Thursday, December 31, 2009

Once In A Blue Moon...

* Once In A Blue Moon...

Or so the old saying goes. Seems that its a reality again this year. Sadly I wont be able to get to see it here. Its too cloudy and snowy out to see much of anything.

In all honesty, I dont mind the snow. If its cold enough to snow then its warm enough to breathe without freezing your lungs. Did that make any sense? It does to me. Its been so cold here that just breathing can kill you. Last night was a beauitful night. I went out on my back steps and took a good look around. The stars were out, the air was clean and brisk, and the wind had finally stopped.

The nights before this were cold and windy to the point that it was dropping the temps. The real temp would be 11F but the "feel like" temp would be 2F. My cousin was telling me that she was out walking her little dog and the wind was so bad that it was pushing him across the ice on his belly. I took my dog out and I had all I could do to keep the door open.

So I guess I could change my earlier statement to "when its warm enough to snow".

Also something that I posted on my Facebook page...

Remember as a kid, we all thought 2010 Space Odyssey was cool. Well not as cool as the one before. But we all thought that when we reached 2010 it would be like that. Or at least living like the Jetsons. Boy were we let down.

Here we are at the doorstep of 2010 and its nothing at all like that. Not sure if I would have liked it to be all that. Think of the in air traffic jams while dodging all those houses on poles. And where were those pole connected to? Were there actual cars on the ground somewhere? Were they driving antiques like a 57 BelAire? Yeah right. I dont see anyone with a robot maid or some suction pole to get to your pad in the sky. And what the hell are those cogs used for?

I would have liked some of the other things they had in their homes. Like all the buttons that you push for the gormet meals and the ones that automatically did your hair and clothes. That would save me a lot of time in the mornings. And that wonderful thing to walk the dog. Although I wouldnt want to be below the dog while shes out there. Good thing we only have the pigeons to worry about for now.

But think of the crazy chick flying in a bubble trying to put on makeup. Or the jackass rushing to work causing serious road rage. Where would you pull over to beat the daylights out of him? Its not like you can step out of the car without falling 30,000 feet. Well, you could if you had one of those jet packs attached to your back.

But thinking on it all, where would we be if we really could tell Scotty to beam us up?

Wishing everyone a safe and happy new year for 2010.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Year End Clearance...

I wouldnt even know where to begin for this post. I know I havent written anything in a long time and Im sure people are starting to wonder whats been happening. Or if I simply fell off the face of the earth. I will make this as brief as possible but sometimes I tend to go longer than that.

The holidays have been crazy. Starting with Thanksgiving and Black Friday. I woke up at about 7am on Thanksgiving to start the task of cooking. My friend called me and asked if I would watch her dog for her for Friday but I needed the key. So I agreed to take her to work at 5am and that way I could also get the key from her. After dinner, I went through the sales flyers and found something that I really needed to take advantage of so I decided that since I was going to be up early, I would need to shower and stuff to also go out after for some shopping. I never go out on Black Friday. Thats just plain stupid. And here I am, being stupid.

Since a shower before taking my friend to work would require me to be up at about 4am, I decided to just pull an allnighter. And that is what I did. I took my friend to work and then drove to the next city for the specific store that sold the items I needed to get. The store was closed. I didnt realize that this one didnt have the early morning Black Friday hours like every other store in the whole damn country. So I went back home to wait for the next couple of hours. On the way I stopped to get gas and coffee and ran into some friends that were either on their way out to the shopping spots or they just came from them. We chatted a while and then I went home.

Once home, Cami was awake and wanted to go back out with me. So off we went and we picked up the items on the list and then hit another store and picked more up there. By the time I was able to settle in and take some sleep, it was about 4pm. So yeah, that was my weekend there. I slept all day that Saturday too.

From that day til now has been extremely difficult. Cami's medications have been off the wall. Some days they work and most days they dont. Its all coming down to the sleep disorder thing again. We were able to get the daytime med adjusted to two hours earlier but in order for that to happen, something very bad took place. Its hard to describe. She has ODD and a mood disorder as well as ADHD. Its crazy time here in the mornings. Most of the time it can be very agnry and aggressive. And she was in one of those moods one morning and took it out on the dog and the dog responded the only way it knew how. It wasnt too bad but it was enough that it scared everyone including the dog. We are all back to normal again but it was still enough that it prompted a visit to a new doctor to take care of these disorders.

The weeks leading up to Christmas were stressful. There were a couple of times where Christmas was canceled and the tree came down. Cami herself put it back up because I had had enough. We did have Christmas but it was pretty much a surprise for her because she had no clue that we bought anything for her at all. She was there with us when we bought her a new coat and some boots and pajamas. But she knew of nothing else. It was upseting to her that she wasnt going to get anything more because she knew she was having some serious issues. But she was surprised that there was presents under the tree on Christmas morning for her. Do you honestly think I would skip Christmas? Actually at that moment, I was.

She now sees a new doctor. This one is a psychiatrist. Before it was a balance between a psychologist and her primary. Now its the big time. But there is something in this that you might find amusing. Back in 2001, an old age home went up for sale. I will give you a brief history of this particular house. It was built in the late 1890s by a doctor that had a large family. Its a three story house with a very different style porch. A beautiful and stunning house to behold. In the front was the doctors small office and the rest of the house consisted of a kitchen, two formal livingrooms, a couple of sitting rooms and a formal diningroom that could hold a ball for Cinderella. I should also include that there were 12 bedrooms as well. Like I said, he had a big family. There were a lot of kids.

Over the years this place was used as a residence as well as an office. When it was converted to an old age home, there were some appartments added on to the back and the third floor. So back to when it was sold. The building came up for sale and the neighbor next door to the house bought it for the use of a bed and breakfast. It was perfect for that because of all the bedrooms. Made sense right? Well thats what everyone thought. The man had different plans for it. Oh dont get me wrong, he really did use the main house for its intended purpose. But he had a secret in the basement. He was also using it for a swingers club. Yep, you got it. Parties gallore. Mostly this took place in the basement where he had some interesting toys and bondage stuff going on. Yep, chains and all.

Well for a few years, the neighbors and the city itself were fighting tooth and nail to get this shut down. They succeeded after a long battle. The man said that he only closed shop because he was moving south. Yeah, right. But Im sure that he intended to have his business where it was warmer regardless. The place was put up for auction. A clear sign right there that he knew he was beat. The place went up for auction and was sold to a medical doctor for just about $200,000. Can you imagine this place? The mere size alone should have brought a much higher price.

Anywho, this place is now a medical office for psychologists and psychiatrists. There little offices are now in what was once the bedrooms. Really nice place. Im glad that the jerk that owned it before didnt destroy the true beauty of the place. The sliding panel doors are still in place, the three story grand staircase in the center is still there with all its grandure. All the ceiling moldings and the carpet is still there and most of the antiques are still there as well. Its truely a site to see. I love old houses and antiques and this place is definately eye candy for me. Im jealous of the owner. Really I am. But the place is also haunted and we figured that out with doors opening on their own and mysterious cold spots coming and going. I wont get into that though because if I said anything to the doctor who also saw the same things I did, Im sure she would have had me locked up with my own personal jacket in a rubber room.

Now Cami is on a different medication that is added to her nighttime routine. So far its been working for her but I really dont like the idea of it. But I hated to see her struggle. It was necessary and all her doctors talked about it and they all agreed about it. If it doesnt work then its back to the drawing board. Shes on her third night with it so there is still some time left for it to fully kick in.

We have a week off from school til we have to go back on the 4th. We shall see how this week goes.

Now to get ready to end the year and start a new one.