Saturday, April 21, 2007

Ibuprofen and I are great friends....

Ibuprofen and I are great friends....

For the past week, I have had migraines that would knock the socks off a horse. Thats if a horse were wearing my socks. Be interesting to see it happen though. Wednesday was the day of all hell days. Not only have I had the headache for a couple of days but it was also school picture day. Nothing more stressing than that. Believe me. There is nothing like trying to keep all these kids clean through lunch and recess. Spilled chocolate milk on a pretty white dress does wonders, huh?

The morning started out crazy. My daughter has very long hair. Its that perfect hair like you see in the Pantene commercials. You know, the kind you want to cut off and glue to your own head. Sick, I know, but I want that hair they have in the commercials. I really need to stop watching so much tv. Oh and my daughter uses Pert Plus for kids.

Anywho, I decided that I want to curl her hair for her pictures. I was debating on a shower for her the night before and put her hair in pin twists to dry overnight. Well that didnt happen because I was passed out after work on Tuesday and didnt even think of waking up til after 10 that night and she was already asleep.

So a shower in the morning was what she had to have. I dried her hair with the blow dryer and set a curling iron to it. It wouldnt curl. Im serious. It wouldnt curl. Her hair is so thick and straight that a hot iron couldnt curl it. I got the bangs looking really good and I was able to curl the ends a little and just hoped it would stay that way til 1:30 when it was her class's time for their pictures. My class was scheduled for 1pm just before hers. Works out well dont ya think?

Now Im a smart mom. I didnt put her shirt on that she would wear in the picture. I made her wear something else until the time comes. Come on, I know when her lunch time is and shes not a neat eater sometimes. I would hate to have her ruin her pretty pink and white polka dot shirt. It really is a pretty shirt. She went into the bathroom and brushed her teeth before we left. HA!! How smart am I? She got toothpaste on her shirt. So she had to change again.

We got to the school and wouldnt you know it that they had all the kids out on the playground. How stupid is that? All those outfits to be ruined by rolling in the dirt. White shoes? Not anymore. So Cami decided to play on the blacktop and stay out of trouble. Smart girl. But the wind was blowing and her hair was a mess by the time the bell rang. Good thing I have a brush with me.

The day was crazy. My headache was worse. And then about 11am, just before lunch started, the principal came over the loud speaker with an announcement that all kids are staying in for recess. I thought she was just making a decision not to get the kids ruined before pictures but little did I know that we were in lockdown. I found that out after school. I hate when she does that to us.

When I mean lockdown, I mean that there was a shooting nearby and we have to keep the kids inside. All the doors are locked anyway. Yet another thing to aggrivate my head.

Lunch came and went without any problems. It was now time for pictures. I gathered my nest and went to the family center where they had the props and camera set up. One by one they all did a great job. Now I got my kids back to class and had to run out to get my daughter ready for hers. I was coming down the hall to do so and I see her having a fit in front of the library where her class is waiting to get theirs done. Mom, why werent you here? Well lets see....

So I got her changed and her hair all brushed out. Looks fairly good. Got her changed back into her other clothes and ran back to my class. Whew. Im out of breath. I had to do this quick so that I could get my class to gym. While they were in gym, I was called to the family center to get my picture taken. Good Gawd I dont want to do this but my boss said so. HA!! Im exhausted with a migraine and bad hair. What more fun could this be?

I got home that night and I was out cold again. Me and my ibuprofen are getting along great. I will let you know how well my kidneys do later.

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Happy Eat A Rabbit Day!!

Happy Eat a Rabbit Day!!

Yep, its that time of the year again. The time where we all dress up and go to church and wear our best clothing and then go home and smear chocolate all over it. Moms are so proud. Im sorry that I never had that opportunity. But to each their own.

Now I know all the religious traditions of Easter and I have taught them to my daughter. But the fun part is the Easter Bunny. Last year the bastard molested me but thats another story. This year it was more calmer. I didnt go anywhere near it. Cami however went to see the bunny 4 times. Each time telling it what she wanted.

The item in question just so happens to be one of the pre-made baskets at the local dept store. THE CAT to be exact. And its one in particular. The grey and white kitty. Well funny thing that is. I went shopping last week with my cousin and I saw THE CAT and THE DOG baskets and just happened to have picked that one for her already. She knows nothing about it though.

Well today we went out with my father and she was looking for things to get for Easter from him. She found what was left of the baskets and was really upset that the grey and white kitty one was gone. So she picked out the one with the all white kitty. But it still bummed her out.

We also picked up a new outfit for her school pictures that are coming up after we get back from Spring Break. She was happy. She also found a new bedding set that she wanted with Hannah Montana on it but totally forgot to ask Grandpa for it. Whew. Not that she needed it.

We left the mall content and enjoyed a nice walk. She did see the bunny one more time before we left and made sure to tall him that she got the white kitty but still wants the grey and white one. Sheesh. Does this kid ever give up?

Thursday night she went with her Grandma to stay for two nights. We had Friday off from school so I said ok. She got through one night and about 8:30 last night she called and wanted to come home. Her exact words were, Mommy I love you and I want to come home. Well how can I deny her. She was crying. When she got home, her eyes were watery and her face was red and flushed. Her nose all stuffed up. You guessed it, shes got a cold. So I gave her some medicine and put her to bed. She went right to sleep. Poor baby.

So now that brings us back to today. She wanted to color eggs. I made a deal with her that she needed to clean her room. Easter Bunny doesnt want to see a messy room. Shit.... I totally forgot the get her a stuffed bunny to put in bed with her for when she wakes up. See what happenes when you lose track of whats going on. Oh well. Hopefully she will forget that is what the bunny does to let her know he was watching her. Yeah, stupid traditions huh?

So she cleaned her room and its spotless. Never thought I would ever see that happen. I think she let the dog in to clean the floor. I know there was some crumbs from her cereal in there. You cant fool me on that one. And Im sure Mindy wont tell me the truth anyways. Shes not stupid to get caught. Thats a special treat for her. Dogs are smart that way. Follow kids around and you get to share everything.

So she can color eggs now. So I get the water on. Every five minutes I hear, is it boiling yet? No. Shes standing there with the eggs out on the table. Is it boiling yet? No. I see little bubbles at the bottom. Is it ready yet? No. This goes on til the water is actually at a full rolling boil. Is it ready now? Yeah shes impatient. Yes its ready. OMG I thought she was going to knock the table over.

So in the eggs went. She wanted to know why I put them in with tongs. Thats to make sure they go in gently and not crack when hitting the hot water. She thought this was smart. Well it is. LOL Poor kid has alot to learn. Cooking eggs that she wont eat. So shes watching them. And watching them. Five minutes go by. Are they done yet? No. So I set the timer and left the room. We went into the dining room to get the color cups ready. I need to occupy her mind with something. Stupid me didnt think that I needed to make time for the eggs to cool. So now the color cups are all ready and shes impatient as hell.

After the eggs are done and I put them in the cooler water, she wants to know how long this is going to take. This is getting annoying now. I wish I had half of her energy.

Finally a little while later, the eggs are cooled enough to color. Shes literally bouncing at the table to get this show on the road. So we put one egg in each of the eight cups. I dont know the color it will be because the stupid color tablets are weird that way. Its yellow but the color comes out green. Go figure. So she was all up in arms about me putting the wrong tablets in the wrong cups. Hey kid, make a game out of it and guess what color the egg will be. If you guess right then you can take the egg out.

Well we both agreed that the pink eggs just werent coloring right. So I took it out of the pink and dunked it in the blue. Seriously, what a cool egg that one came out to be. The pink still showed where it was darker but the lighter part turned lavendar. She liked that part. So we did it with other eggs too. Ok so we have some really cool looking eggs.

Now in the morning, I will take the eggs and make deviled eggs out of them to eat before dinner. She wont eat these. She wont eat eggs period. But shes complaining that Im going to ruin her eggs now. Geez. Im not going to waste them. And shes not going to sneak them out of the fridge to hide in her room. Chances are, she will though. She did that last year. She hid the eggs while I was asleep. But forgot where she hid them. We found a couple of them later. Im sure you can guess how.

Now shes asleep. I have to get these baskets and stuff ready for her. I put out the one that she got from grandpa and next to it is the one that I got for her last week. I took the rest of the bags back to my room to set up a small candy and toy basket. I would like to point out something tough. I hate easter grass. I really really hate this stuff. Its now in my hair and all over my clothes. Damn static cling. Its on the desk. Its on the bed. The cat is playing with it and is trying to eat it. Who the hell invented this stuff. And its pink too. Pink grass. Ok ok. So I picked out the pink. But still.

So I clumped it in the bottom of her basket. Its a pretty wire egg shaped basket with pretty flowers and butterflies on it. She picked it out last year. She didnt want me to use the other one she has. I made that one before she was born. Really pretty lacey one. Wooden square basket with ribbons and lace all over it. She said shes a big girl now and doesnt want lace. Oh ok. My mistake. LOL

So I put in some candy for her. The cute little foil wrapped bunnies and some Cadbury Cream eggs. Yes she loves these things. She steals them from the freezer. I have a stash of them in the freezer out on the back porch that she doesnt know about. If she knew, they would be gone too. So I got her the little ones that she can have all to herself. Of course I got some for myself as well.

Oh and good thing I can type without looking at the keys because my cat just decided to lay on my keyboard. Nothing that a can of compressed air cant fix. Bye bye kitty.

I also got her a My Little Pony with a bunny outfit. Even comes in its own egg. You know, Im really hating eggs right now. Anywho, I also got her a cheap version of the virtual pets. I know what they are. I just cant spell it. Toma-something-or-other. Yeah, she has one of those now. I know its a bad thing to get because they are so damn addicting. I had one of the originals and I carried it with me everywhere. I couldnt bear to let the thing starve or not be able to poop. Shoot me now.

Basket is ready and placed out on the table. She also got some fleece blankets in a pink leopard print. Shes into the girly stuff now and that will be nicer in her room rather than the SpongeBob or the Blues Clues ones that she has. Not like she actually sleeps with them. She likes to cuddle them when she watches tv or reads.

I have some more candy left that I will fill the candy dish with. Including some strawberry milk balls. You know, Whoppers. But these are strawberry. mmmmm I dread tomorrow morning when she gets up and eats the chocolate before she decides to come jump on my bed and fly off my ceiling fan from a sugar high. Wish me luck.

Oh but she also got me something. These really pretty carnations done in bright Easter colors. Two dozen of them and they really are pretty.

Oh, did I mention I hate eggs now?

Wednesday, April 04, 2007


If you ever watched Bambi, then you get the reference. If not, then it means that Spring is in the air and all the little animals come out to see what Mother Nature has done with all the snow. Gone. The Spring grass and flowers are starting to bloom. And by little wild animals I mean the kiddies at the school.

Yes its officially Spring. Here in New York that translates to "still Winter". We have four seasons. Almost Winter, Winter, still Winter and Construction. Yeah its an old joke but holds true. I prefer Winter here because the snow fills in all the potholes. Ok ok.... Enough with the bad jokes. Carry on.

The weather here has been really weird. One day its 30 and windy as hell. Why bother doing your hair. The next day its 60 and everyone is running around without jackets on. Then it rains for three days straight. Yep, its Spring. Time to break out the ark and gather the animals two by two. Although I hope you dont mind if I leave pudgy flies and mosquitoes behind. I think the world can do without them.

We recently got blasted with snow. Yeah lots and lots of snow. Not that its a bad thing but the city I live in doesnt believe in plowing. Well they do but its only a center lane sort of thing. As Taylor would say, its a government regulated game of chicken. Snowbanks and cars are everywhere. And the snow slid off the roof and took my mirror off. For good this time. I need to order a new one. Pisses me off.

Well anyways, the kiddies have been outside to play in the morning and at recess. There is still a large snowbank and alot of mud. Now mind you that the kids arent supposed to be playing in it. Yeah right. Imagine that. Its like a magnet. But the thing is, you dont know what is in that snow bank. And Im not about to find out. But anywho, my daughter wasnt allowed to go near it. I dont care what anyone says.

Now out on the main playground is alot of woodchips. This is a softer barrier for when they do the monkey jumps off the top rope. And yes they really do this. Continuously. Now mind you with all that melting snow, its like a giant sponge out there. Even squishes when you walk. Pretty gross if you ask me. But to about 400 kids, the could care less. They have been cooped up all winter trying to contain themselves in a gym. Not an easy task. And they take no survivors.

Well, here we are, the mean green staff, patroling the playground for any wrong doings. Not an easy task. Especially when I notice my child running full tilt across the sponge. Thats when I looked down. Not only was the ground wet. It was covered with glass. Wood and sticks everywhere. Pieces of clothing like a mitten here and a hat there that were left outside in the Fall and were residing under the snow for the Winter. Yeah, pretty gross. But that wasnt the worst of it. Along with all that crap was well, crap. Lots of it. Seems its not biodegradable after all. Survived all Winter. I really hate people that dont clean up after their dogs.

Now here is the fun part. Trying to alert 400 screaming, running and tumbling kids about the local landmines. Yeah right, like they give a rats ass what we have to say. Thats about the time I grab my own and toss her to the blacktop and told her that I wasnt going to clean her shoes if she stepped in it. She saw it and ran like hell.

Now mind you that this was last week. We have had alot of rain and it pretty much washed away the grime. At least most of it. No more landmines out there now. Whether it was washed away or just generally trampled by the kids, I will never know and Im not about to find out.

It was cold out today and the kids were out there this morning. And they were out yesterday too in the wind. My ears were cold. But this morning, it started to rain just as we brought them inside. The thing that got me was that one of the kids in my class was picking at his shoes. I just happened to notice him doing that on the reading rug. Yep. You guessed it. Landmine. It was pretty gross.

Oh and guess what. Its snowing out right now.