Monday, March 28, 2011

Busy As A Bee

Busy As A Bee...

Well not quite. But I have been working on a few things. Spring cleaning. Bought a car. Got sick. The usual stuff. The weather has been Hell here. The same crap all the time. Warm one day, cold the next. 60F on Sunday, snow on Monday. I thought for sure my face and head was going to explode. On one of those warm days, I was going to take Cami to a local park that has a huge waterfall. At the time, the ice jams were forming on the river and I thought it would be cool to watch them go over the falls. We didnt quite make it that day. I wish that we had because my cousin went and said the eagles were out in full force and were all over the park. He took some pictures to show to me. Seems the eagles are making a big come back around here. Last summer I watched one fly overhead down at the camp. It was the first time that I have ever seen one. Other than in pictures.

One day, about two weeks ago, my uncle was putting some feed out for the birds. He has a very large yard surrounded with woods and a big farm across the street. Plenty of birds. While watching the birds come in to eat, he notice that there were a lot of crows. But then three large brown birds came in to feed. At first he thought that they were turkey buzzards or something of the sort. They went outside to get a closer look and they flew up to the trees. He took some pictures and wants to compare them to something from a bird book. He had never seen anything like them. I looked at the pictures and they were three young eagles that havent turned color yet. The white on their heads wasnt there yet. He was very shocked and excited.

Not long ago, a young eagle flew into the windshield of a moving car. She was badly injured but has survived the ordeal. She will make a full recovery and be set free soon. The driver of the car sustained injuries but not too bad. The windshield got the worst of it. Im sure it made a full recovery as well.

Spring time seems to have made its way to the city. The snow has melted and what has fallen here and there they past few weeks has melted as well. But it has been very cold and the wind makes it worse. Thats the one thing that I cant tolerate with the cold. The wind. It cuts right through you. But at least the sun has been shining. In like a lion and out like a lamb isnt working this time. Seems the lion wants to stick around for a while.

Ca,ping season opens in a couple of weeks. I have seen pictures of the grounds and its pretty muddy and some flooding. The usual for this time of the year. No serious damage to decks or trailers like last year. My mom wont be comign up from Florida wil the first weekend in May though. I may go down to do some cleanup. I cant wait for a small campfire to relax at even if the trailer isnt opened up. Its the mountains and the area that I love so much.

Im getting really tired of Mother Nature. Its almost like she is in menopause.