmas?

I was waiting for this. Cami is really good about only naming one or two things. Where as most kids have a huge list that would empty the shelves at Toys R Us.

Cami: I want a new guitar.
Santa: What happened to the guitar I brought you last year?

My ears perked up because "Santa" got her that guitar last year.

Cami: One of the strings broke.
Santa: Cant your music teacher fix it for you? You havent been playing it at all though.
Cami: I havent been taking guitar lessons this year because she had a baby.

My head turned now. Her music teacher is also her guitar teacher after school at her house.

Santa: Well Im sure mom can get you some new strings and put them on for you. And also a tuner to adjust the sound so you can play it again.
Cami: Yep. Mom knows how to do it.
Santa: Mom knows alot about alot of things and shes a good teacher too.

Im now listening with both ears.

Cami: Yeah she is and all the kids love her too.
Santa: Are you going out for All-City?
Cami: I plan to.

Ok, now Im creeped out. How would he know this?

Santa: My son also plays the violin and the base guitar and an electric violin.

When did we mention violins? I dont remember that part. He then proceeds to tell her all the things she has to do to take care of her violin.

So as wel go on, he gives her a cute little stuffed animal and we get a picture. We then prepare to leave and he calls out...

Santa: And stop giving your mom a hard time in the mornings.

Oh shit... I dont think I could have gotten out of there fast enough. That was just too freaking weird. Not a perverted kind of weird. Just freaky Santa weird.

We got a little ways down the mall and Cami stops and looks at me.

Cami: Mom. I thought you said there was no such thing as Santa............

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Oh the weather outside is frightning....

Oh the weather outside is frightning.....

It is truely December now. We had our first official snow day last Friday. But then again, there was only a little snow and alot of ice. It was a mess out there. We New Yorkers are used to it though. But I will say that today is December 17th and there are people still without power. Its still crazy out there. But does that stop anyone? Nope.

I woke up this morning to an aweful sound. I kept hitting the alarm clock but it wouldnt shut off. After the 5th or 6th hit, I realized that it was my phone ringing. I knew it was long before 6am and I was wondering who would be calling me this early. I soon found out that it was someone that I work with and that I was being informed that school was on a 2 hour delay. Whoo hoo!! Wait... That means that its crappy outside. I looked out the front window and sure enough, it was a mess. This time there was snow.

But I wasnt goin to let that disturb my precious morning. Im going back to bed. But in my laziness, I didnt reset the alarm. At 6:30, the alarm went off for real this time and I hit the snooze. I really dont have to get up for a while yet and I was going to enjoy this morning before I had to brave the cold and snow. My snooze goes off every 8 minutes. And by george, I hit that button every time til it was about quarter after 8. Somewhere at about 7am though, Cami was up and making breakfast. When I rolled out of bed, she was dressed and watching cartoons. I asked her why she didnt wake me up and she said that she knew I was tired. What a sweet kid. But then again, its times like this that I wonder what she was doing while I was asleep.

I got ready and we were out on the road a half hour early. I wasnt about to take the normal route to school because that meant crossing a couple of bridges on lesser traveled roads. I was going to take a main route so that I knew the road would be clear. This also meant stuck in traffic for a little while downtown. I didnt mind because this really was alot safer than skidding all over the place.

School was a pretty decent day. There were only a handful of kids in the class. We did some projects and I think I got a little too involved with the display boards out in the hall. The kids made alot of paper snowflakes and I hung them up proudly. But they kept making them. More and more. I will have to set something else up for tomorrow to be able to display them all.

After school, I told Cami that I really didnt want to stay for the chess club and I just wanted to go home at my normal time. My foot has been killing me more and more in the past couple of days. I bought these cheap Croc knock-offs at Kmart. They are warm and snuggly but they really dont do anything for my foot. And with the snow on the ground, I had to wear my sneakers today. I do have boots but nothing that will help my foot. And the croc knockoffs are like wearing slippers. Not good in snow. I will also mention that I will be receiving a gift of real Crocs in the mail soon. Thank you Girlie.... Luvs you....

Just before I had to leave work, mt cell phone rang and it was my father. He wanted to go to the mall to get some coins done. Then he said he wanted to get Cami's Christmas shopping done. I had told him what she wanted. But it wasnt at the mall. So I dropped Cami off at home and then went to pick my father up. We went to the mall to see about the coins and while he was in there, I trudged to the other end of the mall in search of a store that I knew sold real Crocs. I wanted to feel for myself what the big deal was.

I found the store and I found the Crocs. I tried a pair on and they were so comfy. They look aweful and they feel really weird. Like a hard sponge. Formed in a mold. I was thinking that these couldnt have cost all that much to make from a mold but they were still $30. Are you for real? $30 for a pair of shoes that were gawd aweful ugly and looked like something I could cut from a piece of foam? But they had them in a pretty pink pearl color and I really did need them. But damn, they are just so ugly. I cant get enough with saying that. They are ugly.

So I trudged all the way back to where I left my father. I told him that they had them there and he knew I was in extreme pain by then. My foot was throbbing and I was dragging it more than the normal limp. So he said he would get me a pair and off we went. Trudging back to the other end of the mall. I showed him what they were and he said everything I said. They look cheap and ugly. At least the knock offs I got looked better. Plus the knockoffs were fur lined. They had the fur lined ones there but I wasnt paying the $50 for those. And they didnt looke like the ones I had. The knockoffs looked better. Weird.

But I got the pink ones. While standing in line at the register, he made the comment of the ones I had. He said that I didnt like the ones I had because they were the wrong color. Good grief. But he got them for me anyways after he felt the soles and how spongy they were. He said that he hoped this would work. This was also the same man that cut foam out to put in my shoes and gave me a cane.

So now we have to go back to the other end of the mall to the car. Well he wasnt about to walk all that way and I didnt blame him. So he went out the nearest door and told me to go get the car and pick him up there. I dont blame him simply because he had surgery last week. I know he is still a bit sore from that.

I trudged back through the crowds and got to my car. I was sore. Actually sore is a not a good word for it. I really dont know what would be a good word for it but Im sure its along the lines of swearing and vulgar language. I was in pain. And yet he still wanted to go get something for Cami for Christmas. And tonight was the night we had to do it.

We went to Walmart. I parked as close to the doors as I could. He took off to go in and get a cart to walk with. I made it in a little while after he did. I just couldnt really walk all that well. I grabbed a cart and he was gone. Where the hell could he have gone to that fast? I looked around and he was nowhere. I forgot my cell phone in the car so I couldnt call him. Soon enough, he emerged from behind me. Apparently he went to the bathroom. Good thing I didnt call him.

We walked a little ways and he decided to sit down at a bench near the fitting rooms. I told him that I would meet him in Electronics in a little while. I went past the shoe department and decided on a pair of winter boots for myself. I will have to have new inserts put into them though but at least my feet will be warm and dry.

I went to the Electronics department in search of the things Cami wanted. She wanted a charger for her DS and some new styluses. I gathered those up and then went in search of the most important thing she wanted. She wants an MP3 player or an IPOD. I know nothing about these things. So I asked one of the guys there and he was pretty much oooing and aaaaing over the female cashier so that was pretty much useless. I found an MP3 player that was reasonably priced but then I saw one that was better. I grabbed that one and by this time my father came up to me and asked what I was doing. He was looking at the IPODs and noticed that the prices were quite high. Shes only 9 and doesnt need something like that. So we grabbed the cheaper one and went to the register.

I couldnt wait to get out of that place and get home to soak my foot. Thats when I realized that it was Wednesday and I was missing class. Oh well. The money that I spent on the boots made up for that.

So here I sit with my ugly shoes on. Breaking them in for tomorrow. I forgot to get the inserts for the boots so I will have to hold off on those til the weekend. But then again, we are supposed to get slammed with a storm on Friday. Oh joy. I was planning on finishing all the shopping and stuff then. Plus I have to be there for class on Sunday. I really hate the holiday rush.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Support for Girlie

I know many of you know who she is. Shes having surgery on her back tomorrow and she started a blog here to make sure we all stay updated.

Here is her link


Be sure to stop by and show her some love.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

You wont feel a thing....

You wont feel a thing.....

Yeah Im a few days late on this post too. I really should do these as they are happening and then read them later to see what the hell I did. I think it would be more entertaining that way.

As you all know Ive been sick. Well from what I gather recently, Im not sick. Yeah, its a little confusing but then again, when is anything Ive done not confusing?

I finally gave in and went to the doctor. Again. This time I had to see the other doctor that shares his office. I was a "fit-me-in" patient so there would be a long waiting period. Sure enough, I was in the examining room for quite a long time. But then again, the doctor would have to review my file before he could treat me. Ive never met this man before. I should also mention that I have a very hyper and chatty 9 year old with me and she got a kick out of me sitting there naked under one of those aweful gowns. Of course I gave her the job of tieing it in the back for me. Big mistake.

So Dr. Charley came in the room. I guess we have to call him that because no one can pronounce his last name. I tried and I was unsuccessful. Even the nurse messed it up. Or so I think. He checked my lungs. He checked my throat. He even checked my nose and my ears. Everything was clear. He didnt think that xrays were needed. There was no sign of fluid in there.

Next he had me cough. Although I dont have anything for him to hold while doing so. Mine are virtual. And they are brass. But we will change that subject really quick. He said he wanted me to breathe into the machine again. I really hate doing this because it either makes me cough harder or it gives me a head rush. Which, this time, it did both.

Then after a long wait, he came back in with the printed report and said that I do not have asthma and that the cough is a side effect of the new medication that Ive been taking. Well low and behold. I have a side effect. So he informs me to stop taking it and to try a new one. This one I will have to take in the morning because it also contains a diuretic. Which basically means I will pee alot more. Like that is anything new. He also gives me something to take during the day to surpress my cough and also one at night that will help me sleep. Yay. I get to sleep. Wrong.

Its been over a week now with the new medications. Ive peed more than I want to. I pee when I cough. Im sick of it. The daytime medicine does nothing but make it worse. Want to know why? The medication has a side effect of causing a dry cough. Wtf? Yes, I have another side effect. So I take this medicine and I cough more. So Im told to drink alot. So that the other medicine makes me pee even more. See the vicious circle here?

The first night I took the night medicine was a trip. I waited til I was going to go to sleep. I knew it would make me drowsy. So I took a teaspoon of it and turned the tv on. Within a half hour, my body went completely numb and I went into panic mode. I used the inhaler because it was such a weird feeling. I kept wanting to doze off but as soon as I laid down, I would start to cough. This sucked. So I propped up all my pillows and blankets into a sort of nesting chair and left the lights on and the tv on. It was not a good night. I called the nect day to ask him what the hell was in that stuff and once again, I was told that the numbness was a side effect. Well son of a bitch. What is up with all these side effects? Am I doomed to a side effect hell?

I stopped taking the day time medicine and have been taking a sinus cold medicine instead and that has helped. At night Ive been nipping the codine bottle. Not taking a full dose but just enough to help me sleep. No numbness. But Im still waking up in the morning with a really nasty dry cough. My days are a little better. But as soon as I lay down, it comes up again.

Im glad I didnt mention that my foot still hurts. Im almost afraid of a side effect from that.

In other news, I lost the beads to a project that I was working on for an order. I was about 4 inches away from being done with it. This pissed me off to no end. The beads werent cheap and I didnt want to fork out more cash for new beads. Plus I had gotten the last bag of the silver ones I would need. I could finish off the necklace with some silver chain and it would still be nice. But I wanted it to be perfect. I finally found them on Wednesday in a different tray than they should have been in. How they got there, I dont know. But Ive been so ut of it lately that it could have been an easy mistake.

Also, I went to class on Wednesday night and it was a fun night. Im sure I gave the others a thrill though. I was picking up some loose beads off my mat to put away for the night when I dropped the open baggie into my lap. This is not good because the bag went upside down. I had little bugle beads in my lap and all over the floor. So while Im sitting at the end of the table, Im scooping beads out of my crotch and a friend put a tray under me so I can scoop them off the chair too. Im sure it was looking really interesting. We had a few laughs.

I then went down under the table to scoop up all the beads that went on the floor. I warned everyone not to move as my hands were under their feet. I was able to gather all my beads and a ton of other ones that fell too. It was quite a collection. Then when I had everything cleaned up, I went about my business of picking up some other items for another project. I walked about four steps and discovered that there was something in my shoes. I sat down and took my shoes off. Guess what I found? Yep, a bunch more beads. It was definately a silly night and I needed the laughs.

Yesterday was Cami's holiday concert at school. The weather was crappy but there was still alot of people in the audience. I took some pictures with the schools camera so you will all have to wait a little while before I can show them. They are on the schools computer and I will have to email them to myself first.

When we left at 4pm, the roads were covered with ice and snow. It was supposed to get worse so Im hoping for a snow day off. A nice three day weekend is in need.

At about 558 this morning, I received the call the we have the day off. Whoohooo. At about noon, my friend (nurse) called to ask me if we had school. A little late huh? But she is without cable and therefore no phone or computer or tv to check the closing lists. My father also called and he has no power. He is only a few blocks away from me. He had his surgery on Wednesday and hes home. Everything is working out great but he is in a little pain.

It is now 218am and Im staying up for the most part. Since my father still has no power, hes been here since about 3pm. I havent received word about when the power will be back on there. Hope tomorrow will be a nicer day.

Another update. I would have posted this up last nightbut for some reason, my computer wouldnt let me. But anywho, my father is sleeping here again tonight. They have the power up on pnly half of his street. The half that he doesnt live on.