Sunday, June 19, 2011

Yard Sales....

This is a post that you all have been waiting for. I know its a few weeks late but there had been a lot of things going on. Im sure I will catch up to them in a few months. Just kidding. Im in the mood to write a little tonight.

Spring is here. Its almost Summer. Its time for.... you guessed it... Yard Sales!!! Im a yard sale junkie. I have this urge to stop at every one I see. Of course that isnt felt by everyone who lives here. I keep bringing home more junk or so Im told. But thats really not the case. I really dont spend a lot of money. And I really dont buy a lot of stuff. Im just interested in a few specific items. If anything gets purchased that is not on my list, then it was for Cami.

Well one day, I decided that I wanted to get out of the house and go to some yard sales. Cami is all for doing this. She has a lot of fun. Plus being a people person, I always make new friends this way. So on this particular occasion, I decided to spend the evening before mapping out some local places. I dont go out of the area for yard sales. I tend to stay within a mile or two. Even if it only a couple of sales, Im happy. So this time, I had them all mapped out where I was going to go first and then second.... you get the picture. So off we went.

First stop was a couple of blocks away and it was an estate sale. We all know how much I love antiques and you know there will be some at an estate sale. We pulled up and it was exactly what I expected. I saw all sorts of antiques all over the yard, driveway and in the garage. We parked and started to look. A man approached me and asked what I was interested in. I told him and he said he didnt have that sort of thing there. But he did have other things that I would be interested in. We chatted about some trunks but they werent what I wanted. Also they were a little more expensive than I was willing to pay. Like well over $100 more. But we had some nice chats regardless. He gave me his business card in case I wanted to sell any of mine. Yeah, like that will happen.

Cami found some old jewelry and a couple of books. The man gave her the jewelry though. Nothing great but she liked it. So she paid him for the books and off we went. On the way out, she noticed a Barbie doll house and camper bus. This thing was in three pieces. It was massive. Plus all the furniture was with it. The bus was about 3 feet long. And here she was, begging for me to buy it. I kept telling her no. She doesnt have the room for it. And also her bedroom is a mess. So shes putting on the pouty face and swearing that she will clean her room. Pinky-swear. Then the man offered $5 for all of it. So stupid me, bought it. I had to make two trips home. Thats how big this thing was.

We went to a few more sales that we saw some signs for. Nothing much at those and then we went off to sale number two that I had written down. This was an exciting place. I noticed there were a lot of items from the 80s here. Boom boxes like I used to have. I could also tell that someone in this house was a Spice Girls fan. She had some really interesting stuff. I went into the garage and I notice a pair of milk glass, hobnail, lamps. As I approached them, a lady picked up one and started to wrap it in paper. I asked if they were sold and she said yes. Damnit... this was on my list.

I have a desire to own a specific type of lamp. That one was close to it though. You see, my father had this lamp in his room for as long as I could remember. He decided that he didnt want it anymore. He offered it to me and at the time I was moving. I told him to wait a few days and I would take it home. When those few days were up, I went for the lamp and it was gone. He had given it to someone else. When he asked her about the lamp, she said she lost it in her move. In other words, she tossed it. I was furious. I have always wanted one of those lamps. They are expensive too. I can get a reproduction one for cheap. But his was an original.

Well anyways, back to the story. I told the lady what I was looking for and she then told me that she sold a set of them the day before. * smacks head * Why do people have yard sales on a Friday when they know people work? So I lost out on that one. Twice. Cami picked up a couple of things there and at the one next door. Of course, she got them for free. It must be her cuteness.

So off to the next sale. Of course, on the way, we saw some signs and checked out a few more sales. Nothing we wanted and then we arrived at the next one on the list. This one I had to park on the road and then walk way in. There were some tables outside and some in a garage. I noticed a wine decanter and grabbed that one quick. Cami found a cute stuffed bunny. We paid the lady and started out. I noticed on one of the tables there was a lamp. Its one that I want but it was missing the top piece. Only the bottom and the brass ring were on it. I picked it up and looked at it. The cord was cut. But the bottom globe was so pretty. But it wasnt working and missing parts so I put it back on the table.

As we walked back down to the car, I kept thinking to myself, I can order a top for it and it wouldnt be hard to put a cord on it. So I went back and bought it. The lady sold it to me for $2 because of the cord and the top. I knew that if I left it there, I would regret it. It was a pretty bottom. It was a clear amber color with white roses.

Then it dawned on me. I saw a white hobnail top at a previous sale. But which one? Ive been to over a dozen sales. Which one had that top? This was going to kill me thinking. So we went back to each and every one of those sales looking for that top. And just like Murphys Law, it was at the first sale we went to. The one with the doll house. There, on a table on the side of the garage, was this top. I tried it to the base and it was a nice fit. He sold it to me for $5. The white glass went well with the white roses on the bottom.

We went home after that. I thought that was enough for me for one day. I took the lamp to my father so he could rewire it for me. It took a little work because we needed a cord that was small enough for the hole in the bottom. But we finally got it all set up and it looks nice on my stand. Its just missing the center chimney. But there is always another day to search for that.


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