Sunday, June 19, 2011

One of those days....

The other day I had a couple of encounters that both amused me and scared me. Not sure which is a better way to describe them.

Saturday morning started out just like any other morning. I had plans to go to the mall with my father and Cami to see her art work for the annual art show for the school district. This was the first time she had a piece on display and I had no idea what it was. Then again, she didnt know either.

I got out of the shower and told her to get in and get hers done. This is always a dragged out deal. I warn her ahead of time that Im almost done. You would think she would then get ready to step in. Nope. There always ends up being about a half hour process before that happens. This is nothing new. But this time, it was different. During her shower, I found out that I wasnt alone in mine. Of course, I wasnt about to let her know that though.

As she was taking her shower, the curtain close to the mirror was open a little. I was putting on my makeup when I happened to glance in that direction and saw something on the wall. She wouldnt have seen it because it was behind where the scrubbies hang. I have a shower caddy that hangs from the shower head. From there I hang the scrubbies. They arent touching the wall though. So this little critter was taking refuge on the wall and thought he wasnt being seen.

I always help her with washing and rinsing her hair. She doesnt get all the soap out and it just saves an argument later when she gets upset that her hair is all gummy. I pushed the curtain open and grabbed the shower head. We have one on a hose to make this task easier. I still didnt say anything to her about the monster on the wall. Just to clear this up, it was one of those house centipedes that creep the hell out of me. It wasnt a big one but it was still big enough at about 2 inches long. Where it came from, I dont know. Im particular about having bugs in my house and I make sure I clean everything pretty well. Especially the floors where I know the bugs might be.

Anywho, I carried on with her hair like nothing else was going on. Once in a while I would check to see if it was still there. Just so it wouldnt move and she would freak out. We finished up and I handed her the towel and sent her to her room to get ready. In the mean time, I turned the water back on and aimed the shower head towards the beast. Well, stupid me moved the scrubbies in the process and it latched onto one of them. Great. Now its not going to be easy to get it down the drain. So I sprayed the scrubbie and sure enough, it went deeper into it. I cant even see it clearly. I can see part of its legs sticking out so I know its still there. I reached under the sink and pulled out a small trash bag and wrapped it up over the scrubbie and knocked it into the bag. I tied it tight and patted myself on the back for being so brave. Little did I know that there was soon to be a question about what I was doing. Cami had been standing behind me the whole time. I told her about the bug and she ran screaming back to her room. She then accused me of not telling her about a possible attack. I never heard the end of that all day.

The other thing that amused me was that I was out and about and I noticed a car on the side of the road. On top of the car was a small blow up pool. Not a big one. This one was about the size and a couple of little kids could sit in. The interesting part was that this guy was trying to tie it to the roof of his car. This must be the man that I saw at the gas station near the air pump. Seriously? You couldnt spring for the $5 air pump and do it at home? I think after about a half our or so you could have blown it up with your own lungs. It wasnt that big.

But here he was, about a mile from the service station and hes tieing it to the roof of his car. I stopped to make another errand and watched this man. I was watching him leave and not far down the road, that pool took off flying like a UFO.

Some people never learn.


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