Sunday, June 19, 2011

Yard Sales part 2....

After we left the doctor, we decided to just go home and rest. She was in a lot of pain. Her poor arms hurt the worst. On the way home, she spotted a sign for yard sales. Yup, here we go again. I asked her if she wanted to stop and look and she said yes. So we pulled in and checked them out. Sure enough, she found a couple of things. She said we should go home and map out a few more sales. So thats what we did. I mapped out some local sales and off we went.

She was able to find some knitting needles and a tin filled with buttons. I picked up some bottles and a decanter. I also found some Christmas stuff for camp. Then we went to one that was off the path where we normally go. I marked this one because it said there was a lot of antiques. Of course that would be the major thing for me.

I pulled up and looked toward the back. What I saw was amazing. As I got closer to the garage, I thought I was going to pee my pants. The things this man had. I was blown away. As those picker guys say, this was a real honey hole. I walked into the garage and it was even more amazing. I couldnt take it all in. This man had everything. From ship wheels and anchors to lamps and coins. I cant name it all. But there was a lot of it and he had it all hanging from the ceiling and on shelves. In cases and stacked outside.

I noticed he had some chimneys for the lamp I have. I found the perfect one. For a quarter!!! Whoohoo!! I swear I was in heaven. I noticed a lamp that I have been looking for. But this one was cracked. It was so pretty though.

I was looking in and out of the shelves. He had stuff stacked in deep. You really had to look for things. I swear I could spend a week in there and still not see everything. But way in the back of the garage. Up on the top shelf, behind a fan, I saw what I wanted. A lamp. A lamp that I have been looking for. And it was pink. And it was parlor size. And it was dirty. But I asked him how much. He looked at me and looked at the lamp. And looked at me again. Ten dollars. I think my eyes fell out of my head. I handed him the money. He wrapped it up. I paid for the stuff Cami found and off we went. I was in heaven.

That now sits on the dresser. Thats two. Im starting the count because we know where this will go. That is, if its anything like what happened with the trunks.


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